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Josie is bloodthirsty. She seeks revenge for her heart that was stolen from her, literallty. Young and naive, she willingly gave it away to her maker unaware that she was directly putting her life in his hands. Viktor Vontay, a failed journalist meets Josie at a bar one night and persues her. Just when Josie thought he would be her dinner, she realizes she can feel her heartbeat again. Somewhere in the city. The more she gets to know him, the more she feels her heart throbbing, yearning to reunite with her body. But again, Josie has a great desire for tasting human blood. The more she drinks, the bigger her appetite becomes. Will she kill the only person who can help her find her heart? Or will she love and protect him from the world that he will soon find himself trapped in?

Mystery / Fantasy
Ashli Agate
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Love at First Bite

Josie couldn’t fathom breaking his skin with her teeth, yet she had thought about it although numerous times. His skin was glistening in the light that shone in through the large double windows of her loft. Out of the corner of her eyes, catching a fly at lightning speed that was just about to land on him with her hand, then opened it, revealing the frightened little thing. It was unscathed from being crushed by her strength. She could sense its fear, such a tiny little bugling, she thought before closing her hand once more and crushing it.

The man shifted in the bed with her, reaching for her to snuggle more into her naked chest. Josie wiped the contents of the fly on the side of the bed, then slid herself up careful not to wake her meal. She was currently on a mattress, a double-stacked queen-sized one with white sheets and a big duvet. Her plants on either side of the bed complimented the simplicity of her approach to furniture. She was currently checking on the thick leaves of the tree beside her.

On the floor near her tall plant sat a baby aloe. She hit her elbow on the pot as she leaned in causing it to tip over and Viktor reached over in time to catch it. Josie smiled wide at his save pretending to be impressed. Even though she knew she would’ve caught it easily if he was still knocked out, it impressed her that he woke out of his sleep from the sense of him knowing something was off.

“My God,” Josie pretended to be taken aback, her blue eyes now cast in the light of the sun revealing how clear they were. Viktor leaned his body furthermore over Josie, as he carefully tipped the plant back to good standing.

“What can I say?” He said with a confident smile, before trapping her body with his. Putting one leg over her stomach and sitting his weight on her chest. Josie now struggled to breathe, and her heart rate picked up to speed from his dominant proposal.

“You are a tough girl, that’s for sure,” Viktor said whilst getting up from the bed sweaty. Josie’s hair was stuck to her face from mostly his sweat and her own saliva. She went down on him, well, she tried...he actually went down on her. She had never felt such an exhilarating experience being with a man until him. He would make a great vampire, she thought then licked her lips lustfully. He turned his back to her which gave her the opportunity to get up and jump on him and she revealed her fangs tempting herself. They throbbed with the desire to take his life right there, but just as he grabbed her waist to place her in front of him, she pushed them back into her gums. She felt a deep sense of wanting. She realized that he adored her. Not just for her body or sex, but for her. She looked up at him and then shifted her gaze down now caught off guard from the wave of emotions that suddenly hit her like a brick.

“Why don’t we go again, this time I’ll try my best not to gag.” She said, wrapping her arms around his waist not darking to look at him. He hugged her back with an embrace that made her feel safe, she could feel his heartbeat. He smiled in amusement and brought her face to his with his hand cupped around her chin. His touch felt like electricity to her, she couldn’t help but like how rough and painful it was. Like he wasn’t at all afraid of not being gentle. Finally, a man who can do this and at the same time not be super cocky with how strong they were. He was in the in-between. Humble but at the same time, knew his power. Used and wielded it responsibly.

“Maybe another time.” He said before pecking her lips once, then twice, then all over her face, dropping her out of his arms. He slapped her ass playfully, entering the washroom to do his personal business.

Josie was about to follow him behind but he closed the washroom on her from behind. She scratched her head, turning around figuring out what she should do with herself for the time being. This was her fourth time seeing him, and every time she did, it was like she was discovering new reasons why she shouldn’t kill him.
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