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chapter 5

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“hey. Wait” I shouted, but she ran out.

I followed her into the parking lot.

I was quick enough to catch her. I held her by her arm and made her face me.

“where are you going?” I questioned her.

“it’s none of your business. I want some time to be alone. Go away. leave me alone.” Evelyn spatted with anger.

“I am sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you.” She glared at me.

“listen to me. I-” Evelyn interrupted me.

“Please go.” she retorted and started to release her arm from my grip.

“No,” I growled.

“why.” Her eyes were on the verge to lose their tears.

“Why are you doing this” she muttered between her irregular breaths.

“becauseIloveyou!” I said in one breath.

“because you what?” she questioned me.

“I love you. Eve” I looked at her with some hope in my eyes. But her facial expression tells no answer.

“Eve, do you feel the same feelings for me?” I slightly trembled her.

“I-I don’t know” she dropped her gaze on the floor.

“it’s okay, baby” I pulled her for a hug, and she hugged me back.

“Baby,” I called her.

“shut up. You are making me cringe.” She slapped my chest playfully.

“why” I again hugged her.

“I don’t know why and stop asking me a lot of questions. I am your senior” I smiled at her.

“But we are not working right now.” I teased her.

“leave me. I can’t breathe.” She squealed. I let her go.

“hey, look at me” she ignored me and started to look in the other direction.

“Eve, look at me,” I demanded. I know she is doing this to tease me.

I squeezed her hands, But she again ignored me and started to smile. But still not looking at me. *ENOUGH

I placed my finger under her chin. And made her look at me. She was not matching my eyes. But, I bent down and kissed her chin. She gasped audibly. I looked up at her flushed face.

" I told you na. Don’t test my patience” I towered her short frame with my giant one.

“Da-Damien, please stop, or else I will fall” she clutched my shirt tightly. I pulled her towards me and placed my hands on her back.


Damien pulled me towards him. His face was very close to mine that I can feel his minty breaths fanning on my face. My eyes became like a soccer ball when his gaze dropped on my lips as if. he is asking for my permission.

“Damien, I thin-” I tried to get out of his hold, but he tighten his grip on my waist.

“shhh,” he placed his finger on my lips. And my lips parted naturally.

Slowly he started to bent down. He looked into my eyes and then back on my lips. I tried to shrug this giddy type of feeling off but failed. And found myself welcoming him. he again looked into my eyes and started to lean down. Soon my surroundings got lost when our breaths matched.

The kiss was demanding, slight, and full of emotions.

It was not lusty. It was something that I never experienced. Not even with Trevor. We broke the kiss and stared into the eyes of each other.


Fuming with anger. I stomped out of the hall after seeing them dance. Tonight I am really fucked up. Evelyn will pay for what she did with me. I opened the door of my Mercedes and drove shamelessly, not caring about any signal or cars. After, when I was 12 km away from that spot. I stopped the car by the woods and got out. Lighting up the cigarette. I brought it by my lips and inhaled it. After finishing one or two. I was back in my sense not until I got a message from my P.A. Angelo sent me two pictures of Evelyn and Damien. They both were kissing. My blood started to boil. I called him. After giving him some commands.

“This should be done by tomorrow.” i Said

“Okay, Boss. don’t worry.” Angelo replied

I got back in the car and drove off to my main house. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day. I smirked.

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