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chapter 2

total word count : 1987

Trevor POV


“come in,” I said, the door opened reveling Angelo, “Yes what bring you here” I questioned him

“boss we have successfully made the deal and they have agreed to sell the drug (heroin) to us,” he said

“Great,” I said while playing with a pen in my hand

Again he started “they are going to exchange the drugs

(heroin )tonight exact at 12:am...we are already done with all the security preparations now we need your consent so that we can get off the ground”

“We are leaving now,” I said while getting up from the chair and adjusting my gun holster around my belt Angelo opened the door for me and we walked out of the dungeon

....as we were about to leave I warn everyone....

“Make sure that everything is under control or I will rip the head of those who tried to betray me” I gritted my teeth

And we drove off

Evelyn POV

“Mister walker,” I asked the receptionist who was busy typing something on the computer She looked at me with an annoyed look

“Who are you,” she asked

“402,” I said

She passed a card in front of me and pointed her finger to the left door, “do not enter” was written in bold letters.....I opened the door by showing the card to the scanner, and when I entered the door it

closed back by itself because of darkness my vision was not clear, and suddenly lights were on making my view clear my father’s secretary was waiting for me

“Good evening Evelyn” he greeted me, I just

nodded in response, he leads me to an elevator he pressed the button that I didn’t budge to see

“Mister Walker shall meet you in five minutes,” he said and left me in the office, I was playing with my Mother’s ring that she gave me when I was in high school a sound of a tick bought me back to reality I turned back and saw my dad coming with a blond-haired girl behind him *oh no not again* I screamed in my head

“good evening” I greeted my father which he ignored as always he seated himself and then pointed me and the girl to sit.....I opened my mouth to say something but my father interrupted me

my father pointed his hand towards that girl who was sitting arrogantly on the chair ” Katherine Patrick she will be working with you for now ...as you both have to accomplish the mission, I am going to assigning you this mission is very important and difficult so you have both have to serve it together I hope you both shall work together like before and not make a mess like you did Evelyn” he said while looking at me as I was about to say something he signaled me to shut my mouth and started

" coming to the point, as you both know. We have been traced by our enemies because of past events,” he said. I know. He was talking about me and Damien.

“tonight Black hurricane will be meeting the second most powerful gang, as they both are on something dangerous again. You both have to keep an eye on them, You will bring information about what are they both plotting and kill everyone who will try to come into your way. keeping all the old events in front of us. I hope this time no one will disappoint me. meeting dismissed,” he said and got up from his chair and left both of us alone....I give her an annoyed expression

" before leaving I should clear you this

never depend on me for your security” I said while getting up and jogging towards the exit door but stopped in the middle when she said “I hope that we both shall be getting along very nicely and about the security I can tell you that I am way much better in combats than you” she said while smirking I turned towards her

“Okay so let’s meet tonight to see who is best and who is worst” after saying that I left the room, leaving her alone

TIME check GUN loaded check I was hiding behind the containers and was waiting for our so-called princesses to come and join me......I have tried her many times but she didn’t pick up at all, I was busy in my reverie when I saw someone coming near me it must be her, I saw her from distance and glared at her soon she was standing next to me

“Where were you I thought we were told to be here at exactly midnight I said while showing her my wristwatch

“12:07 so what’s wrong if I am seven minutes late,” Katherine said with a frown

“what’s wrong you mean that a spy should not care about the time,” I said in an angry tone but she just gives the whatever look as if she cares

“So, what’s the plan are we going to sit here all night at let them do their business peacefully,” she said

“wait I think someone is coming” but as usual she ignored me and keep up with her talking but. I covered her mouth with my hand and pull her back with me and, waited for the person to pass but yeah whom we are kidding with she Katherine. Who will against me no matter what will happen... she didn’t budge to push me back. “don’t you dare to cover my mouth with the filthy hand of yours,” she said and glared at me but she shot the guy who was coming in our way. after hearing the sound of a shot, Numerous people were drawn to us, this time, She was alone because I left her and ran towards the main area where all the thugs were present, I was hiding behind the bushes when I heard someone shouting “we have been attacked” I smiled devilishly...I looked at my right-side corner and saw two men talking to each other but because they were crowded but one thing caught my eyes one of those was sighing some sort of papers and there were large boxes...hmmm strange the both of them were guarded by 16 men and the boxes were guarded by 20 men hmmm something fishy going on I rolled to the other side which was closer to those men and stopped to listen what are they talking about “it’s my pleasure to work with you” one of them said huh what type of work?

And aging he started “but this time the drugs ar-” as he was about to finish the sentence, I heard a guy saying “Boss we have found a girl here” oh no the girl must be Katerinne oh god this girl is stupid “leave me” she was shouting “or I am not going to tell you that there is also somebody else with me” she shouted like fuck you have just told them you idiot “find her,” someone said in a deep voice and that someone was not any other than Mister Trevor

They all started to run to find me, I sighed and turn left to take a look at what is happing but I came in contact with a wall or someone’s chest I stumbled backward but gain my balance “kitten? What are you doing here” Trevor said in a mellow tone “plotting your death” I gritted my teeth and looked in his eyes but only heard a dry chuckle “so my kitten wants to kill me” he said while taking steps closer to me “yes with my bare hands and for your kind information my name is Evelyn” I glared at him and took my gun out, pointed it towards him but he kept coming closer and close but this time I kept rotted on my place “I see my kitten is getting braver and braver day by day I like it” he said as if he is making fun of me “oh I didn’t mean to hurt you but I really don’t like whenever you come with someone who is such dimwit ..am I right” he said while smirking and now he was standing close Infront of me but I step back to maintain some distance he again step forward as I was about to take a step back again he held my wrist and was about to pull me but I elbowed him and took his right arm twisted it and pushed it on his back I interlaced my right leg with his right leg and pulled it backwards he lost his balance fell on the ground and I sat on his back and get a hold on his left arm which was free.... I was seriously out of my breath... “Oh kitten, I gave up I lost,” he said I tighten my grip on his right hand but soon a giant guy came and slapped me roughly that lips started to bleed, I loosen the grip on him and jumped towards my gun but the Trevor was very fast he caught me again but made me stand up

He looked at me with concern in his eyes he touched the blood which was coming out of my lips I hissed a little just then Trevor turned around still holding my wrist, he shot the guy who slapped me everyone jaw was touching the ground “no one even tries to touch my kitten” he growled and turned towards me his eyes held those emotions that are very dangerous for me, those emotions which I am dodging from many years but now I am sorry I have to do this I have to ignore my heart and listen to my brain I snatched my hand out of his hold I pushed him back and picked up the gun with my shivering hands and

aimed towards him ” I know that you know my weakness but I am not letting you to use it against me” I said in a firm voice he stepped forward and put the gun on his heart “than shot me” he said huskily I was shocked on his behavior but retained my senses “why can’t do it huh afraid of killing me or losing me” he huskily whispered coming near my ear “excuse me what’s going on here” Katherine said in a confuse tone “I said do it” Trevor said again I threw the gun on the ground and clutched his collars with both of my hands “what’s your problem huh why are you doing this are you insane I can seriously kill you right now just spit the shit what the fuck were you doing here” I said but the stupid tears started to pool up in my eyes “don’t cry kitten it stabs my heart whenever I see you cry” he said while cleaning a tear with the back of his thumb “stop playing around I am not a crazy who will fell for your words you are a liar you left m-” I was crying but he put his index finger on my lips and shushed me I pulled him towards me surprised by my action he looked at me “just tell me what are you doing here” I said cause I was out of my mind “i am here to meet you kitten, to bring you back, to win your heart to remind you that I still want you that I love you” he said ” I don’t need anything from you” and I pushed him back with all the power left in me “than run” he said “run baby run as fast as you can...run baby run” he said

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