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chapter 11

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“Evelyn, David is not your biological father. And you are being exploited by them till now. Your mother. She worked for the government as a hacker. She was not any doctor or anything she told you when you were a child. She-”

I didn’t let him say any word as I stood up, making him fall back a little. And My curled fist was landed on his perfect jaw. Taking deep breaths. I started to shout. Shout like a crazy woman.

“you are a liar. Everything you said was a lie. T-That’s not the truth. David is my father. He is my real father. and my mother. S-She was not a hacker. She never lied to me. Don’t you have any shame-”

he held me from my elbow and pulled me towards him. Crushing me into his arms. He stroked my back gently. He was repeating few soothing words, which didn’t affect me at all, But when I tried to push him. He just tightens his grip around me.



I was still rubbing her back. Because I won’t mind any shouts from her right now. As I have displayed the reality in front of her. I have taken her out from a life full of lies. I know I shouldn’t have done it like this way, But we don’t have much time as now the security around that code is getting very thin.

“Evelyn, You need to listen to me.”

“NO, I will not listen to your lies. I know you are doing this to get me back, But I have moved on for your kind information, Mister Trevor. I don’t have fucking interest in you. You should die, You sucking being.”

I controlled my laughs. Because Evelyn is not even thinking about what she is even saying. Don’t worry, kitten. I will tease you after when we are done with the drama.

“Okay. I am sorry for being that much truthful,”

“No. you are a liar.” she pouted that really melted my heart.

“hey, Baby. Just breathe in and breathe out. Let me hold your hand.”

But she snatched her hand away from mines. Ouch, that hurts.

I made her sit again, and this time not on the matters but on my lap.

“Lets me go.” she retorted.


I growled. And wiped her tears with the back of my hand. My baby wants to punch me again, But I had held her hands and legs tightly. Her nose was scarlet, the same color matches her cheeks. Her lips were parted in a very seductive manner. And her chest rose up and down Because of her irregular breathing.

Fuck she is more beautiful than before.

“Stop checking me out and let me go,” I smirked at her sentence

“How can I let a beautiful and terrified girl go very easily” Fuck what I am even saying.

“First of all, I am not terrified. And second, I am not one of your hoes who will give you a nightstand. I have a boyfriend. Who is way too much best than you” she spatted.

“waao. waao, Now I learned that your so-called boyfriend is weak as the thin straw that he could not even protect you.” I stared into her eyes.

“shut up” she looked away.

“So,” I cleared my throat.

“Evelyn, I have proof about everything I said about your fake family.”

“Then show me.” she folded her arms on her chest. I put her on the bed and stood up.

“Okay, then follow me,” she walked behind me. And as a gentleman, I opened the door for her.

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