All The Reasons She Chose To RUN

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A story of a girl who lives a normal life until one day her life takes a horrible turn and almost breaks her into pieces.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Ariah a 17 years old student who was always happy, kind, helping, and strong as a volcano , fearless and confident.
Ariah was a girl who can turn problems into a games and play it. Ariah's family, friends and her boyfriend loved her, cherised her, admired her. But all she wanted for herself and others was to have their freedom and rights. Ariah wasn't a girl to follow or lead she was a girl to to speak for right and slap for wrong.
so, what happens in a day that ruins ariah and makes her life hell?
will she able to save herself, will she get out of this fire that is surrounding her from all the sides?
only one way to find. (enjoy)
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