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Chapter 9

I walked in the hall, we suddenly came to an dead end. We saw three words.

Don’t turn back.

We ran back, afraid of what might happen if we stay, panting, we ran back, the door was wide open, it started to close, we all ran out, and all came out. We then saw it disappear. “It’s the end, until we get somebody else to finish coding. But that’s impossible last I checked, unless..” he turned to me “Firefly could you possibly finish another session and let us go?” He asked me. “Fine.” I said. I walked back up to my tablet, and restarted it. I worked for three days straight. No time for anything else. I slept, ate a small bit every once in a while, until I finished it again. “It’s done!” I yelled. Then everyone started packing. We had to leave the chamber. Once and for all. Every last surviving dog, we all left, never to return there again. To be honest, I was gonna miss that place a lot. But I had to move on. It was life’s choice. “Firefly I just gotta ask you…” Benji said as he walked up to me “yeah?” I said “it’s- it feels like we’ve known each other since we were pups and.. and.. I was wondering…” he said “wondering what?” I asked him.
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