The right code

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Chapter 5

I tapped on the button, then all of a sudden there was a loud explosion. “Oh god…” I said ducking my head “Not again!” The male yelled “who here just let another Jaledoe out?!” He yelled angrily as another dog came up to him “the system corrupted sir.” He said “oh not again!” He yelled. Then later I was done with the coding. It was weird. I had just stepped up to the tablet, as it then turned on, then it showed a code and I had to crack it. It was such a weird one. It had a huge maze, that was almost impossible to figure it out. I slowly stepped out, suddenly realizing that today was me and Benji’s “date” I then walked to the dressing rooms, and put on a dog skirt and a matching bow on my fur tuft. I walked towards the meds room as the male at the door looked at me as I went in. “Benj, you in here?” I said as I walked inside, then we came out of the hallway, in a tux and top hat. “Wow Benj, you look amazing.” I said “you too.” He said as he walked up to me. “Since there’s not really a ‘romantic’ place to go, I set up a little place in the hallway.” We walked into the hallway, where there was a small table that had a white cloth around it, looking like one of the coats the meds wear. There was a candle in the middle of it, and a small flower. I sat down, then me and Benji talked for a bit. Then later after it was ‘the bedtime,’ We walked to the cubicles and went to bed. As I woke up, I smelled something, it smelled like, well, smoke. I ran to the kitchen, only to see food on the stove on fire. “What on earth?” I said, nobody else was around. They were still asleep. I ran in the room, slowly trying to put the fire out. I looked around for water, but the sink was out. I panicked, as the fire spread around to the entire kitchen. I was suddenly trapped in fire, barking for help. “Help!” I yelled as I barked at the top of my throat. Suddenly o started coughing, I fell to the floor, there were muffled shouts and yells, but I couldn’t hear any of it. I heard a muffled yell of my name, but then my eyes closed, I hoped I wasn’t dead. Around what felt like years, I woke up, I was in the same room I had been when I had came here. I saw Benji walk in. “Firefly!” He yelled happily as he walked over to me “you’re awake!” He said “we all thought you were dead when we were found you. You were half grey. You were coughing non-stop even though you weren’t answering me. All of the med team, gardeners, cleaners, and coders took out the fire. And we saw you, we all rushed over, and the entire med team took you here, and watched you for the whole week.” He said “wait, I was asleep for a week?” I asked “we actually thought you were dead.” He said. “Well, you’re the talk of the town.” He finished “why am I? I wasn’t able to help or..” I trailed off. “You risked your life trying to put out a fire. That takes a lot of courage and bravery.” He said. “Thanks.” I told him. I started to get up, and I walked out.
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