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Chapter 8

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Am I a villain in your story?


“boss, she is here,” Angelo said as he stepped into the gym.

I smirked upon hearing it. Now you are gonna learn a sweet lesson, my kitten.

“I am coming,” saying that, I made my way upstairs. To wear something presentable as I was in my boxer shorts. After few minutes, I was standing in my house’s basement. I turned left and opened the first door. And here lies my kitten sleeping peacefully. I took long strides towards her.

" how many shots did you give her?” I asked the man who was standing near us.

“Just one,” I nodded and motioned him to leave the room.

I kneeled down and stripped her watch that she was wearing on her right wrist. It will be beneficial for future use. as I was striping her accessories. My hand got brushed with her neck. An electric current ran through my body. And soon, I found myself towering over her tiny frame. My finger craves for her soft skin. I leaned down and placed my lips on the crook of her neck. And inhaled her sweet scent. Without thinking twice, I squeezed her tightly in my arms. After so many years, I have been doing this. Thinking about our past. A smile crept up on my face. My reverie got interrupted as I heard a light moan from her. I looked up to found her half-awake.

" you are up?” I asked her, But she was just staring at me like a lifeless doll. Minutes passed. And finally, she decided to speak.

“d-don’t touch me,” she spoke in a faint voice.

I released her from my tight hold but didn’t let her go.


I felt something soft on my neck. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids became very heavy. They shot up when

I felt someone’s breath around my neck. I looked down, but all I can see was brown hair. I hissed when that someone bit me.

A moan was realized from my mouth. Which gain the attention of that someone. And when our eyes met. My breath got stuck in my throat. Fuck, it’s Trevor again. What’s his problem. I want to push him back, but I felt like my whole energy drained from my body.

I stared at his face. It was the same as old. Just he had a dark appearance on his chin and face caused by the slight growth of beard that looks so good on him, his eyes that were filled with affections and lust.

“You are up” he asked me, But I dropped my gaze down to his nose. just to ignore his eyes that were staring at my soul. Wait, why his nose is getting bigger.

No bish, he is getting closer to your lips by subconscious screamed.

I want to shout, but I can’t. Only a faint voice can be heard.

“d-don’t touch me.”

Gaining some power. I pushed Trevor backward, But he didn’t even stir.

“You need to rest, kitten. Or else You will feel sick”

He was talking to me as I am five years old girl. WTH, you kidnapped me. I want to scream, But all I can do is to glare him.

“What don’t give me that look.” Trevor grinned.

If looks could kill, then he would be 6 feet under the ground. Oh god, I hate this guy too much.

He stood up and scooped me in his arms as if I weigh nothing. Then begin to walk towards the bed. And he softly settled me down in the bed, like I am a baby.

I really want to kick him, But my legs felt like jelly. He removed some strands of my hair that were covering my eyes.

“You know what, you can stare at me whole day. I will love it.” He pinched my cheek. I am disgusted right now.

My reverie was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Trevor got up from the bed and marched towards the door to open it. The door opened revealing, an unknown face to me.

That guy said something to Trevor in some kind of alien language that I tried very hard to concentrate on, But I don’t know what the hell he was saying. Soon Trevor left with him saying to me:

“Don’t cry, kitten. Daddy will be here in few minutes.” On which I really cringed.

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