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chapter 12


“T-That’s a lie... It’s a lie” I pointed towards the file which was lying on the table.

“Actually, that’s the truth. You have been living in the fantasy. David is your not real father. And I knew it from the day I met you,” Trevor replied with a monotonous expression.

" I don’t b-believe you. A-And father never hides anything from me...If you know this. why you didn’t tell me, huh?” I am zoned out at this moment.

“HAVE YOU GROWN HORNS,” he yelled and breathed deeply.

“I am sorry that I didn’t tell you this before, But I know that you still don’t believe me. SO, that’s why I have proof for you,” Trevor smirked.

“what is it?” I eyed him with curiosity.

He held a phone in his hands and smiled.

“You should take a seat before I play it” he swayed the phone in the air in front of my face.

“Stop playing around and play it” I folded my arms on my chest.


“Whatever you say, my love,” I smirked and tapped on the play button.

“The alleged father is excluded as the biological father of the tested child. child name EVELYN WALKER,”

“I-its fake,” here comes the David broke voice.

“NO, IT’S NOT., and Oh, How can I forgot that video in which you threatened Evelyn’s mother and messages that you sent to her to hide the identity of her real father. Poor Richard die an ugly death just because of you, hmm, but he must be chilling in heaven now But you.....You will be burning in hell....... peace.”

“How did you get this information,” David asked.

“hmm. Good question, but the thing is. The question that matters now is that what will you do when I shall reveal your evil face...... How it will feel when the world will know it. That the ugly mobster and CEO of construction company that was once called David is ruling on someone’s else property without the consent of its actual hire.”

“n-no, you will not do it.”

“yes, I will do it. I really want to see you pee your pants when I shall pop this news on international media.” I laughed.

“no, you will never publish these DNA reports on media. I-I will give you everything. What do you want? Please don’t tell anyone, not even Evelyn, that I am not her real father, please,” I paused and looked at her. she was zoned-out.

I clicked my fingers in front of her face to get her attention.

“W-Who was Richard?” she asked.

“Your father”

“my real father.....” she searched for the words, but she couldn’t find any.

“Hey.. listen to me” I bent down and took her small hands in my big ones.

“Trevor, Is it true? Do you have those messages and that video? that you mentioned. Ummm, Can you please show me that video” her eyes pleaded

“okay..” I straighten my posture. And rotated her chair towards the laptop. Now she was facing the laptop screen.

I typed the password on the laptop. And click on a file. I glanced at Evelyn’s face. She was turning white.

And the video started. It was CCTV footage of a hospital.

A woman was sitting on the bed with a little baby girl on her lap. And a man was standing near the bed.

“Emma, look God has blessed us with a daughter” that man pinched that baby’s cheek. The lady that was addressed as Emma spoke.

“Richard, I am happy in this life. I don’t want to get back to that devil. And I also don’t want to hurt my daughter. nor I wanna leave you,”

“Don’t worry, You will never see that devil ever again. I am gonna protect my wife and my daughter till my last breath. I promise.” Richard took Emma’s hand in his and planted a kiss on top of her palm.

“Stop it. You are making me blush” Emma snatched her hand back that made them both smile.

“I want you and Evelyn to be happy forever, no matter I will be there for both of you or not,” Richard said and took the baby from Emma’s hands and kissed her forehead.

They were having their happy family moment when the door burst open, revealing a giant man. And two-man following him from behind.

“Did I miss something” that giant guy smirked.

“h-how y-you get in? w-who allowed you?” Emma said in a shaky voice.

“what silly question. Obviously, this hospital is owned by me. Everything here is mine counting you and this little girl.” he stopped and turned to face Ricard. Evelyn paused the video.

“is h-he David” Evelyn’s voice broke at the end.

“Yes darling, he is your- he is David” I looked straight into her eyes to find any reply, but all I got was hopelessness. I caught her shaking palms and rubbed them gently. Her hands were cold as ice.

“T-Trevor, I don’t want to watch the video ....please take this away from me.” she hugged me tightly which I responded with the same energy.

“It’s okay, I won’t play it again” I stroked her back to make her calm.

“He lied to me. The man I loved the most was...I trusted the most. He betrayed me very badly. Not only betrayed, but also he killed the innocent Evelyn.” She cupped my cheeks.

"He killed your Evelyn...” she whispered in a very painful voice.

this chapter is very lame i know.... I am still working on the story


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