All The Reasons She Chose To RUN

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Ian's POV :

We were laughing and suddenly I pulled her close to me , gently backing myself against the walls , angling my face to hers until our lips locked. At first kiss was small, gentle nd very meaningful. But then it grew bigger and more intense. She tasted tentatively with her lips as she traced it across my the bottom of my lip. The caress of her lips seemed much softer this time. Soon we started swallowing each other making the kiss even more intense. I let out a moan and so did she with her warm breath into my face.

Ariah's POV:

His finger touched my neck and the hair as it was moved away nearly gave me the chills. His hands went from the sides of my head and down to my neck , out to my shoulders and down to my hands. He grabbed my hands gently yet firm, put them in front of me and paused. I felt safe, he spoke no words. My heart is about to beat out of my chest and I closed my eyes and take a deep breath out.

He kisses my shoulder, and runs his lips towards my ear, but doesn't quite make it that far. I tilt my head and after his deep breath out he bites me gently. It doesn't hurt, it only makes me want more.

His two hands grab my left hand and he places my open palm on his heart, and he holds it there. His eyes exude love, protection, security, safety, patience, and respect, I smile and he lets go of my hands, with one hand he runs his fingers through my hair and gently guides my face closer to his, eventually leaning me in to rest my head on his chest. His other arm wraps around me, I hope he never lets go.

''Will you be my girlfriend?'' Ian asked.

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