The Perfect Family

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Henry and Madeline

Henry woke up in a bad mood, as per usual.

"Breakfast!" Henry grumbled, snapping at the unfortunate maid who happened to be bringing him his food.

"Henry!" Madeline snapped, glaring at him from the other side of the table, "Where are your manners?"

Henry grumbled again, eating whatever his fork landed on. "Stupid woman." He muttered, chewing loudly.

"Honestly, you could never tell you came from money, the way you eat! Close your mouth!" Madeline said, her voice like the edge of a knife.

"Make me!" Henry almost shouted, sending a glare her way that would make hell freeze over.

Breakfast continued this way, until one of them finished with their meal. Then the couple went to their shared room and got dressed smartly for the day.

Madeline donned a pantsuit, pinning her white blonde hair up and away from her face. She left promptly at 8:30 every morning to go help design buildings in the family company, Collins Architecture.

Henry dressed in a suit, usually navy blue or black, putting just enough gel in his now grey hair to keep it in place. He left at about 9:00 every morning. Sometimes he was a little earlier, sometimes he was a little later.

No matter what time he got into the office, within the next hour he was talking to somebody. If it wasn't investors, then it was clients. Henry just hoped that through all of the talking and sales that he had to do throughout the day, he wouldn't have to deal with Madeline.

At 6:00 in the evening, both Henry and Madeline got off work. They drove themselves to their mansion, and ate around the large dining table with all of their family.

The entire Collins family ate at the old Collins mansion every night, each of them talking about what they did during the day.

For Ava, the only grandchild, it was her time to shine. Ava got to brag about everything she had done that day, and if nobody else would listen, then Grandma and Grandpa would hang off her every word.

Adrian may or may not show up for the family dinners. When he wasn't strung out, then he would be in the corner of the table, next to his daughter.

The children, now adults and married, at the other end of the table would talk about whatever they had going on in their lives.

When dinner was done, everyone would disperse and go back to their respective houses. Henry and Madeline let the fake smiles and fake happy relationship they put on for dinner fade away, and they were back to screaming at each other.

Of course, they made sure that Adrian and Ava were in their wing of the giant mansion before they did anything that could be taken the wrong way. Henry and Madeline were very aware of the fact that they had to at act happy and not let their children or grandchild see them as anything less than perfect.

Especially not with Crystal's husband Gabriel running for mayor. The Collins family was already in the spotlight because of the fact they were from old money, and they continued to make millions a year, but with the added pressure of a political campaign on their shoulders, the media would skin Henry and Madeline alive if there was trouble in paradise.

Henry and Madeline were in bed by 10:30, both of them on opposite edges of the bed. The next morning they would wake up and start the process over again, maybe throwing an interview or two in there as the election drew closer and closer.

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