The Perfect Family

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Xavier and James

Xavier woke up with James curled around him, snoring in his ear. He couldn't help but smile at James, even if he was pretty sure the snoring would make him deaf.

"James. Babe, wake up." Xavier said, trying to wiggle is way out of James' grasp. "James!" Xavier sighs, smiling despite the fact he really had to go to the bathroom and James was not letting him go. The snoring had stopped though, so Xavier knew James was awake.

"I don't want to let go." James mumbled, holding Xavier tighter.

"Yes honey, I love you too, but I really need to use the bathroom. I don't think you would appreciate being peed on." Xavier says, again trying to wiggle out of James' grasp. James lets him go this time, laughing when Xavier accidentally falls out of the bed.

"I'll go get breakfast started. Pancakes sound good?" James asks, smiling sleepily at Xavier.

"Yeah, sounds good to me." Xavier replies, making his way to the bathroom finally.

Half an hour later, James and Xavier are seated at the breakfast bar in their apartment, laughing with each other as they eat blueberry pancakes and fresh cut peaches.

"Come on! There is no way she was flirting with you!" Xavier says, snickering.

"Oh shut up! I'm hot and you know it!"James defends, sticking out his tongue. Xavier pecks James, laughing as they finish their breakfast.

Three hours later, Xavier and James are walking hand in hand through a local mall, making their way to the adoption agency they had read about online.

A woman smiled at them when they walked in. "Xavier and James I assume?" She asked with a smile. When they nodded, she continued. "I'm Ashly Redens and I will be taking care of you today. If you will just fill out the rest of these forms, telling us the gender of the child you wish to adopt, the country you wish to adopt from, and other such questions about more personal information most adopters are unwilling to provide online." Ashly explains, leading them to a small room with a desk and a couple chairs, handing them papers and pens before closing the door as she walks out of the room.

Half an hour later, Ashly is back in the room and checking their credentials, smiling widely when everything checks out.

"Alrighty then gentlemen, I have a couple matches for you from China. You said that any gender would be fine, but you wanted a child from China under the age of three. We have a nice woman set to have a baby in three months who is putting the child up for adoption because of pressure from her family, and a child that just turned four that you could go pick up next week." Ashly says, looking at them as she reads the information from on the screen.

"Could we have a couple minutes to discuss our options?" James asks, sending a look towards Xavier. Ashly nods and makes her way out the door, telling them that she will be with them soon.

When Ashly returns to the room, Xavier and James inform her that they wish to adopt the child that is not yet born.

"We think that it would be a better fit for us, no matter the gender of the child. If we could go with that option, that would be great." James says, Xavier nodding along.

Ashly then smiles and puts in their request, telling them they would have to have multiple other meetings before anything could be confirmed.

Xavier and James then make their way back to the car so they could go to dinner at Xavier's parents house before heading back home. They couldn't help but hope they would be able to adopt a lovely child from China without having to wait years in order to do so.

At dinner, Xavier and James told the family what they had done, and how they hoped to be able to bring home a baby sometime soon. The family wished them well, though Ava, realizing that she would no longer be the only grandchild, was upset by the news.

All in all, when the lights were turned off that night and Xavier thought about how the day had gone and what was going to happen, he was elated that something so wonderful was happening. Now all he had to do was find a way to get out from under his family, and make sure they didn't hurt the baby he and James hoped to recieve.

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