The S Girl

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The Game Has Started

“I hate this place so badly. A Big Park in Gulshan, huh? My foot! This filthy place even doesn’t have any proper toilet system. Yuck!” Joel said while zipping his pants.

Joel was having a washroom break at the finishing hours of his today’s schedule. He was very disturbed by the rumors and moreover, he was never interested in working here. Not even in the night time when there is a chance of life risk. But he was unfortunately dragged here like other diggers.

“One more hour to go and I’m out of this crap. Shit! This place has got my creeps. I’ll have to tell the senior officer to get me another workplace for the job but not this. I hella want to get out of here.” He said while walking.

He was going to attend to his work again. A few more bushes and trees, then there was his people waiting for him to join. Suddenly, he saw a shadow move away quickly from the bushes. He got scared to see that and fastened his walking speed. Just a few more steps, only a few, and then everything will be okay. While rushing to his workplace suddenly, he heard a voice calling him from behind. The voice seemed recognizable. It was one of the female spies.

“Oh, ma’am. You almost scared me.” Joel said in a relieved voice.

“Oh really! Am I that scary?” She stated with a slight hint of amusment.

“No, no. I have been just… Anyways, I’ll have to go to work, Ma’am, Good Night.” He turned around to leave.

“Wait! I need to show you something. I’ve seen some strange activities here. Everyone is acting so strangely, and I’m also… Not feeling well to walk alone. Will you join me?” An innocent request of a beautiful lady.

Joel didn’t think for a second and agreed to go with her. She gave her a beautiful smile in return. Then she walked forward and let Joel follow her. They came near the lakeside and stopped. The quiet lakeside was unprotected. No one was near that place. But Joel was curious what his Ma’am was going to show.

“What you wanted to show me, Ma’am?” Joel asked.

“It’s there, near the lake.” She pointed the finger at the lake.

“Where? I can’t see anything.” He said, he looked around the lake to find something.

“Just walk a little forward. It’s apparent to see. When I can see it, why can’t you?”

“Really ma’am, I can’t see anything.” He walked forward near the lake.

“But I can, Joel,” She said in a mysterious voice.

Joel became tensed. He looked back at her.

“Wh-what, Ma’am?” He said in slightly trembling voice.

She laughed loudly hearing him and slowly stepped forward to him. Joel was standing without any movement. He was confused. He didn’t know what that lady was going to do. She came very close to him and whispered slowly in his ear,

“You know what I’m seeing? I am seeing... the Death!” She smiled evilly.

Joel got stunned to listen to her. He tried to talk.

“What are you say…” He couldn’t finish his words.

Something cold and metallic got inserted into his abdomen. An intense pain flow ran through his flesh. That cold, metallic thing was going inside slowly. With each push, he felt as if a thunderbolt of high pain flow was just continuously running through his whole body. The burning of pain was increasing slowly as that wicked woman’s smile increased. Then, there was a sudden pull off and again another stabbing attack that was even more vigor. She pulled off the knife again. This time, slowly, to give him more pain. He grabbed his stomach, where he got stabbed with the knife. The woman stepped back with the smile. She smiled as if she enjoyed killing him.

A liquid blood line dropped from the knife. With that, Joel collapsed on the ground. With his intense sufferings for the next few minutes, finally, he had fallen into the deep sleep of death, for forever. That spy saw the whole scene till his death. Then, she looked at the left side, into those bushes she saw someone smiling at her. She returned the smile. Then, she silently went near the lake water. She looked at the knife once. Then, without thinking for a second, she threw it into the deep wavy water of the beautiful lake.

After finishing her job, she left the place, letting anyone unnoticed. Then, the one that was hiding in the bushes had come out. He went to the dead body and grabbed the jaw of dead Joel and torn it apart with a skull-cracking sound. Then, with the devilish joy, he laughed out, tearing apart the night. A furious, Satanic and evil laugh.

Sara woke up in a scream. She was sweating and shivering. Then touched her face to wipe away the sweats. She looked for the jug of water on her bedside table. She poured the water from the jug to directly inside her mouth. Then put it down back to its place and took a deep breath to calm her nerves down. It took her some moments to be stable and normal.

“Whoa! What a nightmare!” She said to herself.

She touched her chest to feel the heartbeat. she could still feel that chilling effect of the dream in her heart. She got up from the bed to open the room windows and the attached balcony to let in some fresh air. The cool breeze of the late midnight was relieving for her. Then, she looked behind to go back to sleep, and her eyes got stuck in the dressing table mirror.

It was broken, and a knife was hanging with it. Sara quickly went to the mirror. Something was hanging with the knife. A small white folded card. She pulled out the knife while thinking who could break the mirror with the knife. It surely wasn’t her parents, nor someone could enter through the closed window. Even if someone could have entered somehow, she would hear a sound of glass breaking. Then what it could be? All these thinkings were puzzling her.

She unfolded the card. There were only a few words were written in red color. But those words were significant.

The game has started

Sara looked at the card for a few moments. Trying to figure out the meaning, but couldn’t come to any certain conclusion. She didn’t know who has left the message, how or why. But she understood the depth of this message very clearly. She got slowly involved in a big game, and now this news just confirmed her participation. She felt this could be related to the road accident, she witnessed a few days ago. But the thing that confusing her was how these unexplained activities were related to her mission. However, these kinds of activities are not so rare for her, she had faced them earlier. Many years before, once, when she wasn’t today’s Spy Saravi Hussain.

“Shut up Saravi! This is not the time for flashback things.” She whisper-yelled at herself shaking her head.

She locked the door from inside very well and went to bed. Though, she knew very well rest of the night would be sleepless for her. But she didn’t know it’ll be restless for another person too. The person who was sneaking through her door and silently saw everything. Her father, Ravi Hussain.

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