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The S Girl

By Sabrina Ettey All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


​This is a story of a young spy Saravi Hussain, investigating a suspicious serial murder case. The murderer is out of reach and secretly killing girls in the city. She risked her life for the sake of the investigation and pushed herself hard to search for the truth. Will she ever find out the real truth or the criminal will remain hidden in darkness for forever? Love, truth, mystery, betrayal, and crime will be surrounded throughout the whole journey of The S Girl.

The Beginning

“The morning sun is brighter than moonlight. But both have their beauty. Until the end of the world, they’ll remain the same. It’s the truth. It’s the reality of the world, The Earth.”

“Oh, mom! Will you please stop this now? It’s been an hour you are reading this Mother Nature book. I’m fed up. Talk about something realistic like how we can make a building properly, how we can improve an interior design of the home to make it more comfortable and beautiful to people. These are the most realistic and necessary things of the present era. How will people live without them?”

“Ms. Saravi Hussain, stop disturbing me during my reading time? This is getting awkward my dear.”

“Mom, I wasn’t the one who was interrupting you. I was just talking about the realism, that’s it.”

“Oh yeah, you are an architect. You are always with your artificial realism thing. Nature is real. It’s the base of every scientific invention we use in our life.”

“Ah, dear nature!” Saravi smiled in mockery.

“Don’t make fun of it Saravi. I’m serious.”

“When did I say you’re in a fun mood?” Sara smirked.

“I see your ignorance.” The mother narrowed her eyes. “You did the same when I told you to get admitted to medical college after school. You ignored me and intentionally skipped the intermediate level. Don’t let me remind you that, Sara,” Said Dr. Sabrina Rahman to her 25 year old daughter. Both were sitting on their living room couch with a book in Sabrina’s hand.

“But I was one of the best students in the best polytechnic institute of the country. You can’t ignore that part too, right?” Sara pointed a finger toward Sabrina.

Sabrina opened her mouth to reply her daughter, but a doorbell interrupted her in the middle. Sabrina dropped the book on the couch. She stood up and went towards the door. She opened the door and received a sudden hug from the person on the other side.

“Hey Sabby, long time no see. How the hell are you guys?” Tia said while hugging Sabrina tightly.

“Ah, we’re okay, Tia...” Sabrina tried to get rid her off from Tia’s tight hug.

“How are you and Rashid? And when did you come to Dhaka?” Sabrina asked about Tia and her husband.

“We’re doing great! Just arrived last night from London tour. Oh hey, look at that beautiful girl in the ponytail there. How are you, Sara? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you...” Tia left her finally and went toward Sara, who already stood up seeing her mother’s colleague.

Sara didn’t find herself prepared for the hug or kiss aunt Tia was going to give her. When it was about two-steps distance between them, Sara’s phone rang from her jeans pocket. Luckily, that made Tia stopped on her way. Sara put out the vibrating phone and looked at the caller’s name. It was her ’Boss’s call. She picked up the call and went away from the living room, leaving the two mid-aged friends for their gossip.

“Hello. Saravi Hussain’s speaking.”

“Sara, I want you in the workplace immediately. The operation we planned needs to work right now.” A rough voice said from the other side.

“But Mr. Gulapjaam, We were going to take action tomorrow right? What’s so urgent?”

“Who’s your boss Ms. Sara?”

“You without any doubt.”

“Then follow my command. I’m telling you to come to the office right now. Am I clear to you?”

Sara sighed deeply.

“Well, I’m coming.”

“By the way, bring a beautiful dress too. You know you’ll need that during the operation.”

“Yeah, Yeah, I know. You don’t have to tell me how I should do my job.”

“Sara, manners, please!” Gulapjaam said.

“See you in a moment, boss.”

Sara ignored him and cut off the call then went toward her bedroom.

Tia and Sabrina were sitting on the couch and talking each other. But their eye’s got stuck into a beautiful girl with a high tail, wearing a white shirt with full-length black skin-tight pants, standing in front of them.

“Where are you going? Today is your weekend.” Asked Sabrina.

“Ah... Mom, actually I have to go to an important meeting that has suddenly popped up. So...”

Sabrina sighed to Sara and looked back at Tia,

“See Tia, girls these days, so don’t want to stay at home. They have to work even on weekends. Oh Allah, so annoying.”

“Why Blaming her Sabby? How were you in your young age huh! You were the one, who didn’t understand anything except her work. Work, work and only work, was your life.”

“Yeah, now I’m the villain here.”

Tia laughed at her.

“Okay mom, I’m leaving. Bye, Aunt Tia. See you next time.” Sara ran toward the main door.

“Okay, darling, bye. Rock at your workplace.”

“Sara, Don’t forget to do lunch, okay and come back home at sharp 8 PM. I’ll call you.”

Sara replied outside from the door when her loud footsteps started going downstairs,

“Okay mom, See you later.”

“Why she’s getting so late.” Mr. Jashim Gupaljaam punched the table with his fat hands.

“Sir, I called her. She said she’s near the office area.” Said Arup, the man who was wearing an off-white shirt, sleeves shrunk from the elbow with a sleeveless leather vest over it along with matching pants and shoe. He was standing left to Gulapjaam. He is considered Gulapjaam’s left hand in the office.

Suddenly they saw a red dress coming toward the office room. The lady’s red high heels are making noise on the ground.

“Ah! There the queen comes.” Said Gulapjaam, in a mocking voice.

Arup stood tight on where he was and remained still without any movement when the lady entered the room. He was stunned by her heavenly hot beauty. She looked at him with a mocking smile, holding on her face.

“Hey Arup, why standing like a statue. I thought Mr. Gulapjaam bought a new showpiece in the office.” She said in a sarcastic voice.

Arup moved from his stillness for the first time. He was feeling quite embarrassed for looking at her like that.

“Sara, I told you to come office in time.” Said Mr. Gulapjaam, ignoring her disrespectful behavior.

Sara took a seat in front, like a real mannered lady and put her arms on the table.

“Chill Mr. Gulapjaam. It’s my weekend, and still, I’m here, isn’t it enough for you?” She was still with her sarcasm.

“Sara!” Gulapjaam louder his voice.

“Okay, okay, calm down Mr. Boss. Give me my job details now.” She kept a smile on her face.

Mr. Gulapjaam showed her a file on the table.

“That’s your job for the day.”

Sara took the file from the table and looked at it for some moment. Then she smiled mysteriously.

“Well, consider it done, then, Mr. Gulapjaam.” She stood up and went towards the door.

“I hope this time you’ll reach in time Sara.” Mr. Gulapjaam said from behind.

Sara was pushing the glass door. She stopped and looked back with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“You won’t get a single chance to complain from my work Mr. Gulapjaam.”

Then she left the room and then the office.

“Sara, are you ready?” Arup said from the other side of the earphone.

“Oh! Damn, I am. Don’t worry Arup. Just wait for the fun.” Sara replied sarcastically.

“Fun? It’s so not funny, Sara. We are doing a dangerous job.”

“Okay Arup, I’m entering the building.”

“Okay, Sara, Good luck. Don’t forget the false ID card and the passcode.”

“And you don’t forget to respond when I call you.”

“I’ll keep an eye on you always.”

“Yeah, of course, you will.” She smiled mockingly.

Sara walked toward the building gate to the guards.

“Wait, miss. ID card please.” One of the guards stopped her.

“Oh, sure! Here it is.” She gave her a cute seducing smile.

“Damn! This new bitch is too hot. Wish I could get a chance with her. Billy, you are a too lucky man!” The other guard thought.

“Ahah! It seems like I got one jerk here.” Sara smiled secretly reading the guard’s mind.

“Okay Ms. Sunny, your identity confirmed, but do you have any entry code?”

“Ah, Billy. Let her enter. Can’t you see she’s so beautiful and hot? She must be the Big Boss’s girl.” The other guard uttered in Billy’s ear.

“But Jim it’s a high-security area. No one can enter here so quickly.”

Billy looked at her from head to toe. She was looking very sexy in the red dress, and the high heel and her seductive look and smile were burning him from the inside somehow. But he didn’t lose his grip like his friend guard.

“The code, miss?”

Sara was ready.

“Naked Venus. Hot girl code.” She said confidently.

Billy seemed impressed.

“Okay, You may in.” The guards stepped aside to let her inside.

Jim threw a dirty look at her with his yellowish eyes.

She smiled at him.

He returned her a nasty smile.

Saravi noted Jim’s face carefully before entering the hotel.

“I’ll kick your ass hard, dear. Just wait till my works get finished.”

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