All The Reasons She Chose To RUN

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I followed the direction where those guys were pulling that girl. I got close to them and as soon as I saw what was happening in front of me I shouted "HEY" and ran towards that girl whose clothes were now almost ripped and she was on floor crying and those guys those fucking guys almost believe me almost raped her and my blood was boiling at the sight of little girl crying and begging them to stop. After reaching to her I pushed those guys away and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" I asked them. they started running way but that was the last thing I wanted to happen so I called Ian and the others to that area where this incident happened and I told the little girl to run towards the principal's office. It took her awhile to get up and not give up and I told her "Sweety look don't be scared I promise we will punish those bad guys but for that you have to go to principal's office first and tell him what happened here okay?" she whispered "okay" After sending her away I ran towards the directions where those guys went and they were out of the sight but almost out of nowhere I heard a whisper and I felt something moving around me and I was about to find when my phone started ringing but I didn't give a shit about it at the moment and started running to find the guys cuz when I saw that little girl in that condition I promised her and myself that I will not let those bastards go. After few minutes the guys were out of sight so I was about to go back to school when someone grabbed me from behind. "You bitch you think you can run away after spoiling our fun?" fun? I lost all the self control I had in me I lost it and punched him in the face he thought that ruining a little girl's life is fun well he is so damn wrong "Fun? what the fuck kind of a fun were you planning on having by raping that lil girl? Do you even hear yourself?" as I was talking to him two other guys came grabbed me from both the sides. "You bitch do you have any last words before I kill you?" he yelled and asked. "you don't know who you are talking to do you?" I yelled back. he glared at me and I started talking again "I am the daughter of Senior Inspector DAVIS PEREZ." I answered and smirked at him. "WHAT?" shock, horror and confusion took him and other two guys who grabbed me and that's when I opened my bag and took out my spice chilli spray and a small knife which my father gave me for safety reason. I sprayed them and took out my phone and took their pictures and I was about to run when someone grabbed me by my neck and threw me on the ground. "FUCK" I said in pain as it felt like I lost all my tooth's cause I landed on the ground and my face literally crashed and I thought I was about to look like Franken Berry Cereal the cartoon and I groaned in pain.

As I turned over the guy who threw me on ground was coming at me and without thinking I rolled over but he still gave a cut on my right hand and I shouted "OOUCH! YOU SON OF A BITCH" and I really regretted that cause he started to come back at me again and I closed my eyes cause I couldn't do anything because of that cut that that idiot gave me but as I closed my eyes I heard a loud thud and I opened my eyes to see that guy lying on the ground and I looked up only to find the last person I expected to help me "Kai?"

"Hey Hulk" he said while pulling me up from the ground. I ignored his teasing and said "thanks."

Ok Here Is Little Backstory Of Why I Hate Kai. 2013( when I was in 5th grade I had a huge crush on Kai and I confessed my feelings to him and gave him a chocolate and a flower that I plucked from school garden on that day and after giving him that he threw it away and said that I was the ugliest girl he has ever seen and went to his desk and from that day to now I never gave a shit about him.

OK now back to the current day Kai took my hand in his hand and looked at where I got stabbed and tied a piece of cloth on it and I didn't know I was bleeding much until now and I was scared what am I going to say to my dad and oh god my mom she is going to kill me. "OH SHIT" I murmured to myself. "LET'S GO BACK TO SCHOOL" Kai said. and I nodded.

We got back to school nd I thanked Kai and without glancing back I went to principal's office and I saw that little girl there with all my friends. Just as I was about to speak Ian came forward and hugged me. "HEY ARE YOU OKAY? WHERE WERE YOU? DID THEY HURT YOU? WHERE WERE YOU? ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?" Ian started asking me questions and hugged me and for a moment I forgot everything and I just wanted to melt in his embrace and than I screamed real bad when he hugged me tight and I remembered the cut and Ian stepped back and looked at me and than at my scar and almost making me deaf he said "Those bastards I'll kill them? are you okay? do you need to sit down? do you need some water?" I was about to answer him when I heard my parents screaming and shouting with my principal and that's when I knew I am doomed.


Everything went good a month ago I made my father proud and I got those three guys arrested with the help of their pictures in my phone and I also came to a normal talking terms and little bit just lil flirting point with Kai and also Jessica the little girl who I helped that day also tried and started her life living normally. But something in my life felt wrong it felt like Ian was distancing himself from me slowly but after that day in library when he saw me with Kai laughing and teasing each other he completely ignored me and I tried to reach out to him but he didn't even gave me chance to ask "WHY?".

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