The S Girl

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Something Deep

In the midnight, Sara was finally off to her duty and got a chance to go home. James Morton had already started his official tortures on her. He gave her a mountain amount of paperwork which she needed to complete until the next morning. Two-third of them were finished by now and some more to go. Those paper works took her whole day. Mostly, were about the usual small cases. But none of them were related to that serial killer matter.

According to her Boss’s thinking, Saravi should not only look for one mission, but she should also need to take care of others as well. However, she knew very well, why James didn’t give her primary mission files. He wanted to give priority to Prince Rahman because he was the only pawn card he could play against Sara. That’s why he kept busy Sara with other works and took Prince into his office room to talk privately. They were practically together the whole day. In the office rooms, canteen, research facility, investigation sector and where not! They were looking like as if they both were some dear friends for so many years.

This Prince was a mysterious character to Sara. His secretive behavior sometimes confused her, and His distasteful attitude at Roger’s place was even more irritating. But was he doing these all because of his investigative instincts or he had some other intentions? Nothing seemed really clear to her. It was as if, everything in her surroundings had become mysterious all of a sudden. She was mostly thinking about the locked door and the locked dog mystery. Though, Prince had told her it was Mr. Roger’s dog. But she couldn’t agree with him somehow.

The reason was unknown to her. At first, it was the strange suicidal attempt of that so-called Niraj Kumar, though she was sure it wasn’t the real Niraj. Because she had seen him in the photo. But what was puzzling her more that why would someone kill himself like that even after telling a lie?

Did she do some mistake in assuming or something or someone was playing a big game with her? Besides, the groaning sound behind a locked door is another mystery. Though, it was entirely based on her strange feeling that something was not going right. Suddenly, a thought came to her mind, and she stopped the car. Then, she sharply U-turned her royal blue Toyota to the back road, cracking the way and rushing night.

“Joel, work fast. Search there well,” Aswan said. He was digging the ground with the shovel.

“Okay, mate. Let’s see if we find something here.” He got back to his search work.

“Huh, where have we come. Such a crappy place! They just sent us here to die,” Aswan said in disgust.

“Really, man. We are soon gonna die here someday. That Beast will swallow us alive; you’ll see, Aswan,” Hakim, also one of the diggers, joined the conversation

Annie was standing near. She heard their conversation. She came to them and yelled,

“Always trying to do hokey-pokey while working, huh? Do your job properly, okay? Otherwise, you will get a cut from your payments.”

Diggers fastened their working speed hearing the spy’s harsh words. Annie was one of those spies who was sent to Gulshan Lake Park for the search. This seemed a desperate search at this place where the police department searched for three times but failed. Who knew, a single evidence search will take their breath away like this.

Though Annie wasn’t alone, few other spies were working on the whole park. They were split into groups and searching the entire place with few diggers. She was near the park entrance area with her three diggers. Suddenly, she heard a roar of a car near the entrance. She became curious and went near the entrance gate. She saw a tall, beautiful girl coming to her with a greeting smile on her face. Annie ran to her.

“Saravi!” Annie said.

She got surprised to unexpectedly see her colleague and friend at that place.

“Just came to see how’s the work going,” Sara said, smiling at her.

“I still can’t believe you are here. I mean, you were coming here next month right?” Annie said.

“Yep, that’s right. But you know that before doing my investigation I like to do checking the places I’ll have to work on,” Sara said.

“You look tired, Sara.” Annie suddenly expressed in a worried voice.

“Nah, it’s just my face.” Sara smiled, trying to blow off the tiredness, however, Annie didn’t join her.

“Anyways, so, let’s get going inside.” She started to walk forward.

“Do you want me to join you, Sara?” Annie said from behind.

“No thanks, Miss. You have a job here, don’t you?” Sara replied with a smirk without looking back.

The Gulshan Lake Park was tremendous and beautiful. Its beauty shined at daylight. But when the night slowly started to fall it became more mysterious. Sara was walking between those big creepy trees and the lake. Under her feet, it was graveled which was making sounds as her feet were moving. With the noise of those big trees’ murmuring leaves and the gravelly way beside the lake, it increased the mysterious feel more. Bushes movement beside those trees only spiced up the feeling of thrill in the moonlit night.

The lake had a full and wide bridge to cross over. Sara walked there and stood in the middle of the bridge. She was standing near the railing and watching the environment. Sara was standing straight under the midnight moon, which was smiling with its half curvy shape. She was looking at the crystal clear water that was glittering in the moonlight. Then, she saw something. Something was in the water. Far away, that seemed small in size. That thing raised the head on the water, its black head was seen for a few moments. Then the thing dived again into the water.

It wasn’t a fish. It couldn’t be because fish don’t have hair. It had hairs on it, long and black, that was floating while it was above the water. Sara narrowed her eyes. She decided to look at the matter. Sara went down from the bridge and went to the sloppy area beside it, where the way led to the lake water. She took a step forward to go down. Then, she caught a sudden movement in the corner of her eyes, an unusual move inside the bushes. There was a natural blow of air to move the bushes but it was clear that something just recently crossed the bushes. The sound and structure’s shadowy movement wasn’t unclear to be seen, and Sara was sure of it. Sara turned back and stepped into the bushes.

“What exactly you want to play with me?” Sara thought of the shadowy being while moving to the trace.

Sara was almost near the bush. This part of the shrubby bush had a tree behind it. Sara had a feeling if something could be hiding there. She was very close to the bush and with each step, she took her heartbeat was beating fast. Sara almost prepared herself for the attack from the opposite. When she was about to cross the Bush and touch the tree, then suddenly a sound came to her ear.

“Ms. Hussain, what are you doing?” Someone said in a scream. At least it seemed like that, in that midnight, alone, big park.

The sound almost burst into her ear and stopped her immediately. She looked at the person. The person gave her a confused glance. It was Sonia, Sonia Ahsan. Another spy who was working here. Sara had thought that she was surely spying on her from somewhere. Otherwise, why she would come here and scream like a beast from her behind. Although, she could suspect it when a senior leveled spy paid an unwanted visit to her workplace and sneaked through the bushes.

Sara couldn’t blame her for that, but she agreed that she should have been more careful. Because, Sonia’s insane excited scream had ruined Sara’s plan to catch a suspicious object hidden behind the bushes and of course, it certainly wasn’t sitting there to get captured by Sara. Not even after being alerted so loudly like that. It had undoubtedly fled away. Sara was feeling way too much disgust and anger on Sonia. But she decided to be calm and collected.

“Nothing,” She said calmly and started to walk forward crossing the path with the confused spy.

But after walking a few steps, she stopped and looked back at her.

“Be cautious when working here. You don’t know what can crawl behind the darkness. Also, I hope you will make every worker alert further about the Beast.”

“They are already enough warned, Ms. Hussain. I don’t think I’ll have to remind them again. But, thank you for the suggestion.” Sonia looked at her with an innocent smile.

Sara looked at her for a few seconds. Then, grinned sarcastically.

“I’m not suggesting, I’m warning,” She said calmly, also keeping a cool touch in her voice.

Then she again turned her way and walked away from the place silently. Sonia remained standing there for some moment. She was confused and thinking what Sara doing at this time, near the bushes were. But Sara’s last words had made her shiver through her deep inside. She was feeling a strange fear in her. Though, she wasn’t sure if it was a fear of the Beast or just the reaction to those creepy word expressions.

Sonia waved her head heavily to throw out the gibberish thoughts of fear. She was a spy. She always had to stay prepared for every kind of situation. Sonia took a deep breath and turned back to her workplace. She didn’t find her senior spy anywhere again. Sara has probably left the park. Sonia left the lakeside.

Her work spot was near the lakeside. It was the place from where she saw Sara and followed her. Though the mistake was, she was hiding behind rough area, and when Sara was coming down from the bridge and looked at the bushes, she felt as if she had seen her. Then, she got excited about seeing Sara coming to her then that grave mistake happened. She screamed out loud, making a great night trembling sound.

“You are such a fool, Sonia,” She whispered to herself while remembering the incident.

She was working with a torchlight and searching the jungle side of the park. Sometimes, she was looking at the diggers and listening to other workers. Although, the sound of their conversation was in a low voice, in the midnight, even if a pin dropped on the floor it would have made enough loud noise. However, Sonia was busy in her job search. She was so busy that she didn’t realize how far she went away from her working spot and from her people.

When she finally realized, she was completely alone in the big park. Standing in the middle of a big open place with bushes and trees around and only sound of mild lake water afar was heard. She looked up and around to see where she came. This part of the park was really silent, and not a single worker or spy was seen near. She suddenly started to feel as if someone was overseeing her. She tried to shake off the thinking and turned back to go. Then she saw something went away quickly from the bushes. She narrowed her eyes.

Sonia touched her holster to feel the presence of the gun. She put out the gun in one hand and remained calm and quiet. That’s how she’s trained in facing the danger. Throwing out all the thinking of the head and keep the mind calm and relaxed for the quick reflex movement when the enemy comes to attack. She again saw the change on another side. But it didn’t hide it this time. It was standing there quietly. The seven feet tall, a thin shadow were covered with a fuzzy blanket. She pointed her gun, tipped it for the head shot.

“Your story is finished, Beast!” She whispered in the air.

Then, that thing, standing far away, looked at her. They both had an eye contact for the moment. She pressurized the finger on the trigger and when she fired, he jumped in unbelievable speed and ran into the jungle. It was like he was not jumping, but flying in the air. Sonia followed him with her quick run. They both were running on the forest side of the quiet park. There was not even the sound of crickets, but only two footsteps that were crushing the leaves on the ground in the midnight. The follower and the fugitive. Both were running faster with all their strength.

While running, once the Beast went down to a sloppy place that was leading to a dark underground cave. The area was covered with the thick roots of trees at the entrance. It was looking like a dead end with an obstacle of their thick and almost impassable roots. But those roots were not completely touching the ground. There was a very narrow place to crawl through. Though, that place seemed too small for an average person to enter.

The Beast smiled to see that obstacle, and without losing its speed, it rushed into the cave and quickly crawled through the tree roots like a pro. Then it got disappeared into the cave. But Sonia was also not the one who’ll let go the matter so quickly. She was slim enough to pass them. She also crawled through the roots. Those roots were very thick, and the passage was even narrower. Alleyway of roots was long enough than expected. Those rough and sharpened, hurting roots were taking away Sonia’s breath. But she held the patient until the end of the way. After some moment, finally, she was able to get out of that hell passage of roots and crawled out to breathe air.

The place she was standing was a narrow alley that led to a small cave. There was also a tree that seemed to be hidden inside the cave. She got amazed to see there could be such cave behind some edgy tree roots. No one would have thought to pass through them and come here. But she did it. She was the first to discover the place. But soon she got out of her amazement and put out her gun to search the Beast in the big wide cave. In that cavern area, there were also some trees to feel the natural environment.

The strangest thing was the lighting system in the cave. The cave roof was open, it was a moonlight that was giving the cave a light to see everything clearly. Sonia didn’t understand how an underground cave can have such natural lighting system where the whole park is filled with grass without any single hole in them. It was strange yet very beautiful. There were also some small passages like corridors in a house. There were rooms after each passage ends. But those rooms had nothing. But there was only one room that had a wooden chair. That cave chamber had nothing else there except that chair. The whole cave was like a cave house that was created as someone’s residence. Probably, it was that Beast’s hideout.

But there was neither any trace of the Beast nor she could find any other alternate way from where the Beast could get out from the cave. She searched the whole cave thoroughly. But unfortunately saw nothing. After searching for him for a while, she found a beautiful place. That place was round, much broad and open. The night sky was clearly seen from there. There was only one tree on the spot. She went near the tree and saw a strange shadow in a few steps ahead of her. It was a shadow made of moonlight and that large tree.

The tree was standing as an obstacle to the moonlight, and the shadow was oblique in direction. It could seem a regular shadow work except it had a meaningful design in it, a floral design. A flower in the middle surrounded by a flame. The flower was the shadow, and the flame was the moonlight. Though, there were some leaf shadows was trying to hide the design, but they had failed undoubtedly. Sonia looked at the tree to understand how a tree and moonlight can create such beautiful design on the ground! She found out that the leaves were shaped and cut in a very artistic way to create the design. In the daylight, the design might not be seen so clearly as in the moonlight.

“Amazing!” She gasped in wonder.

As she said the word suddenly everything around her started to get blur and her attention got centered on that shadow work. She slowly stepped forward to the floral design. With each step, her heart was beating fast for an unknown excitement. She dropped the gun on the ground. By the time, she forgot her surrounding, work, Beast and everything. She knew only one thing. She had to go near the design and stand inside the flower. Soon, she reached there and stepped inside the flower surrounded by the flame of moonlight. She felt like she was the queen of the flower and the fire. She smiled and closed her eyes. Then she slowly started to spin around the flower.

“I’m the queen of the flower. I’ll never leave the flower, never,” She whispered while spinning inside the flower.

While Sonia was spinning in happiness, a slow footstep was coming toward her, crushing the leaves. She heard the sound but ignored it. All her attention was only for the flower and the dream of being the queen of it. She was feeling flying higher and higher, weightless and flawless young girl. Nothing in the world could break her concentration at that moment.

The footstep was slowly coming near to Sonia with each of her spinnings. When he finally reached the target, all he did was just touch her forehead with its four thin, long fingers. That made her stop spinning, but not her illusion. She was still smiling, remained close her eyes. Then, those fingers came down from her forehead and placed them on Sonia’s nose. Sonia inhaled a sweet but very intense smell from those fingers.

It was enough for Sonia to become unconscious and fall down to the ground. Then that walking being came near her head and looked at her for a few seconds. Probably, to make sure if she actually fell asleep or not. When he got satisfied, he smiled with its curvy lips. Then, slowly took her in his arms, in those black arms that were covered with body fur like a blanket. Without wasting any more time, he ran away from there as fast as he could.

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