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I walked around the Chamber; I walked into the kitchen, it was entirely fixed. I saw Millie, as she looked up from her chopping board she then ran over to me “Fire!” She said happily. “Thank god you’re alive!” She said “we all thought you were dead. I thought I lost my best friend.” She said happily. “You shoulda seen Benji’s face when he saw you in the fire. He was all like ‘OH MY GOD FIREFLY!! SOMEBODY GET THE MED TEAM!’ It was hilarious, but everyone was terrified that we lost someone.” Millie said “but I got to keep cooking before somebody loses their mind.” She said as she went back to cooking. I sat down; I watched as dogs were talking, working and much more. As the bell rang for sleep time, all the dogs had rushed to their cubicles. I walked to the cubicles, as I got into mine. I went straight to sleep, unable to stay awake. I woke up the next morning and walked straight towards the coders room. I didn’t have hunger for breakfast. I went to my code board and got straight to it. As the keeper of the coders came in, he immediately saw me and walked up to me “why on earth are you in here..? You should be still taking a break from the fire.” He said “if I can get us out of here, that will be mean everything to me.” I said as I went back to using the tablet. He then walked off and left. As the bell rang for the end of workers time, I stepped back from the tablet then left. I sat down in the cubicle, laying on my back, watching the ceiling. I saw Benji come in as he sat down next to me. “Hey Benj,” I said “ok what’s up with you?” He said “what do you mean?” I asked him “well you— you just aren’t acting like yourself ever since you woke up.” He said “It’s— it’s just.. I—I can’t talk about it I’m sorry.” I said then Millie came in with her eyes wide open “please don’t tell me I came in a bad time.” Millie said “no you’re fine.” I said. Then we all went to bed. I suddenly heard loud beeping, then I woke up Benji and Millie. We walked over to the coders room, it was on fire! “Guys you need to stay here I will check if anyone’s inside.” I said but before I went in Benji grappled my front paw “I’m going with you.” He said then we both walked in “Hello!?” I yelled “Is anyone in here?!” I yelled “Help! Someone! Please! My tablet went on fire and I’m in trouble!” A yell said then I jumped into the fire, not caring what Benji would say, I saved the keeper of the coders, and we got him to the med team in time.
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