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A girl name Cleo is a writer and she just begun but the other workers are not really the kinda of workers you would expect they are super shady but Cleo thought it was nothing until…..

Mystery / Horror
Lilo and Stich
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New beginning

Cleo she just had started working as a writer when she first arrived at her work she was nervous, Kinda like how everybody else feels about a new job okay back to the story, She walked right through the doors she didn’t expect anything until someone grabbed her off her feet. “ WHAT HELP SOMEBODY HELP” Cleo screams, “chill I was kidding” Sebastian said, wait a minute this is me talking facts who does that? Whatever let’s get back to the story, “ what the hell is wrong with you” Cleo said, “ I’m Sebastian nice to meet you stranger, Sebastian said. Cleo walks away angry before Sebastian could even say anything else, while she was walking she saw the boss “ hi I’m cleo I’m new here”. Cleo said.“Hi darling nice to meet you, you can call me Mrs.Brown also your desk is over there by the coffee stand”. Mrs.Brown said Cleo smiled as she walked away to her desk when she sat down she saw blood dripping from one of the cabinets above her “ what the hell is this” Cleo said, she opened the cabinets she saw a hand covered in blood “ AHHHHH” Cleo screams. You think that scary it’s just the beginning.

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