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Chapter 10

“I was wondering if.. you would be my mate?” He asked me. His face turned red as mine did, not of anger though. “I just.. I really just…” I said “it’s ok if you say no.. I understand…” I went up to him and kissed him. “I really just can’t say no! Of course I will Benji!” I said then the leader stared at me angrily “quit the sappy stuff now. We have business to attend to.” He said as we kept walking. We reached it, not a dead end, but a door. We all went through it, and there it was. Seventy six humans. The same amount of dogs. I saw someone, running up to me, it was a girl. Suddenly everything flashed back! Janice! Janice! My girl! I barked at her happily; but then all of a sudden, the humans ghosted, and left unseen. “What happened?!” I barked “where’s my human?” Somebody yelled. It was deathly silent. I ran up to Benji as we sat down together, the sky was real, and everything was normal. But our humans, everything, gone. ‘You’re to late.’ I heard a voice say “who are you I said, getting up slowly as Benji did too, as all the dogs did. ‘I am named Merriweather. I am like you, left without your human. Tis only because your journey has just yet begun.’ The voice said, then a dog, a coat as white as snow, flew down on wings, she was see-through, so I wondered if it was a hologram. ‘I am as you see a ghost. One of the many ghosted,’ she said ‘but what is because I lived my life, and was happy until I had to leave my girl, but my spirit remains to keep her joy.’ She said. ‘Now all seventy six of you must listen, you are now free. But strays. Your humans have all caught a terrible sickness, also what’s known as, the Ice. It started out with the weather being cold, until it became too cold, and a part of the ice had somehow gotten poison, starting the virus. If you wish you resume all of this, you can. But otherwise you can leave here, and be sent to your human in hospital. Or stay and help to find the cure.’ She said then I heard a lot of saying “I want to be with my human so the others find a cure,” then sixty dogs disappeared. There was only sixteen left. I was worried. ‘You all will begin with what they call, the freezer. It’s an icy desert. You all must make it to the city, they take you into a special place, and they get the cure out of your blood. Yes, all of you have the Ice. But your each of your drops of blood, every single pint, can save everyone. Please consider. You have three hours.’ Merriweather said. I had to do this. There was no choice. It’s die or save everyone.
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