The right code

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Chapter 8

I walked to the rooms after night fall, and fell fast asleep. I woke up the next morning, Benji was in front of me, he then walked off, and I followed him. “Guys, this is it. We got a way outta here.” The leader of the coders said, standing on one of the benches. “He have to form a team to leave here and go into the hall, it’s dangerous if it closes and leaves us in there. Trapped and hungry.” He said “so only four of our best dogs are gonna go. Firefly, the coder. Millie, the cook. Me, the keeper of the coders. And of course, our guard dog and my best friend, Graham.” He said as he hopped down, then got everyone ready and all packed up. We then we’re about to set off, right before I went Benji grabbed my paw “Firefly I— I…” Benji said, his face red “Firefly I don’t want you to go. I don’t want you to go because.. because I like you. The minute you came, to right now. I don’t want to lose you. Because you’re my friend, and what I hoped even more.” He said. I then licked him. “Benji, I like you too. But right now I have to go. I promise I will do whatever I can to come back.” I said as I nuzzled him. “Promise.” I said as I put my paw on his, then walked with the others. Then I talked with Millie as we walked “Benji’s speech was so sweet Firefly. I really think you guys are meant for each other. Believe me. I know.” She said “It- it’s just that me and Benji are connected somehow, but I can’t get it. I just hope we really were meant for each other.” I said to Millie.
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