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chapter 10

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I was planning to tell you everything, Evelyn. I opened the door and found it empty, But I really know where the hell is my kitten had gone. I marched towards the open window. And here she is trembling and very lost stood on the edge.

“Hey, come inside. It’s very windy. Or else you will catch a cold or die.” I smiled at her silliness.

She is trying to escape me. Her head swiped towards me.

“Go away, you fucker,” I laughed at her sentence.

“don’t shout and take my hand.”

“no,” she retorted back.

“why? You wanna die then. huh”

“it’s none of your business. I die, or I live.”

" Kitten, how many times should I tell you. I love you more than anything else. Baby common, take my hand and don’t fuck with my remaining brain cells,” I shouted the last part.

“don’t shout at me.” Evelyn started to cry.

“Okay, sorry, sweetheart,” I said and held her nightwear as she was not far away from my reach.

“Hey, you pervert. Leave me,” she yelled. on which I just laughed

“Hey, stop struggling” I pulled her towards me until she crashed on my chest.

“I will fall,” she screamed.

“I will never ever let you fall. Kitten” I pulled her in and closed the window. And hugged her.

“I hate you,” she was repeating after every breath.

“Oh common, you want me. I know,” I stroked her back gently.

“shut up. I have a boyfriend.”

“Really, Gurl, I never thought that your taste buds can get expire at this young age. I am really disappointed in you. Kitten,”

“shut up and leave me,” she struggled in my embrace.

Oh shit, I am still squeezing her in my arms. I let her go. She glared at me. Sorry.


Trevor took my hand and made me sit on the bed.

“what-” I tried to get up, But he stopped me as he laid his head on my lap.

“Listen to me,” he said while rubbing his cheek on my left thigh. I really want him to kick him, But he got hold of my legs.

“WHAT,” I said, getting irritated by his weird behavior.

“I want to tell you something,” he said without making any eye contact.

“speak,” I demanded.

“Evelyn, I know it will be hard for you to believe me, But trust me, girl. I will never want bad for you.”

“what is it? just stop beating the bush and come to the point.”

He plunged his head from my lap and sat on the floor while hugging my legs to his chest. His chin was resting on my knee as he made a weird face. Which was very hard for me to read.

“Evelyn, David is not your biological father."

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