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The S Girl

By Sabrina Ettey All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller


How far can one go in search of truth? Well, when it comes to her, she knows no bounds. She is a mystery, mystery is her passion, and danger is her profession. Her name is Saravi Hussain. She, known as just a young architect to the world is a woman full of mystery. The simpler she's on the outside, the more complex on the inside. The real her is a notorious and fierce spy who can go to any extent to discover the root of the crime. When she gets the job to find a thriving serial killer, who mercilessly kills young women, little she knows that this one journey will take her to the deep, dark world of crime and conspiracy. The question is, is she ready enough to test her limits? How long will she be able to hold those strong boulders? Will she be able to rip off the mask of the culprit or she'd have to be the victim like others? Mysteries, murders, conspiracies, love, death, betrayal will be surrounded throughout the whole journey of The S Girl.

Beginning: The Prey and The Predator

The moon was shining brightly tonight, creating a magical blue effect on the environment. Clouds floating lazily in the sky, shining when around the moon. Top of the trees glittering like silver, adding to the glory of the night. The rough ground beneath those trees was the playground of shadow and light. Moonlight failed to reach there because of those thick branches covering the ground like an umbrella. Dead leaves were ready to get crunched by shoes. Misty fog covering the whole area. A perfect place for romantic couples who wanted to get lost in that mysterious maze of trees at night.

Then, there she was, running. Running through the trees and beyond without looking back. Her once beautiful and elegant cream gown was a torn mess. Once most perfect makeup was ruined with her running mascara and smudged red lipstick. Not to mention her perfectly curled hair that was now too close to a bird’s nest. But she didn’t care.

Fear consumed her whole feature, making the seemingly beautiful lady uglier than before. She was continuously looking back at something. But nothing was in sight. Instead of feeling relief, she got more scared. She had to get out of this hell, anyhow. She saw the density of trees decreased. Some lake was in sight in the distance. Her heart ignited with a small hope of survival. The lady fastened her speed. The more that open space was coming near, the wider a smile crossed her face. She didn’t know how fast she was but she managed to get out of the hell hole of dark trees and was now under the full moon. She felt relieved that now at least if something came behind her, at least she’d be able to see him. She would at least get enough time for the run.

She stood for a second to breathe. Then, slowly looked back. She did the terrible mistake of her life by doing so. She saw him. He was coming and straight to her. His long, muscled legs were moving with long strides, mercilessly tearing apart the delicate curtain of fog. He looked so relaxed, so comfortable, yet so dangerous. Her eyes widened in fear. She started to walk backward without looking. Her plan of ‘seeing him and run away’ soon escaped through the window.

She felt her knees wobble. Her whole body started to shiver and the reason certainly wasn’t the cold. She didn’t know how long she was backing away. It maybe took minutes but to her, it was forever. Suddenly, she gasped. She saw him fastening his speed. He looked annoyed with this slow-motion game. Even in that state somehow she managed to gain enough courage to turn back with the intention of running again. She did turn and started to run toward the lake. Why? She couldn’t tell. She wasn’t thinking clearly. She just wanted to escape from the hell, from him. While she was running, her unfortunate luck brought her more misery when one of her feet collided with a stone. She gasped, again.

The impact was clear. she collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. Moonlight shone perfectly on her back. She looked like an angel even in her ugly state of appearance, a trapped angel to be precise. Dark fog in the distance wanted to surround her. She quickly sat on her position, ignoring both of the bleeding elbows. When she was about to stand up, she accidentally turned her head backward. Fear turned into terror. Her body was frozen on the spot. She seemed to have forgotten to stand up and run. Her eyes saw her nightmare was dangerously close to her. He was about twenty steps away from her. His tall masculine frame declared his undying pride. She shook her head, tried to speak something but her throat betrayed her.

She wanted to move, scream for help and get out of this hell as soon as possible. But none of her wishes came true. Instead, the predator was there. Soon a dark shadow covered her whole feature, towering over her head.

She shook her head vigorously.

“N-no, please, no.” She uttered with much difficulty.

She swallowed a dry lump.

“L-leave, me. Go away, p-please.”

She felt her predator smile, a very wicked one. Nature became dangerously silent suddenly. Not even crickets were making any noise. It was as if they were holding their breath for something to happen, something sinful, something cruel. The only sound playing in the background was the waves of the careless lake which was flowing like there’s no tomorrow. The lady saw him swiftly raise his dark hand. She shook her head again. Tears were running down her cheek, lips were trembling. Her whole body was shaking with intense fear, fear of death. Before she closed her eyes, she saw something sharp and shining move swiftly, meeting her light brown orbs.

She let out an inhuman shrill scream shaking up the night. Birds of the night flew away tearing apart the sky, crying out loud to join in her intense agony.

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