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chapter 7

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The next day:

I was sipping the coffee and was thinking of last night.

Seriously, I was acting like a lovesick puppy. An idea popped into my mind. Let’s call Evelyn. I took out my phone and dialed her number.

Her sugary voice welcomed a foreign feeling of satisfaction in me.

“Hey,” she said in a sleepy voice.

" baby, are you still sleeping” I glanced at the wall clock?

“Yeah, what’s the time,” she asked, and I shook my head.

“Darling, It’s 2:30 pm,”

“oh, I slept a lot. Oh god, again. I missed the school,” she said.


“Yes, I am a math teacher in a middle school,”

" to hide your identification?” I asked.

“yup, like you are a bread seller.” she mocked me.

“So what!” I smiled at her laughs, But the bell ranged

there was someone at the door.

“I will call you back. There is someone at the door.” I said

“okay” I got up to open the door.


my slumber was interrupted by the sound of ting, ting , ting

I look at the caller id and smiled. It was Damien.

“hey,” my voice was kind of heavy.

“baby, are you still sleeping” here comes the deep voice of Damien which was sending chills down my spine.

“Yeah, what’s the time,“I asked him. ( as i am a lazy ass so its hard for me to get up from bed, very quickly)

“Darling, It’s 2:30 pm,” he replied. Oh god not again!

“oh, I slept a lot. Oh god, again. I missed the school,” i mumbled loudly.

“school?” he asked. as he don’t know., that’s strange.

“Yes, I am a math teacher in a middle school,” I said in a boring tone.

" to hide your identification?” he asked.

“yup, like you are a bread seller.” I laughed.

“So what!” he quickly but i can feel him smiling on the other said.

“I will call you back. there is someone on the door.” Damien said.

“Okay,” I replied to him, But he didn’t cut the call. I can hear everything. I waited for him to come back. After a minute or so, I heard a loud thud from the other side. I quickly got up from my bed.

“Damien, are you there? Is everything okay? can you hear me?”

I shouted like a crazy woman. Tears started to form in my eyes because I can sense something wrong happened to Damien.

I rushed downstairs, grabbed my car keys, and ran outside towards my car, Not even caring that I was still in my nightdress. I drive shamelessly on the road. After ten minutes in hell, I finally reached his place. The door was fully open. I ran inside and started to shout.

“DAMIEN!” I ran to his room and looked here and there, but found no one as I was about to walk out, My foot got stuck in something, and I lost my balance and came into contact with someone’s body that was covered in blood. I look up, and my soul left my body for a second. It was no other than Damien. FUCK, I know who did this because there was a black card near his head. I quickly got up from him and dialed the ambulance number. After it, I bent down, and put his head on my lap, and started to say sweet things to him and stroke his head. After three minutes, The ambulance arrived. I got in when they settled Damien in.

It was mid at night, and we were still in the hospital. I have called my father and explained him. He will be here any time.

“where is he?” My father entered with a man along with him who resembles Damien. Hmm, he must be his father, I thought.

" I asked something. Where is he?” my father got angry.

“Umm, he is still inside” I pointed towards the door in front of me.

“you go home” my father said as I was still in my night dress. on which I just nodded. I walked outside with a heavy heart because I want to stay there with Damien. I got in the car which my father has sent for me. I was looking out from the window when our car halted in the middle of an abandoned road. I waited for the driver to speak, But when he didn’t react. I stared at him. and talked.

“why you stopped the car,” I spoke, But he ignored me, and began to dial a number on his phone.

“Hey, I asked you something. Why did you stop th-” before I could say anything, He pressed the call button. And put a mask on his face.

An exotic smell spread in the car that was making me unconscious. And I was knocked out by the driver.

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