The S Girl

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Just Want To Be Friends

“Come on Sara faster! You are getting slow down,” said, Ravi, while quick backflipping, defending himself.

“I’m already too fast. You watch out your grip,” Sara replied while punching him in his face.

She succeeded herself despite her father’s fast movement. After getting the hardcore punch, Ravi stopped for a second and spat out. He was breathing heavily.

“Nah! Not so cool, darling. You are shamelessly disappointing me, Sara,” He said with a smirk.

It was enough to provoke Sara to her extreme aggressiveness. Sara wasn’t leaving his father without making him pay now.

“Shamelessly disappointing, huh?” She said with her sarcasm. “Alright, then taste this!”

Suddenly, she gave a fast and vigorous kick to his father’s abdomen. But Ravi was prepared already, and he wasn’t the one to lose the battle. Ravi crossed his hands to defend. But Sara wasn’t about to stop. She continuously Kicked and punched him with all her strength. She wanted to see how long his father could defend himself.

Ravi was also trying to save himself from the attack and must say he was an expert, despite some unfortunate punch-kick he received from Sara. When defending was turning into boredom Ravi took his turn for the assault. After the last time of defending his face from the punch, he went backward and hit her face with his steady hand. Sara received the attack very brutally and bled from her nose. She touched her blood and then smiled at him.

“Well, hard enough! But too boring for me. Do you have something special for me today?” She said in a provocative voice.

“I always have unique gifts for you, my darling.” Ravi smiled at her.

Then he used his leg to perform his special attack form. He lifted up his leg, pretending he was going to kick but he didn’t. Instead, turned his body to 360 degrees and faced Sara again. With extreme speed, he lifted up his other leg and prepared to kick her face, but couldn’t succeed because Sara was counting his every movement sharply and when he was about to kick Sara swiftly flipped to the right and defended herself.

Ravi’s speedy kick didn’t go all in vain. It succeeded to destroy a massive, giant sculpture into pieces which were standing behind Sara. Ravi created that sculpture himself. One of his hardworking and favorite sculptures it was. Sara watched that thing to break and collapsed on the ground.

“What a kick! Splendid!” She sighed with a mocking smile. “So sad it missed the target.”

Ravi looked at those broken pieces for a few moments. He was quite expressionless. He just broke his most precious work by himself. That was the statue of a young woman. She was smiling with a sarcastic smile on her face. Strong and bold yet calm and beautiful girl. That figure was holding a special place in his heart. He was sad, but somehow he was glad too that it was just a statue, not his daughter herself. He sighed and then smiled. He looked up at his daughter, bringing back the provocative look on his face.

“What have you seen just yet, darling?” He gave her a challenging glance.

“What are you waiting for? Show your talent,” Sara smiled sarcastically.

She took her defensive position with hands, preparing herself for another attack.

Sara and Ravi went backward from each other without breaking their eye contact. Despite the presence of the giant statue, the room was big enough to go far from each other at a safe distance, but they were not going far from each other rather slowly coming closer to the subsequent destruction. When the distance was enough, then they both stopped. They looked at each other for the last a time before the final attack. Both breathed calmly.

Suddenly, ran toward each other with the full speed. They were running like two fireballs those are waiting to get blasted soon. Soon, they were close enough to collide, just a few feet away from the destruction.

“Oh. My. God!” A shrill scream tore through the room making both fireballs halt on their ways.

Sara and Ravi looked at the intruder with incredulous looks on their face. What in the world went wrong? Though, Sabrina, on the other hand, was literally breathing fire. Her warm light brown eyes now resembled the fury of a volcano. Father and daughter were still as clueless as ever.

“What’s the meaning of this!” Her accusing fingers pointed the broken statue.

The father-daughter duo shared a knowing look before they faced Sabrina who was glaring daggers at each of the guilties there. Even in her petite frame, she looked quite intimidating with both hands on hips and straight posture. Sara wondered if her mother would do better as a brooding school principle. She quickly shook the thought away.

“Yes, mom?”

“Don’t ‘yes mom’ me!” Sabrina snapped making both of them flinch.

“I left you two here to train and what you two do? You break my thing!”

Ravi cleared the throat, “My lady, well you see-”

“You, Ravi Hussain, don’t even talk! You are the elder here and you didn’t even stop her. Wait! First, tell me who ruined the statue.”

Sara, raise your hands.

You kidding, man?

I’m your father!

And, she’s my mother, well, both of ours at the moment. So deal with it!

Ravi sent Sara a death glare which she paid no heed.

“Well, if you two done mind talking then explain.” Sabrina crossed her arms.


Yes, darling?

Honesty is the best policy.

Don’t think that’s a better idea now.

Are you teaching me to lie? Not fair!

You are already a grown up, sweety. Besides, nothing’s fare in lo-

“Okay, change of plans,” Sabrina said in a surprisingly calm tone.

Sara furrowed her brows.

Not good.

Ravi didn’t reply this time.

“Since both of you were involved ruining my home... Clean this mess up.”

The perfectly orchestrated unison of angry groan filled the air.

After cleaning the mess, well, better say, bantering most of the time Sara could sit at the breakfast table with her family. Her mother smiled and talked chirpily with both of them as if nothing ever happened. She and Ravi didn’t mind though. It was always this way. They would laugh, banter, fight and again laugh. Sara smiled through the whole breakfast. After living with danger every day, she wouldn’t want to miss her little sanctuary. She named her apartment White Heaven for nothing.

Sara was walking through the road. She loved this place on her way home. Trees and bushes adorned both sides of the gravel road. Ray of sun peaked through the gap of the row of buildings. Her shoes crushed the dry leaves on the gravel road. Soft morning breeze touched her soul. She breathed in the air. There was a soft scent of Jasmine, henna, and lemon. A small smile adorned her face as she sighed. She couldn’t ask for a better morning.

But her relief didn’t last long. While walking, she saw some strange people were standing and talking to each other. By the rugged look on their familiar faces and an eerie aura they carried, it didn’t take Sara long to understand who they were. The infamous thugs of Big Boss. She saw some of them in the hotel. Sara muttered a curse.

At that moment she regretted not taking the car. But she had no way either. The car was lacking patrol oil. Now it was up to her to avoid them. She was getting late and an unnecessary fight was the last thing on her mind. So, she changed her way leaving the main road, she turned to a nearby narrow lane. Sara was lucky, those thugs didn’t notice her. But for how long could she avoid them.

When she was at the end of the lane, Sara thought she had avoided them safely. Imagine her surprise when she found another pair of the same thug group waiting beside the road for her. With her gracious bad luck, she found no other lanes or any other place to hide or stealth in that quiet empty place. She got no car with her so she could avoid the fight. That means she’ll have to pass through them and encounter the group.

“Looks like this morning will start with a show. Oh, joy!” She said to herself.

She took a deep breath and stepped forward. She was walking confidently on the road crossing the group. Thugs saw their target walking on the street. They started to follow her. Sara saw them coming behind her but ignored as if she never saw them. She walked in her regular walking. She was calm and patient, but her thug friends were not like her. They walked fast and came forward crossing her. They were looking at her with much anger as if they would burn her with their looks. Sara looked at each of them with much calm and soft glance, keeping her signature charming smile on face.

Her calm and collected attitude wasn’t lessening their anger but increasing. It was she who sent their most devoted leader inside of the jail. How could they bear the loss without punishing her? That confident and calm face was annoying to them. They were already suffering from the lack of the leader; now it’s time to work out and take revenge. Without any further delay, they brought out the knives from their pockets and took their attacking position. Another group she left behind suddenly showed up at the scene. Now they were many counting the Sara alone and only one.

They placed themselves in a circle, keeping Sara in the middle and then slowly coming closer. All of them were armed and vigorous, but nothing seemed touched Sara’s expression. She remained silent, and let them come close to her. When they were close enough to her, she gave them her effective sarcastic smile. She dropped her side bag on the ground. With that, suddenly, the hell rose in the middle of the road. Before they could understand or do anything, they saw a sudden, swift and speedy sparkle attacked them in the blink of their eyes.

She started from her left and then without stopping she just danced with her actions. She punched, she kicked, she flipped, she flew, she dropped and rose. Those armed boys remained stunned and suffered from the intense amount of attack done by one single girl. They knew she was fast and swift, but she could dance with her stunts! That was unknown to them. Within just half an hour Sara made all of them taste the dust.

“Good morning, guys. Have a wonderful day,” She said with her beautiful smile while rubbing off the dust from her hands.

Then she took her bag from the ground and calmly walked away from the place leaving a bunch of thugs with their bruised selves.

Sara was waiting for a bus at the bus stop. It was already late, and the bus was getting more late to arrive as it used to do all the time. Surprisingly, it took longer than usual today.

“Did the driver fall asleep drunk?” Sara said, annoyed.

She saw a car was coming toward her. A known Mercedes Benz. It stopped right in front of her, and without any formalities, the front door of the passenger side opened for her. The person sitting in the driver’s seat smiled at her and gave her finger gestures to get in. Sara gave him a glance of annoyance and then got in the car. Then the car started to run.

Sara was looking outside the window. She seemed no interest in the person sitting beside her. But the person was often looking at her and smiling. The quiet environment was not so pleasant for Prince, so he started to talk first.

“Mood off for something?” He asked.

“Nope,” She replied absently. She was still looking outside.

“Why so calm?” He said while pulling off the gear lever.

Sara shrugged before looking at him.

“You are late today, Mr. Rahman.”

Prince smiled.

“Yeah, but, I’m not the only one.”

Sara nodded.

“I hate being late. But can’t help it sometimes.”

Prince hummed. “I heard the authority is quite displeased with the matter.”

“Who cares about this authority? They just do orders and want their job done. It’s all just professional.”

“Professionalism required punctuality, Ms. Hussain.”

Sara smirked. “And, here’s the guy who’s late on his first day. How professional!”

“I’m just stating the facts, Ms. Hussain. I mean no offense.”

Sara just chuckled and looked back outside. A few moments of silence was a blessing for both of them.

Prince glanced at Sara and noticed the bruised arms.“You’re hurt? These scratches-”

“None of your concern,” Sara snapped.

The last thing she wanted was to let him know about the fight she had on the road and hear his sympathies. Prince looked away from her and concentrated on driving. Some moment passed the silence again. Then again Prince started the conversation.

“Ms. Hussain, Can I… call you Saravi?” He threw the bomb in the car.

His blunt question took Sara off the guard. She looked at him in an instance, surprised.

“I don’t understand Mr. Rahman, why are you so eager to call me by my nickname like that?” Sara asked calmly.

“And what’s your problem to let me call you?” He suddenly snapped which made her brows furrow.

“Mr. Rahman?”

Prince sighed.

Not going well.

Sara heard him but kept her mouth shut.

“Look, I just want friendship with you, okay? That’s all,” He answered rather roughly.

“Just friendship. Really?” She said.

“Why? Never heard of or seen a friendship between two colleagues? Why I can’t have one with you?” He stated in a calm voice, though there was a slight hint of anger there.

Sara laughed at his statement.

“What’s so funny?” He said in annoyance.

“Are you sure you want my friendship?” She calmly replied.

“Was I babbling to a wall from the beginning, Ms. Hussain?” He said coldly to her.

“It’ll cost you.”

“How much?”

Sara sighed. “Look, Mr. Prince, the profession we are in, I hope you understand the value of loyalty and secrecy. For me, friendship needs a strong base of trust. So, I choose my friends wisely. I only befriend those who I trust as I don’t take backstabbing and backstabbers lightly. Hope you understand my point.”

“Don’t you trust me?” Prince asked abruptly.

“No, I don’t.” was her answer.

There was a long pause of shock.

“What then?” Prince gasped out after three minutes.

“Well, if you want my friendship, make me trust you. If you succeed, I’ll agree with the friendship relation. If not, never mention it again. I hope I’m clear to you,” She said in a cold voice.

Prince listened to her. He looked at her for some moment.

“Absolutely. Clear like a mirror,” He softly replied.

Sara nodded slightly and smiled. Then she looked away from him like before. Sara was entering the office, alone. Prince went to park his car. She heard some staffs whispering. She ignored them and went inside. She found more people standing in pairs and whisper.

Something’s fishy.

She thought while walking.

She entered the corridor and found Arup coming from the opposite side.

“Hey, Sara! How’s going?” He asked in his cheerful voice.

“What happened Arup? Why everyone is busy discussing something?” She asked.

“You don’t know? One worker had died last night at the Gulshan Park.”


Sara couldn’t believe her nightmare will come into reality like this. But she wanted to confirm her fears first. So, she let Arup continue.

“Yes, someone stabbed him in the stomach and ran away. The knife is also missing.”

Sara thought of something. She said,

“Have you seen the dead body?”

“All of us saw that.”

Sara couldn’t hold her excitement more.

“Where did you find the body? Near the lake? Was his jaw torn apart?”

“Yeah, exactly. But how do you know that?”

Sara didn’t answer him. She absently passed away thinking something. Arup looked at her in the confusion for some moment and then slowly walked on his way.

The dream, the murder, that worker, knife, stab, that unknown woman and… that thing. Gosh! The incident was real! That message was a sign of that. But how is that possible? How can these things be so connected? Strange! Sara thought while walking toward her room.

She entered her room and closed the door. Then she put down her bag on the table and then thought of that file ‘Operation Blacklists,’ her first clue to this serial murder case. She went near the desk drawer where she kept her file. The drawer had an electronic password. Most of the drawers and cabinets in the rooms of this office had such kind of passwords for each. Sara knew about that. But she was only to know her room passwords but no one else, just like all other employees.

Sara entered the passcode of that drawer and opened it. Then she looked for the file. Strangely the file wasn’t there. She got surprised. She knew the file should be there, but it wasn’t. She gave a second thought of keeping it somewhere else. She searched every drawer in the room. She also searched the desk, including the wastebasket even after knowing well it won’t be there.

No, the file was nowhere in this room. It was missing. But a very protective file can’t get missing by itself all of a sudden. That’s impossible. Then, it means someone has stolen it. Someone knew about the record book. Someone came into the room, entered the password and then took the file. But she didn’t mention about the file to anyone.

“Well, someone has stolen my data, and he also knows the passwords. But who could...” Her eyes sparkled seeing an object.

Her eyes got stuck on the CC TV Camera in the room. It was hanging broken in the wall.

“Oh great! Spying on a spy’s room, huh?” Sara narrowed her eyes. “It seems like this one is one of the fishes living in this water. A smart one.” She hummed.

Sara heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” She said.

She saw a tall, manly, suited form entered the room.

“Hello, again, Ms. Hussain. Came to disturb you a bit. Hope you were not expecting me?” Prince said sarcastically.

“Not a bit, but welcome.” She smiled in return.

Prince entered the room and gave a glance to the whole room and saw the clumsiness in Sara’s forever tidy room. Cabinets and drawers were open. Files and papers scattered around the entire office room and Sara was standing in the middle of the mess. Though it was his first entry into Sara’s room, he felt that something was not right.

“Anything wrong Ms. Hussain?” He looked at her.

“Nothing. Just doing a regular room tidying up. But what’s up to you?”

“Ah, actually, I came here to tell you that you are going to meet her finally.” Prince smiled mysteriously.

Sara narrowed her eyes.


“Guess it?”

“Lucy, right?”

“You are brilliant.”

“Thanks, but why me? Why not us?”

“I have some kinds of stuff to do here. So...”

“What else is your job here except for solving the murder case?”

“I have to meet Mr. Morton in urgent. We need to discuss the case in private. It’s a very crucial meeting so I’m sorry, Ms. Hussain, I can’t allow you there at the moment.”

“A meeting about the case and I’m not even informed! What kind of funny joke is this, Mr. Rahman?”

Prince pressed his lips tight.

“You know what’s your position in the organization, Ms. Hussain and I hope you’ll understand that’s why you are to be less involved in it.”

Sara fisted her hands.

“Less involved? I, being the spy in charge, is less important for this thing? Wow! That’s gold.”

“I know you are angry, but I can’t do anything against the leader’s decision. Now, I think you should go and meet Lucy. We’re already getting late,” He smiled.

Sara glared dagger at him for a whole two minutes. Next, She huffed.

“Fine! I’m leaving,” She said in a cold voice.

Sara sighed and stepped towards the door. She touched the doorknob but stopped for a moment. She looked back and saw Prince looking at her with his big wondering eyes.

“I have a question. Even yesterday you were insisting to not go to Lucy’s place. What changed?” Sara asked.

Prince gave her a charming smile in reply.

“Well, Ms. Hussain, why not take it as the first step to our friendship?”

Friendship my ass!

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