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Chapter 3

Georgie and I were walking towards the med room, as one of the meds was staying at the front of the door. As Georgie walked to the door, a male put his paw across it “holt. Please state name and job.” He said, sitting up straight. “Georgie, I’m one of the head masters.” Georgie said. The male opened the door, we and Georgie walked into the room, as another male dog was sitting at a small desk, “how may we help you?” He asked, standing up, walking to us. “She was stung by a Jaledoe.” Georgie said “ah, seventeenth this month? These guys are getting real vicious.” He said, he grabbed a white box, then opened it, then, he wrapped my bite with a cast. “That should do it.” He said “great seeing you again Georgie. Oh uh new girl, make sure to come back next week, if the bite isn’t healed then, I need to disinfect it.” “Ok.” I replied as me and Georgie walked outside of the room to the next room, the sun-roof room. That room had a dirt floor, and a tons of flowers and food growing. “Wow, it’s a pretty nice garden, for a garden.” I said looking at the room then Georgie laughed at me. “What?” I said “you. How you think the gardens nice. Every gardener hates being a gardener,” Georgie said “and you’re calling the garden ‘nice’ and haven’t even worked here.” Georgie finished, then we walked to the center of the room. “Well now that your ‘grand tour’ is done, you can go around, check out what the jobs would be like, and do stuff.” Georgie said as he then left off, I suddenly felt an urge to go to the kitchen, so I went into the kitchen. There I saw Millie, getting a pizza out of the oven. “Hi Millie,” I said “how’s cooking working out for you?” I asked “oh, fine.” Millie replied. “Hey, wanna maybe, I don’t know, maybe, uh, oh just follow me.” I said as Millie took of her cooking apron and followed me to the med room, where we peeked in through the window and eavesdropped on the med dog who’s name was Benji so I had just learned. He was talking to himself, about something. “Come on! You said, come back next week?! Oh I’m fussing over a girl.. and to top it off a new one? I’m crazy.” Benji said, he then stepped outside of the room, scoffing, then as Me and Millie walked back towards the kitchen, Benji then stopped us dead in our tracks. “Oh hey, new girl,” he said catching up to me “I never got your name.” He said, “oh my names Firefly, so you know.” I said, “that’s a pretty name. Firefly.” He said. “Well, nice meeting ya.” He said, he walked back to the room, and I went to Millie “Fire, do me a favor,” Millie said. “What?” I asked “well, go up to that Benji character. Ask him if he wants to maybe do something together sometime.” Millie said “why?” I questioned her. “Just do it!” Millie said scooting me towards the med room. The male at the door let me in, knowing who I was. “Hey Benji?” I asked him. “Oh uh yeah Firefly what is it?” He asked “do you wanna maybe hangout sometime?” I asked then Benji’s face turned red. “Oh uh, yeah. Of course.” Benji said, almost stumbling. “Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said walking out of the room, and for some reason I couldn’t stop smiling and almost blushing. Millie walked up to me “did he blush? Stumble? Show any kind of— she stared at me— looks like we have a sign of romance.” Millie said smirking. “Oh sush! We and Benji are just friends.” I said “pfft. He totally blushed.” Millie said. “He- he did not! O-ok fine- he did but that’s normal.” I said “right?” I asked myself “nope. He likes you. As in, like like.” Millie said. “The lovebirds are in place.” Millie said with a smile.
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