Ring Around The Rosie

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The Ashy Smiley Beast

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Run!

The puffs of white, gracefully encircling the foyer room of the glorious mansion, transform into horrid midgets as they land on the tiles. Menacing glares are chiselled into their faces as they absurdly run in different directions.

My eyes dart around the dimly lit room as my short legs carry the rest of the body out of the foyer room. My arms frankly moving as I dodge the crowds of franticly screaming people, who just as I, have no sense of where they are going. I enter what seems to be the dining area and hastily crawl under a chair, hoping that the dim lighting conceals my brief hiding spot. I crawl a bit more, causing me to be under the table and I am able to crouch down, my hind feet of the floor.

An eery silence falls over the house and I clutch onto the wooden chair beside me. My chest heaves up and down while my lungs engulf large pockets of air. Footsteps echo through the silent house, entering the dining room area. A shiver trickles up my spine as the footsteps proceed to the end of the dining room area. The creak of a chair being moved disrupts the elegant silence of the house. My trembling fingers hold on to the chair leg tighter, my heart feels like a party popper, ready to spill my blood out of its arteries.

Tink Tink Tink

The sound rattles through the dining room area. It’s coming from the far side of the dining room area.

Tink Tink Tink

It sounds like two metal pieces clashing together. Repeatedly. Purposefully.

Tink. Tink. Tink.

The sound becomes more deliberate.


The scraping of the wooden chair against the wooden floor, sends another shiver travelling up my spine, caressing the hairs on the back of the neck.

Tink TinK TINK.

The clash of the two metals become louder. Slower.


The sound becomes louder as if the two pieces of metal are right beside my ear, its unpleasant sound coldly entering, making the cogs in my brain quiver at the thing behind me.

A icy piece of metal caresses my ear lobe. I inhale sharply and hold my breath as I hear raspy breaths from behind. I slowly turn around to face the producer of scuffled sounds. My eyes fall on darkened irises and a ghastly, yellow toothed smile. Its forehead wrapped swiftly in tattered, used bandages and gauzes, and stale brownish blood drawn in a circle, sits right between its eyes. Its nauseating breath smells of fish oil and animal droppings, making my eyes teary. Its skin seems to be burnt black and looks like it can break as easily as charred wood.

I stare at the beast, dumbfounded. I take in shaky breaths. The charred beast closes the distance between us and brings its bandaged burnt hands up to my cheek, carefully sliding down against my soft skin. It spreads its fingers widely and grasps my face, holding my chin with its fingers and violently turning it to the side. I gasp. The tears free falling down my cheeks, moistening the beast’s ashy skin. Its smile broadens, showcasing more of its lemonish teeth. Cracks appear on the beast’s face and its smile grows continuously, almost reaching its darkened irises. It opens its mouth, teeth separating at I get a gust of its horrific breath, intoxicating nostrils. I cough rapidly and it tightens it pushes its palm into my throat, restricting my breath. I grab onto its burnt hands, trying to pull its hand away.

“Please,” I beg in between trying to catch my breath.

It laughs. Its voice makes my heart fall silent from shock. It sticks its tongue out in snake-like motions. It black spotted tongue slithers out of its mouth, falling limp against its chin. The beast closes the distance between us as its tongue purposefully licks the tears of my cheek. Its rough tongue drags across my cheek and stops by my eye. It sucks my eye as if It wants to suck my eye ball out of its socket.

The temporary paralysis that had once frozen my body in place, wards off as my shrill voice sounds throughout the mansion. The beast backs up frighteningly as my legs fly, kicking the beast in its face. I scurry back with my frantic feet. I pick myself off the floor with new-found adrenaline and search for the door, anxiously waiting for the beast to chase me. I find the door and the fling it open as a person from the other side seems to be coming in. The person falls on me and we topple to the floor. My skin hits the cold wood floors harshly.

“Im sorry,” I hear a sore voice on top of me say. It is one of the barbie dolls, James. As much as I want to say kill myself for having to be with one of them, I sure am not waiting to be killed whatever monstrous being is under that dining room table. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to die, not like this though. I feel a sharp pain by my side but I don’t worry about it, I have more pressing matters (literally). I shove the barbie doll of my body and onto the wooden floor. James groans painfully as I dash out of the dining room area. I shut the door behind me. Call me “mean,” I couldn’t give a damn.

I run across the foyer again. The mansion is silent once more. I tread carefully to the door on the other side of the foyer. I bend down, elbows on my knees as I try to stabilise my breathing once again. The pain in my side worsens with each breath I take. I touch it slightly and the shock spreads throughout my body. A slippery liquid spills from my side and the odour of iron fills my nostrils. That doesn’t help me at all.

I enter the room and find myself in the living room. The faint light from the moon aids me as I swiftly move pass the furniture scattered everywhere and I reach out in front of me to find another door knob that leads me outside. Right in front of me is a ghostly figure of a school girl with the same smile as the beast.

Author’s Note

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been regular with updates and all. I am a bit demotivated at the moment but I will do my best to update.

Please review and comment. I would love yalls feedback.

Thank you


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