All The Reasons She Chose To RUN

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"ARIAH PEREZ WAKE UP OR I'LL DRAG YOU OUT" shouted my sister Elizabeth.

"Just let me sleep for 10 more minutes please betty." I answered in a sleepy voice.

"NO NO NO You don't call me that and wakeup or I'll drag your ass out to school like this." shouted Elizabeth.

"Go Away" I yelled and heard the sound of footsteps fading.

I woke up after 10 minutes and took my phone and started scrolling and as soon as I saw that picture I felt my eyeballs coming out hanging and after a few seconds of staring I shouted. "YOU BITCH I'LL KILL YOU" and ran out of my room to search my sister but she already left with her husband Scott.

I went out in the living room after taking a shower and getting dressed. By the time I was out I knew that Betty(Elizabeth) left because I live alone in my apartment and also she knew that if I see her I'll kill her. well don't get me wrong but anyone would do the same if your sister texts a picture of you kissing your ex-boyfriend in the family group chat. After I was done with my breakfast and it was almost time for the school so I locked my door and turn around to see my bestfriend standing there all handsome and sexy and believe me my heart almost did a flip. This was the sight I m used to see every morning but everytime I was surprised. But still I couldn't bring myself to believe that this tall handsome guy in front of me with hazel green eyes and blond brown hair and body of Greek god is my bestfriend since I can remember people who didn't know him thought of him as a player and careless boy but only I knew that he was the most caring, kind and funny person.

"Hey beautiful" Ian my bestfriend said.

"Hey handsome" I replied.

I sat in passenger seat of Ian's car and we went to school. Ian is not only my friend but he is also my part time driver. As soon as we entered the school gate I saw some guys playing my favourite sport football I was just like the other kids in my school time only intrested in sports and co-curricular activites. As soon as I entered the school lobby in my school it was almost time for the most annoying lecture "The Physics" I hated it with all my guts and its not because there is something wrong with it but remembering formulas and stuff is not my thing but luckily Ian was also in physics class with me and that idiot loves this lecture. But there was one more reason that I hated this class and that was 'KAI PARKER' the boy I hated with all my guts because he gets on my nerves everytime he opens his mouth to speak.

As soon as I entered the class my friend Nora jumped and hugged me and Ian. and behind her came Jason and Mateo holding hands. After all hugging and greeting I asked Nora "What happened" and she replied enthusiastically "The results of last weeks exams are out and we all passed the exams except" and she stopped talking so after taking a deep breath I asked her "who failed?" she didn't speak for a second and than she shouted that "everyone passed except that bitch Amayra" and finally I was relived I didn't even know that I stopped breathing for a moment.

After 5 hours of different lectures and playing football nd badminton our whole group started walking towards the canteen area. I was walking behind with Ian and Nora and Jason and Mateo walked ahead of us smiling and holding hands. Everytime I saw them I used to smile to myself cause nothing is more pure and beautiful than seeing two people head over heels in love with each other and not giving a shit about the world. Something I wanted for myself in Future but not now cause right now I was happy flirting around and having options also I was the youngest in our group everyone was older than me by 3-4 years so I still had time to figure things out and find out what I wanted for myself in future.

After eating and chatting we were on our way to the school gate when I saw some guys with a girl about the age 11-12 being pulled by 3-4 guys into the old empty badminton court which was now a school's personal place for useless stuff and books, files and projects. I stopped walking and told my friends to go ahead and I will join them after using the restroom so they went out nd I followed the girl and those guys.

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