All The Reasons She Chose To RUN

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''How are you?'' Ian asked after 15 minutes of staring at his coffee.

''I am okay, how are you?'' Ian was about to answer when we saw Kai coming into the same cafe we were in and for some reason I felt Ian getting tensed beside me and I was about to ask him what's wrong when Kai came to our table with his own coffee.

''Hi gorgeous'' Kai said the god of flirting and I would have had him if my stupid heart wasn't intrested in stupid handsome Ian.

''Hey handsome'' I said and all of a sudden Ian left the coffee shop nd for a minute I was confused when I heard Kai saying ''God u are so clueless that guy is head over heels in love with you nd you are here flirting with me and making him jealous, dude u r good.''

''What the fuck are you talking about dude? are you drunk or did someone punched u in the head? he is not in love with me bro he left because he doesn't like us.'' for a second I believed Kai and his stupid words.

''So did u find a date for prom or you still searching?'' I asked him.

''Nah still searching, what about you?'' he said.

''Then MR. Kai Adams would you like to be my date?'

''Ofcourse MS. Ariah Perez I would love to be your date.''

''Well that was easy so see you later at prom lover boy.'' I turned around and started walking.

''Oh no, what will I do for a week without you?'' after that I went home.



I was ready in my A-Line/Princess Ruffles Satin Spaghetti Straps Sleeveless Yellow Dress when I heard a knock.

''Come in'' and I saw my old man coming in with my favourite flowers(Aster) ''hey white man got me flowers'' I always call ma dad by different names hahaha. ''

''hi princess, you look beautiful''

''Thanks dad''

''Now I don't want to sound like and old man so enjoy your prom to the fullest and I am sure all the guys would love to be yours but do not forget protection. haha''

''DAD'' ''THOMAS PEREZ'' me and mom both shouted on dad at the same time I mean I love my father but sometimes he does not know when to shut up.

''Both of you get out of my room I have to get ready now go shoooo.''

''Bye honey we love you.''

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