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chapter 3

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I explained everything to father. he is now happy (I think so)

“I am proud of my daughter, because of the captaincy you showed this got possible,” He (my father) said to me.

p.s not to mention that Trevor stupid confessing his heart to me. Like seriously! I have moved on. after giving thousand of explanations to Katherine. I think she got some clue that we are not together. Phew! Now I am peacefully driving home after a very long and stressful night. I turned on some music:

" You were so young

You were just my age when you had me

Mom, you were so brave

There was nothing gonna stop or get in our way

And I know you will always be there for me. You were so young”

it was a song about mother and after hearing it something just crashed in my mind MOTHER

It has been many weeks. I have not visited my mother. I asked my father about her condition; he replayed the same as before

" that she is still in a coma.”

It has been eight years, and She is still in a coma. I sighed and drove towards the hospital to check on her. I parked my car and got out. The room number was 597. The floor is a little bit creepy cause no one is allowed to enter this floor except some private doctors and visitors. I turned left, room 597. I clicked the doorknob and peeped inside the room. Here is my sleeping beauty, my mother. I walked near her bed and leaned down to kiss her forehead. Something strange caught my guard off. Cause last time, When I visited. I can remember that she smelled like a hospital, but this time smell is different. I sniffed again as it smells like vinyl chloride, hmm strange. I back of and looked at her face that was covered in bandages. My father said she has been in a severe accident that her face was completely destroyed. I massaged her temples carefully with my hand and sighed.

" Mother, this week was very horrible. Sorry. I did not come to visit you. I am such a bad daughter. I know, I am. Things are getting strange for the past few weeks. I met a stupid man. And my father wants me to train him. And last night, when I went on a mission, Trevor also confessed to me again. But my father warned me to stay away from him. Should I be with him again, Or should I be with my father? I am so confused. Mother, please wake up early. There are a thousand things that I want to share with you. Many people left me double-minded. I am so much stressed. Mommy! can I be your little girl again?,” I said while looking at her

“Don’t wanna talk. Okay, but I will come again to visit you. I promise that I shall be a good daughter from now,”

I smiled at her and stood up to leave, but again something in my heart was not letting me go. Something in me wants to stay with her. I shrugged it off and glanced at her. Left the room not before rechecking and having the same answer from the doctor.

“She will wake anytime but. Don’t lose hope,”

Yeah! The same answer that I am hearing for the last eight years. But it is hard to hope for good. I opened my car door, slide inside, and drove off. I arrived home. Opened the door; was welcomed by Bucky.

“Hey, you missed mama. Huh, mama also missed you,”

I said while holding him in the air. I kissed his nose tip, and in return, he licked my cheek. I smiled at him. But my attention diverted to my phone, which was ringing inside my pant pocket. I took it out. Attend the call without even reading the caller name

“Hey hey, wassup EVE piccolo idiota (little idiot).”

I know who the hell is the caller.

“How are you? RIO grade idiota (big idiot)“. I mocked her back.

“Yeah yeah. You Madre (mother) is fine, Hmm you know how to answer back. I like it. You have learned many things under my influence. I like it ..... uh ho! my followers.”

“Stop daydreaming, but why did you call me.”

“Well, my heart wants to hear the beautiful voice of yours, Sweetheart.”

“Stop beating the bush lesbo and come to the point.”

" Okay. Babes, take it easy ......Well the reason for calling is...”

" Is!?”

" Is that let’s go to city club tonight....we shall have some fun. Huh, what do you think,”

“I am tired. Go by yourself. I am disconnecting the call now.”

“Hey hey, wait! no fun human. I promise that I shall not be drunk and will not force you to dance,”


“You little-,”

I cut the call and made my way towards my bedroom as I am tired as hell after a quick bath. I jumped on my bed. I was thinking about all the past events. I do not remember when sleep engulfed me. I wake up to the sound of a thud. I hurriedly got out of my bed. I took my gun out. I came downstairs. The sound was coming from my living room. I tiptoed and hid behind the door. I count till 3, when the sound died I came out and shouted:

" Hands up. ”

I met with someone who was back facing me, that someone was not any other than the stupid RIO

“What are you doing here”. I shouted

“what baby, I told you to be ready. We are going to the club have you forgotten oh you silly head oaky okay chill we still have some time so you can get ready wear red color lets match our dresses yay imaginary couples-.”

"shut up, just shut up” I give her an annoyed look and then hid my gun behind me.

“as I told you early I am not going anywhere,” I said and walked towards the couch and made myself comfortable there.

“you are coming. Or else I will call your father and tell him about the kiss.” RIO grinned.

I gave her *what so every look* and turned on the TV.

“what girl you are no fun” Rio sat on the couch beside me.

I was switching channels when a piece of news caught my eye

“another gang war: some dead bodies found near the hillside yesterday; they have been taken to hospital. but their identities are still unknown, police are still investigating

“hey shut this hell up.” RIO said while getting up and switching off the TV.

“Come on man” she whinnied like a baby in a very cringy way.

“Okay okay, let’s go! or else you will kill me with this cringy behavior of yours” I got up from the couch and ran upstairs. I was ready in six minutes.

" Viola! I am ready.” I clapped my hands in the air.

“Let’s go” RIO screamed

" Yeah! you party girl.”

I locked the door before leaving.


People were dancing like there is no tomorrow. and RIO left me alone once we arrived. I don’t know where the hell is she. So I walked towards the sitting area and made myself comfortable on the couch. I poured some vodka into a glass and gulped it in one sip. after it, I don’t know how many shots. I felt like a complete drunk but still gained some sense. I promised not to dry out but remember about my mother. I completely lost every ounce of my brain*sigh*

“haa, Sometimes fate plays cruel tricks.” I was looking at the ring in my hands. When I felt some stare at my back which was making me uncomfortable. I turned around to take a look but found non. Ha, I am drunk. That’s why. I am feeling weird things, but I felt a sense of deja vu. I stood up and barely walked two steps when I felt someone holding my wrist tightly. I tried to free my hand, but the one who is holding it is stronger. I was pulled into something. Or you can say in someone. *huh wtf* I tried to get free, but the held got even tighter. Now what bishes? I was hugged by a stranger. His one hand stelled on my waist. Still, my sense was not registering his action, but an idea popped into my head RIO*. I tried to call her, but she was nowhere to found. His hands started to move below my waist before. He could reach down; I kicked him directly on the place where the sun never shines. He stumbled backward a bit. I was hoping he got a lesson to not touch a young girl in a very wrong way FUCK what I am even thinking* but that mf again caught my wrist, dragged me out of the club. I was struggling to get free from his hold. I tried to choke him, but he pushed my hand away cause of my long nails. I can bet that he got some scratch on his neck, but it was all in vain. Cause he pushed me into a vehicle, and then he knocked me out. Or you can say. I felt unconscious after throwing upon him? or I don’t know where? fuck!. I don’t remember anything.

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