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Death. (n.) No life, No sins.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Evelyn POV

I was hiding behind the curtains ( playing hide and seek with mommy). I am coming mama announced. I giggled as I heard some footsteps coming towards me. I was waiting for a mama. After a minute or so, I removed the curtains only to see my mother lying on the ground looking lifeless. I screamed and ran towards her but before, I touch her. I heard something breaking from the kitchen. I hurriedly tiptoed to the kitchen. My eyes met with someone back. he was giant like a monster and was breaking everything. I felt terrified, I rushed towards the telephone, dialed papa’s phone number, but his phone ranged from the kitchen before my senses could react more. I heard a loud thud, I was on the ground was hissing in pain, and was waiting for some leniency but all I got is darkness.

It was getting very hard to breathe. The air around me was getting tighter and tighter. I was trying to open my eyes but soon when I felt something liquid on my cheek suddenly. I opened my eyes and oh It was a nightmare. I was on the ground covered all in sweat and my dog Bucky was licking my cheek *sigh* “Bucky you scared the shit out of me huh what happned to the air conditioner” I stood up with Bucky in my hands. Lazily walked towards the window and opened it, the dazzling rays of sunlight flashed in my room and made my vision more clear. I kissed Bucky and freed him from my hands. I went towards the bathroom to take a quick bath as today is the worst day of the year *The summer camp*.

After when I have done my morning stuff. I made my way towards the kitchen to feed my angry stomach cuz it was cursing me. “So what we have for breakfast jam and bread and bread and jam” I smiled at my lameness after stuffing my mouth I locked the door and jogged toward my car, drove off to school not before bumping in my neighbor’s flower pot yeah it is my hobby. I reached the school in 7 minutes to do my temporarily *so-called* math teacher job but temporarily does not mean I don’t know how to teach it just gave me peace weird huh! I entered the building. Here comes the principal James to destroy my already messed up day.

“so finally you have landed on earth and decided to show your face after thousand days”.

He said while making a furious face, like seriously stop lying thousand days that’s enough man. I was just gone for two weeks to done with my private work (long story short), I know I did not pay any attention to schoolwork.

He clicked his fingers in front of my face “on earth” he said

“I am talking to yo-” *bell ranged*

“Go to your classroom,” he said and glared at me. Which I don’t give a damn fuck I made my way towards the classroom door and opened it.

The smell of chalk hit my nose that made me Sneeze waao what a start. I walked towards my desk placed the book over it,

“How are you class hope that your summer vacation went well and productive”, I faked a smile

“Okay now we are starting chapter 8 so shall we”

After 5 hours and 40 minutes of hell finally, it was off time. I headed towards the parking lord and started the engine, drove off.

I was waiting for the signal to get green. So, I can go and meet my father as he has to introduce someone who is going to work under me. I was humming when my eyes caught an alone girl. She was crying. I hurriedly get off of the car and ran towards her

“what happened Lil girl why are you crying who made you cry,” I asked she sniffed and said between her sobs

“I am lost I am finding my mother” and started to cry louder.

I picked her up “oh where did you last saw her and what is your name,” I asked again “my name is Issca and there I last saw her” she pointed to a shop. I was about to walk a woman in her mid-30s ran towards me as if she was a part of a marathon mommy. The lady said “wait I am her mother I was finding her thank god I have found you”, she hugged Lil Issca “thank you very much” she said to me “ha it’s okay but please be careful next time” said I.

I was about to go back to my car cuz the signal has turned green but a man bumped into me. He was in a hurry that he didn’t even say sorry to me nor picked me up from the ground huh “stupid man”.

I saw his face he got a scar under his right eye.

I jogged towards the elevator and pressed 68 floors. I was tapping my foot on the ground until I heard a ting I walked out.

Towards the meeting room. I closed the door behind thinking that it would be empty so, I can prepare myself for another burden but, no here someone is waiting for me to give me company. I cleared my throat to get his attention but he was busy on his phone which made me angry. I again cleared my throat but this time, I won he looked at me “oh I didn’t see you enter you must be Evelyn” he stood up and walked towards me. Held out his hand for a handshake which I choose to ignore and I walked past him to the seat, he came back, seated himself next to me “hey beautiful why so serious” he said playfully. My inner conscious ordered me to punch him on his handsome face but I ignored him. Again the guy started to talk “well let me introduce myself. I am Demien Santino and from now. I am going to work under you” he ended with an assuring smile. I looked at him as he is the only stupid left on planet earth. I was about to say something but my father interrupted us.

So I hope introductions are done by now as I gave both of you 20 minutes and 7 seconds for it. he looked at us like we are the real dimwits here *sigh*

“Demien, she is my daughter and the serial killer of our gang, Evelyn Walker so getting on the point you both are assigned to kill the Simon gang’s next heir and his wife and other information will be given you soon

Best of luck!”

Demien Santino pov

Evelyn pointed her finger towards the main door of the hall and started to tell me our plan but instead of paying attention to her. I started to check her out.

Her golden hairs that were style in a rough bun, her ocean blue eyes that always held shine, her long lashes that were kissing her cheeks whenever she blinked, her luscious lips that were demanding a very hard and deep kiss, then goes down her perfect sharp jaw, the dimple that can make anyone drown in it and her collarbone which my fingers were aching to trace it, her red dress which was covering her curved body perfectly but her dress was short yet moderate. I was so lost and only heard “that we are not going to enter from the main entrance we will jump from the rooftop cause the security here is very tight”

“you are going to jump in this mini dress,” I said while pointing her bare legs, but in response. she just glared at me.

Then we started to run towards the stairs after climbing 100 or 99 stairs. We finally reached the rooftop. I looked at her “so are you ready” she said as we were about to jump A guy came running towards us and yeah he was drunk “hey why you both attempting suicide wait, stop!” he was running towards us before he could reach. Evelyn and I started to run in the opposite direction to the opposite hall hands in hands. We stopped and jumped on the other building or you can say a very wrong building. A gay party was going on there everything colored orange. I was looking around to find my partner but because of the dim lights, it was very hard. My eyes were searching for Evelyn. when I was interrupted by a man or you can say a gay. hey, handsome where are you going came alone or coupled he said while touching my biceps in a very wrong way even though, I was wearing a coat but still. I was disgusted by his touch. I pushed him backward forcefully. He stumbled a bit, like what the fuck As I cursed him and was about to walk away but when I felt a tug on my left arm. I looked and found the only girl who can save me from these gays. I looked at her with pleading eyes. First, she didn’t understand me but when we heard that gay guy shouting *eww a girl is here* then everyone started to run like what hell she is just a girl but here the story is something different. I thought that they ran away but the fucking gays have weapons with them and I am not letting them touch my Evelyn (umm not mine yet but soon)

I pulled her towards me. She crashed into my chest. Instead of hiding. She took out my mini knife and stabbed a guy who was about to attack me from my back. Evelyn kicked a guy in the very wrong place, RIP the guy then she took out her gun and started to kill everyone who came near me. I was looking at her with admiration in my eyes but soon. I got a punch on my stomach. someone smack my head on the floor my vision got blur. The only thing that came to my mind was “Evelyn” before darkness could swallow me.

Evelyn POV

Everywhere was fog someone has come to rescue us, “oh god”.

I was finding Damien when someone covered my mouth with his big hands and gripped my waist, his touch felt familiar to me.

“Oh no it was him, it was Trevor not again,” I said in my mind.

Soon we were out and were locked in a small room with very dim light. Damien was unconsciously lying on the ground. I was gripped by one of his men. I tried to wiggle from his tight grip “let me go” I shouted.

it was all in vain as the grip became tight. Soon Trevor came into the room. he closed the door behind him and pulled me towards him until I flushed in his chest. he hugged me tightly then snuggled his head on the crook of my neck and inhaled intensely.

“I missed this scent”, Trevor huskily said making me cringe at myself.

I tried to elbow him (; keyword TRIED). but he didn’t even stir. I started to wriggle to get free from his tight hold.

“stop moving kitten or you will turn me on”, he huskily whispered in my ear and sucked onto my earlobe. he broke the hug and pushed me towards the wall. I was trapped between him and the wall. he started to take a step closer to me until our shoes touched. I screamed at the top of my lungs “HELP”. but in response, he just chuckled dryly. he cupped my cheek with one of his hands and caressed my swollen lips, I tried to punch him. but he caught my both wrist and pinned them on my head and started to come even closer than our noses touched.

“I waited for this moment for a very long baby, they made me hungry and wild day by day”.

He said while looking at my lips before. I could take any action. he crashed his lips on mine and waited for me to respond but. I tightly sealed my lips. he broke the kiss a little and demanded me to open it. but I ignored him and shut my eyes as he was about to kiss me again. I heard a well-known voice “hands off my girl”, I breathed but soon I regretted it as he kissed me again, it was hard but, it was full of emotions but he broke it. cause he was punched in his mouth by my savior, Trevor fell to the ground.

Damien POV

I woke up when I heard someone screaming “let me go” I tried to focus on the voice but my head was spinning badly, I tried to get up but again fell back, I expected someone after few moments. I forced my eyes in a rush when I again heard someone screaming “help” and that someone was not anyone, it was Evelyn, she is in trouble, I got up and saw there were only four men in the room that were back facing me, cause of my tall height I can see that someone was harassing my Evelyn and he was about to kiss her. first, I felt very useless. but then I remembered that I have an extra blade in my left sleeve. I took it out and made my way towards a man who was holding a gun with a silencer on it. I stabbed him on the back of his neck and killed him. one down three to go. I took his gun and killed two men that were standing near him without even making any noise. Three down one to go. the only man who was harassing my Evelyn was left, I silently tiptoed and roared “hands off my girl” and punched him directly on his face causing him to lose his balance he fell I pulled Evelyn behind me in a protective manner, and before he could get u. I tried to hit him on his stomach but he dogged me he stood up and took out a gun and steered towards me. but the luck was on my side that I shot him on his right leg, again he fell back before he could shot us. I took Evelyn’s hand, opened the door, and ran away

We ran, ran, and ran until we left that place far behind, stopped under a tree to catch our breaths, I looked at Evelyn only to find her looking at me. her big doe eyes were holding the tears of pain and disgust. I know what she wanted now, so I pulled her in my embrace and stroked his back to soothe her which worked. but she cried very terribly. I did that until her cry died down and she became hushed, but still, she was not allowing me to leave her. she sniffed on my shoulder that made my heart pound furiously against my ribcage. I felt that my heart will come out any time (well it’s not my first time with a girl. I have spent many nights with girls but it was my first time tasting these feelings) what are you doing with me, Evelyn?

I questioned myself.......................


It’s been two days since that incident took place. I am here, sitting in our head office. playing Rubik’s cube and waiting for the boss to give me my next mission, Mr. Walker came into the room while holding a file with an emotionless face.

“I have been expecting many more from you but, you did not gain anything at all,” he said while handing over the file.

" I would have done much better. but we were attacked by the black hurricane gang”. when I mentioned the black hurricane his face turned into yellow.“what?! You are telling me this now” he stood up from his chair while shoving it backward and frowned at me. “I thought that Evelyn told you everything earlier,” I said while looking straight into his eyes. yeah I know, I am way too sloppy and I was not ready for this kind of responsibility but still, my father forced me to join my uncle’s gang as his gang needs an empire and he has appointed me for this. but my uncle already has a daughter but still. why me. I said in my mind after few minutes of silence. he finally broke and began “you will be joining our fieldwork that will be assigned you by today and take it as my command,” he said while back facing me and gazing outside the window.

Evelyn POV

“I am coming” I shouted from the kitchen as my friend RIO is taking her anger out on my front doorbell. I opened the door only to find my friend crying.

“oh, my baby ... what happened to you”. I hugged her stroke her back smoothly she sniffed at my shoulders.

“First I need to come inside then I will tell you the whole story,” RIO said. I broke the hug and give her way to come inside...she was sitting in the living room and we were having a deep talk on boys cause of her boyfriend who just left her for some fancy chick.

“ah you know what all men are the same they break a girl’s heart just for pleasure,” I said while staring at my teacup and remembered my first love cause he also broke me.

“no! he is a son of a bitch! he toyed with me, he broke me,” she said while throwing a cushion on the ground “hey what’s my cushion’s problem you can’t just ruin my house just for a shallow prick,” I said while getting up and picking up the cushion “chill baby don’t be depressed about him everything will be normal again just forget him and move on honey,” I said in a cheering mood.

“as if you were not hurt when he broke up with you,” she said while playing with Bucky “he who?” I questioned her back.

“Trevor” she said.

“I was never In love with him he was just a waste of time,” I said lazily “ahan you are wrong you wept day and night for him but he so fool that he left you and then came back out of nowhere and kissed you eh what a spooky man he is,” RIO said while making a face.

“well yes he is very spooky but why he did that even though when we broke up he just said that it will be good for both of us if we separate our paths and after few seconds he just left,” I said while looking at her blankly.

“I think he wants you back in his life ..hmm or else he should not come near you cause your father will eat both of you,” she responded playfully “and I think that now you are fine now so please get out so I can get some sleep cause I am very tired”.

I glared at her. “okay....okay I did not intend to make you mad but why are you very tired he just kissed you and nothing else, babes,” she grinned foolishly.

“I will kill” I shouted, ran behind her instead of getting out she ran upstairs in my room and plunged on my bed.. “why are you flushing babe” “haaa now I get it this bed must got many memories,” she said while jumping up and down on the bed. I touched my face and was about to speak something but my doorbell buzzed again I left her but not before firing daggers at her.....

“coming” I shouted I opened the door.

“Hey umm I-I bring some champagne (wine) for you umm I thought that you will be getting bored alone at home so I shall give you company so-” said Damien

“no need for the-” I interrupted him but instantly I was interrupted by RIO “hey...hey don’t be so rude on this young gentleman please come inside we were just going out to drink but you already bought it,” she said while looking at his hands * like seriously*

“oh let me help you with this,” she said while taking the bottle from his hand and going to the kitchen. what a way to greet someone. I glared at her or you can say at her back. I turned my heels towards Damien who was grinning

“so what bring you here,” I said while folding my arms.

“nothing just wanted to see you, babe,” he said and winked at me . “what?!” RIO said while coming out from the kitchen and handing us our glass “you both are dating omg why didn’t you told me about this hot guy” she whispered yelled at me...wtf. I almost spit the sip. I glared at her. and turned to Damien “so what is father is intending now” I asked him in a monotonous style. he looked at RIO. “ah it’s safe in front of her. you can talk” I said. “yep he was very angry and has sent me for fieldwork... I shall be living by tonight” Damien said in a boring way *sigh*

“But we can’t do nothing its father’s choice” I smiled *oh thank god*

he is leaving. now I can do my job perfectly I said in my mind and smirked. “you are happy” Damien said while eyeing me...

“no, I am not” I stated.

“Well guys I don’t know what are you uttering about but in my opinion, you should both make a family together aww what a

beautiful-” RIO stood up on the sofa and was about to say something but I cut her off “hey sit down or else you will fall” I yanked her down and she crash-landed on my knees.

" need help?” Damien asked. I nodded in response. we took RIO in my room so she can snooze after drinking three glasses of wine.

“Thanks, man, or else it would be very hard for me to carry her” I thanked him.... “it’s okay I should take my leave now as my flight is after two hours,” he answered. we walked towards the front door. I opened it for him and waved my hand “so okay bye take care of yourself,” I said while waving him..... “that’s not the way to say goodbye to your friend,” he said teasingly and took a step closer to me but I kept rotted on my place he came closer to me and put a butterfly peck on my cheeks and whispered “I shall be back soon my little eve” and moved outside not even glanced at me...............

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