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chapter 4

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“I love looking at those

beautiful eyes of yours”

me to my readers


I woke up in my room. My head was spinning badly. I tried to get up from my bed but fell back on the mattress. My phone ranged. I reached my hand to pick the phone, but my eyes become like a saucer. My nails have some stained blood on them. It was weird. Cause I don’t remember anything from last night. Oh shit, I was drunk. I answered the call.

“who is this?”

“Why did you left alone. You dumbo, you scared the shit out of me.”

" Huh! it means the one who drop me at home last night was not you.”

“Yes, who was he? is he your boyfriend?” I went pale after hearing her answer.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend. who- who was he?”

“Oh, Girl. You should be careful. where are you right now?”

“I-I am at home.”

“I am coming” after that, she hung up the phone, and I felt numb.

I was feeling very insecure in my own house. Well, I was wearing the same clothes which I wore last night. So, This thing is clear that he did not touch me. Thank god!. I have security cameras all around my house.

" You should take a look at the recordings from last night,” RIO suggested to me. I nodded in response.

“But all the recordings from last night have been deleted.”

“then should we report it to the police?” she said

“No, please! no more police.”

“then what should we do?” she asked.

“leave it. I shall be more careful from next time.”

“Okay, Girl. Whatever you like, but now I have some work to do. So I should take my leave now. Bye. If you need anything or any dog tries to bite you. You can call me. I will beat the shit out of him. okay!”

I smiled and nodded at her loving behavior. That is why I like her. She nags at me as if she is my mother, and I don’t know why I like it.

“Okay, mommy. I will inform you if any dog tries to bite me.” I answered her sarcastically, But she just smiled at me and then give me a forehead kiss. Then she left.

“Eww, lesbo” I cringed at her action.

The day passed like a blink of an eye. I was getting ready for the mafia ball as it was tonight. Finally, I am going to meet my friends.

“So what should I wear today. umm”

I choose a backless black dress. After few hours, I was ready. I took a cab and arrived at the venue. I was looking for Linda. (my high school friend. We graduated, together from high school) here, I found her.

“Hello, beauty” I tapped her shoulder.

“Oh, hello dear, How are you? long time no see.”

“I am fine. I was kind of busy.”

“Yeah, I see. Hey, Wait here, Okay. I shall be back.”

“Hey, where are you going.”

" umm, he just entered.”

“he wh-”

she ran away without answering me well. I don’t care cause I know who the hell. He would be any rich chick. My reverie was interrupted when an arm snaked around my waist. I looked at my right side. Meet with a familiar pair of hazel-colored eyes. The only dimwit on the earth. Demien!

“I hope you know CPR because you took my breath away,” he winked at me, making me giggle.

“missed me, Lil eve?” he pouted.

" Ewww, Never, My taste is not that bad,” I said and looked at Trevor. He was surrounded by some low-life sluts. Damien matched my gaze and started.

“So you like him, That guy. Trevor right”

“no, I have moved on.”

“moved on?”

“yes, we were together in high school. Trevor was my senior in school. Our mothers were friends, but after when his mother died and my mother met with an accident. we broke up the cause of some stupid matter.”

“oh, I am sorry to hear about your mother” he looked at me with concern in his eyes.

“Yeah, and from that day till, now my life is all messed up.”

“don’t worry, Lil EVE. I will keep my EVE happy” he grinned.

“as if you are my boyfriend. huh.” I giggled.

“so what. I will seduce you, voila. You will be mine.” He winked at me.

“In your dreams, sweetheart.” I glared at him, But he pulled me towards me.

“well. It’s night so let’s dream,” he seductively whispered in my ear.

“Are you insane?” I pushed him back, but he smirked playfully and pinched my nose.

“what. I am not a kid. I don’t like when someone pinches my nose.” I slapped his chest playfully.


when I entered the ball. I searched for just one person that my eyes were longing to see. My feet stopped on their own. When I heard a soft giggle which made me lose my senses. Controlling myself. With a heavy step, I made my way towards the lounge area. My eyes spotted Evelyn, but she was back facing me, my fingers were craving to touch her fragile body, but I was afraid that if she will break once again. She will never look at me ever again, but I know. I did very bad with her in the past, But what should I do. I was helpless. I did that to keep her safe, but she never understood me.

Some sluts came blocking my view.

“ha, What the hell” I shoved her aside. Oh ho, I didn’t mean it.

I stood up because a guy (oh yeah, one of those dimwits) touched her. FUCK, why I am jealousy. But this time, She was the one who pat him on his chest that really made my blood boil. I walked quickly towards them.


" Can I borrow this beauty for few minutes?” someone spoke from behind. I turned around, but Evelyn kept looking on the other side and didn’t even move a bit.

“umm, sure I was jus-” I was interrupted when Evelyn stood up, grab my collars, and she smashed her lips on mine. I was frozen in my place and was digesting her move when I looked up and found Eve’s face flushed.

“Ummm, Excuse me. I-” I was interrupted again by Evelyn.

" no. Baby, you are not going anywhere” Evelyn held my right arm and turned towards Trevor, who was burning with anger which can be seen in his eyes.

“baby?” I gave her a questioning look.

“Yes, Baby. Let’s go from here environment is very suffocating here” she looked and Trevor as she was talking to him, not me.

“Okay,” I was beyond confused. As we were about to walk out. Trevor growled.

" wait, listen to me,” he said. I looked at Evelyn, But she was zoned out.

“umm, I think you should talk to him once,” I whispered in her ears because he was looking at me like he will eat me any time.

“No,” she said firmly.


“No,” I retorted firmly and made my way towards outside, but at that time, all the lights went off.

fuck I know what is going to happen now. DANCE

“Let’s get out of here, Damien,” I shouted cause the whole floor was blasting with music.

“NO! let’s dance” he started to drag me on the dance floor.

“umm, Damien. I think we should leave cause-” he pulled me towards him and started to dance.

“hey, please slow down, you long-legged man” I was about to step on his right foot, But he picked me up and spun me in the air as though I weigh nothing. I stelled my hands on his shoulders.

“Hey, put me down or else I will fall,” I nearly screamed, He put me down, and we joined our foreheads.

“hey, what are you doing. Can’t you see everyone is watching us” I blushed.

“hmm, So you are just allowed to kiss me in public?” he questioned me teasingly. I drop my gaze on the floor.

“umm, Sorry I was just-” I was interrupted by him.

“sorry? that’s not the answer I want” he put his finger under my chin and made me look at him. he laughed seductively.

“I-I don’t care what you want, and stop it.”

" Stop what?” he seductively whispered in my ear. Something hit my head. Father must be watching us right now. STOP

“Nothing, just let me go” I can feel wild butterflies in my stomach right now.

“I am not even holding you, my dear Eve,” he said. Making me confuse, But when I realize that I was the one who encircled her arms around his neck. He was not even touching me. Fuck, I hurriedly back off.

“Excuse me” I was feeling extremely embarrassed. I ran out.

“hey wait” Damien shouted, But I ignored him.

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