All The Reasons She Chose To RUN

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''You look handsome'' I said to kai while dancing on a romantic slow motion dance.
''And you look beautiful and sexy.'' kai said.
I always see Kai in casual clothes flirting around but today it was different, he was dressed up in suit and he looked sexy as hell and also today there was a whole different vibe around him but it felt good and there I saw my favourite couples dancing in eachother's arms looking in eachother's eyes and I loved my bestfriends but after Ian stopped talking to me my fav couples JASON - MATEO and NORA - RON also stopped talking to me but still seeing them happy always made me happy.
''Watcha staring at precious?'' I heard Kai loud whispering to me.
''I want that.'' I told him pointing at my friends.
''U can have that buttercup.'' Kai replied.
And than we were staring at eachother the music stopped all of a sudden all I could hear was kai calling me by different names.
''Can I kiss you?'' I don't know where that came from but I just wanted to kiss him so I asked. and I heard a soft chuckle coming from him.
''Ofcourse Precious'' God I loved that nickname.
we both leaned forward and our lips slightly brushed and it was damn good and I was about to lean in more when all of a sudden I felt someone grabbing my right hand.
I turned around to see Ian taking me to the side hall....''God what is with you always grabbing my hand? and where the fuck are you taking me Ian , I swear I'll kill you if u don't let go of me now and where the hell did you came froo............. woah'' and just like that I was pushed to the wall and Ian was hovering over me.

''What the hell were you doing in there? why were you kissing him? do you like him? did you feel anything? why are you doing this to me? don't you care how I feel? or u just care about him now huh?'' and I was confused as hell like which one do I answer first or ask him what the fudge is he talking about..
''What do you mean?'' I asked him.
''You know I fucking like you I have feelings for you and here you are just going around kissing other guys and -''
''Wait whaaat? what are you talking about?'' for a minute I was angry at him like what does he mean by me going around kissing guys but than I was like whattttt my bestfriend whom I like has feelings for me.
''I like you u idiot from the first day when you gave me your favourite flower with that cute smile of yours I liked you from that day I just I wanted to tell you so badly but that jerk Kai al''
''Mind your language sir cause that jerk is my friend'' I said smirking and we both laughed
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