The right code

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Chapter 4

I walked towards the bedrooms with Millie, it was one room, filled with twenty cubicles, each cubicle had three beds. As I fluffed my dog bed, Benji and Millie came in, as Millie slept next to me, and Benji slept on the far corner. “This is a coincidence. Ya know, you and your admirer. It’s funny. Hilarious actually.” Millie said “ok just get some sleep,” I said “I’m super tired.” I yawned, falling into what felt a deep sleep. I dreamt of a human girl, seemingly familiar, but not ringing any bells. I heard a noise, saying ‘Firefly’ continuously. It was toned, and moving around in my head, as I suddenly woke up, and Benji, was calling my name. “Finally, you’re awake.” Benji said “Millie just left to go to the kitchen, they made bacon.” Benji said “wow. I remember loving bacon, but that’s it.” I said confused. “Heh, those aren’t all the coincidences,” Benji said “I mean I’m in the same room as my cru- my friend I mean…” Benji said, he looked worried, as if I heard something I wasn’t supposed to hear. We walked towards the kitchen; the smells of bacon, biscuits, sausage and much more filled the air with such delightful aromas. I sat down on the bench, with Millie, Benji, and a few keepers. Oh, and Georgie too. “Well, let’s see,” Millie said looking at everyone. “There’s three girls, nine boys. Don’t really like that, but it’ll do.” Millie said, she then licked her plate, then left it on her spot. “Cleaners’ll pick up the plates. I really owe a thanks to them for givin’ us cooks clean places and work areas.” Millie said, then she walked towards the kitchen, then Georgie came up to me. “Me and the keepers have decided it’s time for you to get a job, so you’ll go around and find which job you like. But so you know, cleaners, gardeners, and cooks aren’t available. That leaves coders, and writers,” Georgie said, we walked toward a room that in bold letters said

As I stepped into the room, there was dogs writing things down as the coders were next to them, on something that looked like a floating hologram. “Georgie! You know the rules!” An older male said, about a month older than Georgie, and two months older than me. “If this newbie needs a job, just make her a coder. I don’t care. Just make her a coder and I’ll teach her what to do.” He said. “Fine.. just take her.” Georgie said, he left the room. “Well, follow me.” He said, as I walked towards one of the hologram looking tablets. “You just get the codes, that’s it, and the writers’ll mostly write down whatever you code, ‘case we’ll need it.” Then I tapped on the board, and started to work.

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