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chapter 9

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Finding some power in me. I stood up from the bed and walked towards the door. I held the doorknob and tried to open it, But it was locked. If I knock on the door, then it will probably gain some attention. So, I started to look around for any other source to escape.

I walked over to the other side of the room and started to look. The whole room was painted white color. A side lamp was placed beside the bed. There was only one frame hanging on the right wall. And a bed was placed in the center of the room. I marched towards that hanging portray of some gay-type art. It was all covered in the dust. I stared at it. And did a silent prayer for a window. I moved it. And did a footy tipping because I finally found a window behind it. Yay, And for my luck, it was not locked.

I threw the portray on the bed and opened the window. Fresh airbrushed my hair. I gasped as I looked downward because I was on the second floor. And if I jump down. I shall not get any injury, right? I asked myself. I gulped down every scary thought.

I glanced back and forth.

Should I or should I not. Without thinking twice, I sat on the windowpane and then tip-toed on the small bricks.

The height was making me zone out.


“Don’t cry, kitten. Daddy will be here in few minutes” I winked at her before locking the door back.


Entering my office. My eyes fell on the envelope on the table. Which made me smirk. I picked it up and ripped the top. Taking out the page which actually the DNA report of my kitten. I dialed her no longer father, Mister David’s number.

" Hello.” comes his sinful voice.

“tsk tsk, such a shame that you are still alive,” I replied

“oh, so pussy can speak.”

“talking about yourself? Mister David”

“don’t waste my time. And spit it, why did you call me?” David annoyingly asked.

“Yeah, as I am not that much ruthless killer. So you can friendly tell me your last wish” I made myself comfortable on the chair.

I heard a snicker from him.

“why? I didn’t crack any joke,”

“your whole existence is a joke, kiddo.”

“The alleged father is excluded as the biological father of the tested child. child name EVELYN WALKER,” I stopped

“Thank god, her body didn’t get poisoned with your bad blood,” my smirk widen.

“I-its fake,” his voice broke in the end.

“NO, IT’S NOT. How it will feel when the world will know it. That the ugly mobster and CEO of construction company that was once called David is ruling on someone’s else property without the consent of its actual hire.”

“n-no, you will not do it.”

“yes, I will do it. I really want to see you pee your pants when I shall pop this news on international media.” I laughed.

“no, you will never do it. What do you want? I wi give you everything. Please don’t tell anyone, not even Evelyn about it. please,”

“uh ho, look who is pleading now.” I laughed.

“Listen here you mother fucker, and listen carefully. I have been quiet for very long, but now if you ever try to come into my business, then I will chop your head. And forget about those codes. You Dick” I cut the call. And walked out of the room.

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