The right code

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Chapter 2

I sat down in the chair, next to the female dog. She was around a month or two younger than me. I was looking around. The males were talking to Georgie. The female whispered “they’re finding you a job to do. There’s the coders, cooks, gardeners, and cleaners. The coders are workers and don’t stop. The cooks well, cook. The gardeners use the garden in the sun-roof room. The cleaners sorta just help and clean pretty much.” She finished, and the boys turned around. “Well, Firefly, you’re on probation. And Millie, you’re a cook.” Georgie said. “Finally. Took you guys long enough.” The dog said. “We can make it longer.” Georgie replied “you know you shouldn’t.” Millie said, walking towards the kitchen. “Why do I need probation?” I asked “well, one, you were bitten, and two the meds need to check you before you even think of trying jobs.” Georgie said “the what?” I asked “meds. They’re the specially trained dogs, they’re pretty much like doctors.” Georgie said, he hopped down the chair, and then I followed him. We went to the kitchen where I saw Millie and a few others. Next we went to a door, it was shut, and on it said ‘forbidden room’ on a yellow and black tag. “Forbidden?” I asked “yeah, the coders made it up, so nobody can go there except for them. That’s the room where the get the DNA samples of Jaledoes. Also where the do the coding, trying to get to an immersal code.” Georgie said. “Immersal code?” I asked “yeah, like mother codes in other words.” Georgie replied.
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