All The Reasons She Chose To RUN

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4 Years Ago

Ariah's POV :-

Everything was going good. I had a boyfriend, my friends started talking to me also kai and Ian got along real good.

It's been few months since the incident with Jessica took place and even though those guys were arrested there was a feeling of missing a piece of why only 3 guys were arrested out of 4 but my dad said that they couldn't identify the 4th guy.

Even though they couldn't find the 4th guy Everything was going good after prom but I never knew it won't last forever.

I was going back to my house after meeting with Ian , we were out on a date when his mom called for some help and he had to go so I started walking back home when I saw an alley where Ian and I used to go when we were kids and I went in there.

I was looking around when all of a sudden my vision was blurry and I felt alot of pain in my head nd my eyes were closing on it's own.

I opened my eyes after what felt like an eternity and my head was paining alot and I couldn't move. I was tied to the chair and when i saw properly the person in front of me my mind stopped working, there standing was a guy who tried to rape Jessica the guy whom police couldn't find and it was scary to see him here standing in front of me with a knife.

"You bitch, you really thought we will let you go? No darling u will pay for sending my friends to jail." The guy said.

" Are you fucking kidding me ? U all deserved it after u tried to rape a small girl, and why did u kidnap me?"

"You have to pay back for what u did to my friends. "

"What do u mean?" I asked in a scary tone.

" You didn't let us enjoy that girl now I am going to have fun with you."

"No" I screamed.

"No one is coming here to save you today. I am going to ruin you and that body of yours." The guy said and smirked.

" no no please let me go please "

I screamed but he didn't listen to me nd he came forward and started tearing my clothes with his knife.

"No please don't please this is not right please let me go."

"you dont teach me what is right and what is wrong girl I am gonna rape you now and u are gonna keep that mouth of yours shut."

I tried screaming , hitting him but nothing worked , nobody came to help and it happened he raped me and left.
This was the day that ruined my life , my body anf broke me into pieces.
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