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There’s one way to survive But it’s unknown how to do so. Firefly, after her human leaves her at a park one day, she suddenly becomes a rouge. Rouges are dogs who have given up their past and taken to the chamber. The chamber is a huge 9-room house. There’s no way out, and every day they get sent food. Every moth they get a new trainee. Until Firefly. She gets there and becomes the last. Then they need to crack the code to their place, and then find a way back to their humans. If they are able to.

Mystery / Other
Abigayle smith
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Chapter 1

It was the next morning, I woke up in my dog canipé dog bed. Very fancy and comfy. As I got up I went through the slot on my bed, taking off my sleep bandanna and putting on my collar. I wasn’t a spoiled dog. I was a loved one. As I walked up the stairs, I went into my girls bedroom, Janice’s room. I jumped on her bed, and pawed her face. “Five more minutes,” Janice said “please.” She then put her head under her pillow, I then went down to Janice’s parents room. I woke them up. They got out of bed and got me breakfast. Then Janice came down a few minutes after I finished “morning mom,” Janice said “morning dad.” It was eight A.M. then Janice went up to her room after she had her bacon and scrambled eggs she put on a short sleeved T-shirt that had a dog on it. She put on some Jeans and socks and put on her shoes then took me out on a walk, I never needed a leash. I was way to obedient. As Janice got the mail, I carried the wrapped up letter, so that way if I accidentally drooled a bit, it would get the foam damp. Then as she took of her shoes, she went on the couch and we watched a tv show. Then at lunchtime, Janice’s parents were making lunch and putting them in containers and putting the containers into bags. Then Janice put on her shoes and we went into the car, then the humans listened to music. Then as we arrived at the lake park, I played fetch with Janice. But as they were leaving, I grabbed my ball, then ran to the car. I was too late. My girl was gone. I barked at the car, but they didn’t turn around. I went back to the park and sat under the bench. I took of my collar and put it on a tree branch, then I walked off sadly. All my thoughts were focused on Janice. I remembered the first time she ever said ‘good girl’ to me. It was when I brought her dad the newspaper for the first time with no training. I remembered the first time she shared her lunch with me. It was my first delectable bite of bacon I’d ever had. A thousand thoughts ran through my head of Janice. Then all of a sudden, I closed my eyes, then the next minute I was in a weird box. Then it was dark, there was then a sudden burst of light. A dog looked at me, he seemed around seventeen in dog years. (That’s around two years in human years) “well who have we got here?” He said, all of a sudden I closed my eyes unable to wake. I heard blurred and muffled shouts. As I woke up, it was as if I had amnesia. All I remembered was that I had a human. And my name was Firefly. I woke up, I was in a bed, and a few male dogs were talking outside of the small room. I lay on my side, watching them talk. Not knowing what they were saying. Then the biggest male came in the room. “Well, looks like you’re the newbie now.” He said “I’m Georgie. You?” He said “I-I’m firefly.” I said trying to get up, but I couldn’t stand. Georgie went around me, and looked at my back right leg. “Not again…” he said “what?” I said. “Well you must’ve been stung by a Jaleode on your way.” He said “a whose what what?!” I replied. “J-a-le-doe. It’s a weird animal robot. They give out excessive bleeding and sometimes amnesia.” He said “that’s the reason it hurts to go in my mind and try and find out things from my past?” I said “pretty much.” Georgie replied. “Come on, I’ll show you around.” He said “ok,” I said “it’s just my leg.” I said, looking at my leg. “It’s fine. It will only be swollen for a few minutes and it will stop.” Georgie said. “Ok.” I said back unsurely.
We walked towards the big room. Where there were four males, and one female.
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