She The Alpha (Book 1)

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Emma Fox has always felt different compared to the other kids at her school. She felt isolated because there was something inside of her, that she couldn’t quite put a finger on. She believed that it was because she thought she was more mature than the kids in her school, but it was for a different reason. One that will change her life forever. Emma has been lied to, stabbed in the back, betrayed, and the worst of all... given a responsibility that she never thought she would have. A job, a duty. A purpose. Follow Emma on her journey as she finds out new things and discovers the truth about her past and family. She meets friends, a lover, enemies. And watch as she becomes... The ALPHA.

Mystery / Romance
Kimberly Lavergne
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I've always felt out of place around everyone. They were always a little weird in my eyes. And I know how this sounds, bratty and arrogant, but I have always felt above them. I feel like I'm more mature than all of the kids in my school, even some adults. Most of them, anyway.

I have always felt distant when I was with my family. I could sense they're fear when k was around them. I never knew what was the cause of the fear, but it was there.
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