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Red in White

Sara was sitting in Daniel Roger’s luxurious white hall room. Prince’s beside her. Mr. Roger was sitting in front of them with a cup of tea in his hand. He offered them tea, but Sara refused. He slowly took a sip of the drink. Then put down the cup and leaned back in his UK imported contemporary corner sofa with a relaxed attitude.

“So, Ms. Hussain, how are you?”

“Fine,” Sara replied in one word.

“That’s good to hear. Well, may I be introduced to the person beside you?” Mr. Roger looked at Prince with a curious glance.

“I’m Prince Rahman. Lead Detective, at R.A.G.E Organization. I believe you know we are handling Anita’s murder case.” Prince said with his charming smile.

Mr. Roger sat back straight and paid attention to them.

“Ah, I know. It’s unfortunate happened to my poor girl.” He sighed deeply.

“Hmm. But don’t worry, we will figure out the real murderer very soon. But you’ll need to wait for the truth revealed. We are investigating the matter very seriously, and I believe we’ll see the result very soon.” Prince said in condolence voice.

Sara was watching them silently. She wasn’t surprised to see Prince not talking about the phone call matter or anything related to that. She was somehow sure that Prince wouldn’t say anything about the records first. It was for her to talk. So, she decided to take part now without wasting any more time.

“Well, Mr. Roger, we are here to return your phone you left at the restaurant that day.” She brought out the phone from her purse and gave it to Mr. Roger.

“Oh, thank you so much, Ms. Hussain. I was so worried about it. I searched everywhere but didn’t find it. Thank God, it was you who found it. Otherwise, who knows who’d have stolen my phone?” He gave her a grateful smile.

“You have an excellent phone model and a good call record Mr. Roger.” She said sarcastically. Mr. Roger narrowed his eyes.

“You mean what, Ms. Hussain? I don’t understand.” He smiled with a confused gesture. Sara was trying to read was he confused, or it was a part of his act.

“The call records Mr. Roger. We’ve checked it very well. You called Lucy at the party night, right?” Sara looked at Mr. Rogers’s reaction. But found him calm and quiet instead of tensed or worried. She waited for his reply.

“Oh yeah, I’ve called her to know if my daughter has reached the party safe or not.” He calmly replied.

“Safe? But you said you had no worries about the serial killer. Then why you thought your daughter would be in danger? And are you sure you called her after reaching the party? Or after getting out, Mr. Roger?” Sara narrowed her eyes.

Mr. Roger took a deep breath and said calmly,

“Listen, Ms. Hussain, a father can be worried for her daughter whenever she is out of his eyesight. I’m sure you’ll understand this matter because you also have parents who worry about you when you are out at work or something else. It’s a common and natural feeling Ms. Hussain. I don’t think that relates to my belief in ghosts or supernatural thing.”

“I believe he is right Ms. Hussain. He called Lucy only for his kind thoughts. Nothing else.” Prince said

Sara felt disturbed at Prince’s interruption. Not only for his current state but also seeing that he’s not helping her in no way but taking Mr. Roger’s side. For a moment, she felt doubt if he’s her partner or not. She looked at Prince and said in a rough voice,

“I believe Mr. Rahman, I didn’t ask your opinion when I’m talking to Mr. Roger. So, I’d hope that you will shut yourself up for some moment.”

Prince looked embarrassed at Sara’s statement. But then he looked at her and calmly said,

“But whatever he said was right Ms. Hussain and you can’t deny that, can you?”

Sara ignored the Prince’s question and looked at Mr. Roger,

“Okay, I understand you have called Lucy for your fatherly feelings. But are you sure you called her after Anita’s reaching the party? Because, call record says, that you’ve called her half an hour later after Anita left the party. What’d you like to say about it?”

Mr. Roger remains calm and quiet as before. He gave her innocent smile and told her,

“Well, it’s my mistake then that I told you I called Lucy at the beginning of the party. I have some problem with memory and timing. I’m sorry for the trouble. I’m having a medical treatment for my Alzheimer. I can even forget the thing that happened a little while before. I can remember now that I’ve called Lucy after Anita’s getting out of the party to ask if she has got out yet or not. It was getting late for her. That’s all.”

“So, you were much confident before, and now you have Alzheimer, right? You even forgot to inform us about your disease before. Well, then I have doubts Mr. Roger, how much information did you actually forgot to tell us?” She crossed her arms.

Mr. Roger laughed a little.

“Well, Ms. Hussain I have Alzheimer, but I’m not a liar. If I have remembered calling Lucy for the party, then I’d have told you before, trust me.” Mr. Roger said.

Sara looked at him for some moment. She thought if she’d ask him about calling Anita four times or not. But then Sara thought Mr. Roger could deny that excusing his Alzheimer again. So, she decided to keep it hidden from him for the moment. She smiled at him.

“Alright Mr. Roger, I trust you. Now if you say I’d like to visit your beautiful apartment for once.” She took a look at the whole hall room.

“Yes, Ms. Hussain, sure you can. This is the apartment Suzan’s father bought for us as a honeymoon gift, and it’s very costly. The whole property is about 30000$, and this apartment alone costs 12000$. All he gave us in our wedding ceremony.” He said with pride.

“Wow, you have such wealth I see. What a beautiful apartment!” Prince opened his mouth after many times. He was looking at the whole room and touching the side table vase with quite an interest. Sara secretly lets out a sigh for lead detective’s cheap behavior.

Sara stood up and went inside. Prince and Mr. Roger exchanged a smiling gesture. Then Mr. Roger leaned back,

“Rani! One cup of tea for Mr. Prince Rahman, Right now.” He called a maid for service.

The large apartment had many antic and ceramic showpieces. Most were foreign imported without any doubt. The whole apartment was covered in white. From the tiled floor and ceiling to the house utensils, curtains, pillows, sofas, beds, chairs, tables, cupboards and all other things were colored white. Only antic items were variants with brown color. Even every single room including bathrooms and kitchen was covered with white color. It was quite difficult to recognize a room correctly. Only the room’s interior design could help to define them.

The modernized bedroom was probably Anita’s. There was her photo portrayed on the front wall of the bedroom, and the other white bedroom which had a slight mid-century style was Mr. Roger’s. Though he hadn’t any portrait on the wall to show off, the room was nice, neat and clean. Sara visited other places. She felt like she was somewhere in a white heaven. When exploring the rooms, Sara found a locked room in a corridor. It was attached to the front wall with an old rusty room locker on it. Strangely, it has a dark red floral design on the door. There was a flower and in the center of it was a burning sun. The whole door was with the same design for multiple times. Sara went near the door and touched it.

“Who keeps red on a white planet?” Sara thought in mockery while touching the door design.

Sara let the door go, thinking it wasn’t her main room to search. She turned back and started to walk again in the sea of white. While crossing the locked tight door corridor, she heard a sound. It was almost unclear to listen to it, but her spy brain caught it somehow. She stopped and closed her eyes to pay attention to that noise. She stood there for some minutes. There was no sound anymore.

She didn’t hear anything again. She thought it was her listening mistake. She waved her head for her foolishness and stepped forward to go. Then it happened again. She heard the sound again, and this time it was clearer than before. A sound of something’s growling in a low voice. Like when an animal suffers or when he’s angry. The sound was coming from her behind, and it was that locked room. She narrowed her eyes. Then she turned back and sauntered toward that locked room.

The sound has disappeared already, but it made Sara alert enough about the hidden voice behind the door. She went very near to that floral design, and she attached her ear to the door to listen to it again. She heard that once again. It sounded as if something was suffering very hard and getting weaker by time. Sara decided to look at the thing. She lowered down to sneak through the door space. She looked inside, into the darkness. It was quite a shade that didn’t help Sara to see anything clearly except a shadow, a shadow of a resting being, a creature.

Though in darkness, it wasn’t much clear how its structure was exactly, its movement was apparent. Sara guessed that figure was quite long. Suddenly it has stopped moving. It’s completely silent now and also very calm for an unknown reason. Then it opened its eyes and looked at Sara with glittering light blue iris. Sara was looking at it, and it was looking Sara very deeply. They both had a silent eye contact. After looking a while, it suddenly closed its eyes and never opened them. Though, low growling was saying that it was still alive. Sara looked at it for fewer seconds. Then she sat up from watching the darkness and the dark being.

“What was that and why it’s locked inside like that? What are you hiding Mr. Roger?” She thought.

Then stood up and started to walk. While crossing the rooms, Sara saw a shadow went away quickly from the corridor entrance.

“Who is it?” She shouted.

Sara ran to the corridor entrance, but found no one else, except someone coming toward her. It was Prince.

“What happened Saravi?” He quickly said, seeing her worried face.

“I saw someone passing from the corridor.” She stated in a tense voice. She ignored his name mentioning the matter.

Prince sighed in relief.

“Only for this!” Prince gave her a charming smile. “I thought you saw some ghosts, Ms. Hussain.”

“What do you mean?” Sara asked rudely. Prince’s charming smile didn’t melt her heart quickly.

“I mean it was only me just coming here Ms. Hussain, no one else. At least I didn’t see anybody pass through here.” Prince replied calmly.

Sara thought something for the moment. Then looked at Prince and said,

“All right then. Let’s get going.” Sara started to walk forward, but Prince stopped her by calling from behind.

“Did you search Anita’s room?” Prince asked.

Sara looked back at him.

“No, not yet. But I’ve found something in that locked room there.” She pointed the finger at the corridor.

“What did you find exactly?” Prince got excited.

“It wasn’t clear, but something was growling and...”

“Oh! Then you must have seen that sick dog there.” Prince said quickly.

“Sick dog?” Sara narrowed her eyes.

“Yes. Mr. Roger has a dog. He just told me this after you left. His name is Terry. Though currently it’s sick and he believes that Terry will die very soon. So, he has left the poor thing him there to die in his favorite room.”

“Really! He wants his dog to die in a room like a prisoner? Strange!” Sara didn’t believe that Mr. Roger could do such thing with his pet dog.

“Come on Ms. Hussain. You can’t say anything about what a person will behave with his pet. Anyways we must leave after checking Anita’s room. We have other works.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Sara nodded. They both went to Anita’s room.

Sara went to check up Anita’s place, and this time Prince accompanied her on the search spot. Sara searched the whole room very well, but this time nothing came useful in her hand like in Melina’s bedroom, nor Prince found anything. So, they had to come out being helpless. But Sara had a little satisfaction that her little trip to Mr. Roger’s didn’t go all in vain. She got an important clue about that locked room. No matter what Prince said about the creature being a dog she somehow can’t believe that so quickly.

Sara, however, decided to look at that issue later. Sara and Prince came to Mr. Roger to say goodbye. Mr. Roger gave them a farewell warm-heartedly. Sara said goodbye in the complete formal way by the only handshaking with him. However, Prince didn’t stop only with handshaking but also offered him come for tea at his office someday. Sara couldn’t take her partner’s too much caring mentality. He was behaving way too much warm then a person usually does at the first meet. She, however, went out, leaving them alone.

After some moment Prince came out with his signature smile. Sara was waiting for him leaning back in his expensive Volkswagen Sedan car.

“Finished off your greetings with Daniel Roger, Mr. Rahman?” Sara said with sarcasm when Prince came to her.

“I know you are upset with my attitude. But that’s my unique style to interact with the suspects. You know, I never let them feel suspected. Just like I didn’t let Mr. Roger feel that, and you also fell for it.”

“Really! That was your interacting style?” Sara narrowed her eyes.

Prince laughed.

“See, you also got confused. God knows why spies are so in love suspecting. Let’s go Saravi.” He opened the front door of the car while laughing.

“Ms. Saravi Hussain, Mr. Rahman.” Sara corrected him in a cold voice. She stood straight and looked at him. Then she smiled and said calmly,

“And spies don’t love to suspect. It’s the people who do suspicious works. Spies only keep them on watch. Besides, they are not into easily believing someone, neither they are entirely believable themselves. I hope you understand what I mean.”

Prince looked at her for a few seconds, probably trying to examine her inside again. Then he smiled and said in a low, mysterious voice,

“Yeah, Ms. Hussain. I’ll do, and I hope you’ll remember too who am I.”

“Sure. Why would I forget? I’ll have to remember you, Mr. Rahman.” Sara returned his smile. Then they both got into the car.

A quiet park and a man in the white suit was sitting there on a wooden bench. He was probably waiting for someone very impatiently. As if he was much tensed or he had to hurry. Then, he looked at right at the bushes. His eyes glittered to see a face that was coming toward him. He was coming to him with a hesitation on his face. But the ‘White suit’ didn’t care about that much. When the man went near him, he offered him to take a seat beside him.

“The report is ready?” The ‘White suit’ said in almost whispering voice,

The man was still hesitating.

“Ah, yes, Sir. It’s ready,” He replied in the same voice as the ‘White Suit.’

“Did you deliver it to them yet?” He asked.

“No, Sir, not yet. But I don’t think this is right,” He said with trembling voice.

“Really?” He said in a mocking voice. “Then what is right? Hey, listen, don’t act smart with me, okay?” He said a rough voice.

“But, Sir...” The man tried to look at his eyes.

“You know you’ve sold yourself to me for two million. So, do as I say, without any words uttering.” He said in a cold voice.

The man robotically nodded his head.

“Good. Now give me the original reports.” He smiled.

“Sir, but if you’d think for once...” He tried for the last time

“Need the money for your daughter’s medical treatment or not?” A merciless threat came from him.

The man didn’t dare to say any word more. It was the question of his daughter’s life. His daughter, who was fighting with brain cancer, who was lying like a halfdead at the hospital, waiting for medical treatment. But those cruel doctors didn’t want her life, but the money first. The money, the most dangerous yet most wanted bunch of small paper pieces people need in their life.

Even a person like him who promised never to do wrong in life with anyone wasn’t also out of this need, nobody in the world is. Otherwise, why he would make a false report like this to ruin someone’s life? He didn’t know whose life he was going to ruin, which family was getting injustice for this one false report. But he had no other choice. He couldn’t help but feel anger toward this cruel world that is ruled by money and riches.

“Will you take a whole day for a single report to handover, huh?” The man in white yelled at him.

The other man let out a sigh and opened a bag he was carrying with him. He slowly brought a gray file from the bag and was handed to the ‘White Suit.’ The man in white almost snatched it from his hand. His eyes again glittered, but there was a shadow of the evil that was playing in his eyeballs. The other man was noticing everything. When the ‘White Suit’ hid the report file inside his suit, the other man gained enough courage and finally opened his mouth,

“My money?” His voice was trembling, not in fear of the ‘White Suit’ but in a shame of asking money like a cheap street beggar.

“Ah... Here’s your desired two million.” The ‘White Suit’ gave him a heavy black suitcase. “Take it and enjoy your life.” he smiled at him, showing off his golden teeth.

The man took the suitcase yet remained still on the bench. The ‘White Suit’ didn’t have much time to see his emotional drama. He had a lot more work to be done with. When the ‘White Suit’ completely disappeared from the scene, the man couldn’t hold himself. He burst into tears. He let out his pain, embarrassment, and anger through each of his teardrops.

Though, with more he was crying the more anger on this cruel world was increasing which he couldn’t resist. Outside the park, the ‘White Suit’ was walking to his Mercedes Benz. He was whistling with joy. Finally, he successfully did his job. Now there was only waiting for the fun.

“Ms. Saravi Hussain, your time is going to finish soon. Now just wait for it.” He whispered to himself, an evil smile crossed his face.

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