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Chapter 11

Me and Benji were talking, just as Merriweather came. ‘Well, do you all want to go?’ She said “we all do.” I stood up and said. “Firefly, you can’t speak for all of us!” Millie said to me. “I am a dog, and no, maybe I’m just a girl dog! But I know one thing! That even though we are treated rudely and over thousands of dogs are euthanized each year, we must stay strong. All our humans are in hospitals, dying, and we have to save them!” I said angrily. Then Millie blinked. ‘Well I will send you there. In five, four three, two, one.’ She then disappeared, then we appeared in pretty much the Antarctic. Our fur coats would keep us warm, along with the sweaters from the chamber. The wind was strong, and we couldn’t make it anymore, we all fell to the ground, panting. “Let’s dig a hole deep enough for us all to sleep in safely.” I said as we all started digging, and by what felt an hour later, we finally did it. We all went in and fell asleep. As we woke up the next morning, we saw the city, and we all walked to it, the ice and snow making it harder. I just wanted to go home. We got to the city, but it was small, I didn’t judge it though. As we got guided to the hospital, the humans then took us to the medical ward.
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