The right code

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Chapter 7

I went to the coder room, everything was gone. The fire had taken everything out. I saw a small teddy bear, it’s had torn out button eyes. All of a sudden I remembered, my human and me… I then heard a muffled noise sounding like it was saying my name “Firefly! Firefly! Wake up!” I suddenly woke up, Benji was in front of me. I was still in the coders room “Firefly, you ok?” He said “yeah yeah, I’m fine.” I said getting up “what’s up?” I said “well what if I say that I found out that your tablet survived the fire?” Benji said “No way! You did?! Benji! You’re amazing! Thank you!” I said I went with Benji to see it. It was remarkable that it was still all in one piece. I put my paw on it, then I started getting to work, suddenly it said that I had finished. Finished what? The bell rang, and me and Benji went to the room, as we went to sleep in our beds. I woke up then saw something, almost ghost like, it was a familiar human being. “Firefly, you mustn’t delay your escape, if you wait any longer you won’t make it back to me.” She said “but, who are you?” I said “you will find out later.” She disappeared all of a sudden. “Firefly, you look like you saw a ghost,” Benji said as he looked at me. “I pretty much did..” I told him “just don’t get to many visions.” He said as he walked out to go to the kitchen to eat. I went with him, as we talked for a while until we came to the kitchen and everybody stared at me. “Benj, do you know what’s up with them..?” I said under my breath. “Got no idea.” He said “it’s creepin’ me out though,” Benji said. Then the leader of the coders went over to me “come with me.” He said with a temper. I then got up and walked with him. “Your tablet says you finished, and you didn’t bother to tell anyone?!” He said “you’re smart. Don’t know who to trust.” He finished. Then he put his paw on a button then a loud siren came as a hallway opened in the main room of the chamber. I walked into it by myself; it was to hard to see so I left it, but I knew that it wouldn’t stay that way forever.
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