The S Girl

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Hidden Truth

Lucy heard the sound of calling bell at the door. She was reading a book in the living room. She put down the book on the table and got up. The calling bell was impatiently ringing.

“Coming, coming.” She said while rushing to the door.

She reached the door and opened it. She saw a young man standing there.


“Ah, is this Lucy Avasti’s home?” He asked.

“I’m Lucy Avasti. Tell me how can I help you?”

“Hello, I’m John. I’m a newcomer to this residential area. Actually, I want to buy an apartment here. So, I came to check in for the rooms and the facilities of the apartments of the building.”

“I see. But you could also check the vacant apartments on the above floors.”

“Yes, but the rooms are under renovations, so the manager told me to check other apartments. So…”

“Alright then, come in.” She stepped aside to let him come.

He came inside and looked at the whole room. The living room was quite large and open. It was bright and colorful with well air-conditioned. He checked other places with Lucy. Those rooms were luxurious enough for a standard wealthy family. Along with the apartment check-in, he came to know about Lucy. She was one of the open-minded people who could spill out her entire life in front of anyone without caring the fact that he or she could take advantage of the information she was giving. She lived alone in that big apartment. Her parents are dead since last ten years. She worked in the famous Roger’s Group of Industries as Daniel Roger’s secretary. Daniel Roger was also the father of her dearest friend Anita who has died recently.

“I miss Anita so much. She was a major part of my life. I don’t think I can ever fill up her place. She didn’t deserve to die like that at such young age,” Lucy said, wiping away her tears.

“I understand your loss. I hope you will overcome the shock soon.” He touched her shoulder in condolence.

Lucy nodded in silence. She didn’t want to cry in front of a stranger but tears wouldn’t just listen to her.

“Well, I’ve to go now. I need to see other apartments too. By the way, you have a lovely apartment. I might think about to stay here one day.” John said with a soft smile.

“Hoping that too. Well, then, let’s go out now.”

“Sure.” John smiled.

They went to the main door and Lucy bid farewell him with a handshake. Then the apartment door got closed. John started to walk through the corridor. He touched his chest pocket and brought out a small device containing a single button. He looked at it and smiled mysteriously. Then put it back inside his blue shirt and fastened his walking speed.

“Ravi, I’m leaving now. I’ve prepared your lunch and dinner. Eat them in time. Your watch and handkerchief are on the bedside table. Use clothes from the closet and don’t dare to touch the ironed ones. Finally, don’t forget my words in the business of work just like your daughter, okay? I’ll check you.” said Sabrina, while walking toward the main door of her house.

Ravi accompanied her on the way.

“Ok, Madam! I will listen to your every word like an obedient student, happy?” Ravi said in a mocking voice.

When they reached the door, Ravi leaned back on the left side of the door crossing his arms.

“Yeah, I know how much you listen to me. You and Saravi always keep me tensed about you guys.”

“I don’t listen to you?” Ravi showed a fake shocked face which made Sabrina smile.



“Yes, it’s true.”



“You know what?”


“You’ve grown old.”

“What! How can you say this? I’m still fit and active. Not like you, Mr. Oldy Bear.”

“Ha! I’m anything but old. You see this face and these muscles? If I want I still can make many men jealous and women drool over me”

Sabrina crossed her arms in challenging motion.

“Oh, Really? Then what do you think I am doing here, Mister? Listen up, if any woman, I mean any woman oggled you with their eyes, I’m just gonna pluck them out. I mean it, Ravi Hussain!”

“Woah! Now that’s the feisty woman I fell in love with years ago. No wonder Sara got that stubborn attitude along with your silky black hair.”

“And what about those dark brown orbs she got with that immense strength, hmm?” She said touching his cheek.

“Those are just because of the training.” Ravi shrugged.

Sabrina shook her head and smile. “No training can perfect what she already got by nature.”

“You are right!” Ravi smiled along with her. “Well, um, Sabrina, what if someday she gets involved in some job like this,”

“Like what?”

“Ah, Something like...a job of... spy, detective, and things like that?”

“Ravi, if it’s a joke then okay but in reality, I can’t accept it, you know that.”

“Why Sabrina? What’s wrong with the job? Some people do these kinds of things, right?”

“Maybe they do. But I can’t push her to danger like this.”

“What if she wants this?”

“She won’t, Ravi, I know her. Besides, she’s happy being an architect. You can also see this. I don’t think there will be any need of this in future.”

Ravi looked away from her in ignorance.

“You know why I do this, Ravi. You know what happened years ago. You shouldn’t be arguing with me about that,” Sabrina said calmly.

“I don’t care about the past thing. I live in present and trust in future, that’s all. If one day my daughter wants to something like this and someone wants to stop her, I won’t allow that Sabrina and I mean it.”

Ravi wanted so much to tell his wife about their daughter’s real job but he couldn’t. He and Sara didn’t want to hurt her feelings and trust toward their family. But he also couldn’t let his daughter be the same as him in the past. His motive was to let Sara do what she wants, even if for that he’d have to pay the price for betraying his beloved Sabrina, he had no option but to be ready to do it. He’ll eventually face the day when Sabrina will know the truth and he’d have to see her get shattered with the pain of betrayal which already made him shiver. He couldn’t help but think how he will be able to stand before his wife that day.

“Oh, come on, you are getting serious about nothing,” Sabrina told him.

“Anything won’t ever happen like this. We are happy, and we will be happy like this forever. Saravi will never get in touch with any danger, I’m telling you. Well, okay, so, I’ve got to go. Goodbye, my loving husband.” She quickly hugged Ravi and went out.

After Sabrina had gone, Ravi closed the door and looked at the staircase, at upward. Then he went up the stairs and walked toward Sara’s room. He opened the door and entered. Then, closed it from inside. He looked at the whole room. Although he knew the place very well.

Her bedroom was large with a contrast of three colors. The royal blue, snow white, and midnight black, all of which were her favorite colors. The walls were textured in all white. The floor was already white tiled. Only a large, oval-shaped blue carpet underneath the bed added its glory by staying in the middle of the room. The modern round bed was in the middle of the front wall with four blue pillows, with a white duvet and bed sheet.

On her headboard wall was slick black floral. A black tv-case with a big plasma TV was working like a black mirror in front of the bed. To the right of the bed wall Sara’s favorite glass-door balcony. Just beside the bed were washroom and an attached walk-in closet. On the left side of the bed was Sara’s dressing table and ceiling to floor black wardrobe that almost covered the wall. Unlike all other rooms of the complex, Sara designed hers with exceptional care. Though, apart from the modern architectural design, no one would tell that this room had secrets, very special ones at that.

Ravi started to search Sara’s room. He searched her bed, drawers, cushions, and cupboard but found nothing. Then he went to the dressing table and checked the behind of it. The mirror was broken, seemed like someone used a knife to cut it. He went to the dressing table and found a switch there. Hidden, attached to the wall and almost invisible switch. He pushed the dressing table aside to reach the switch. Then, he touched the switch, and thousands of red beams covered the whole room.

“Now that’s like a spy’s bedroom!”

Those beams worked as a secret code. This was designed as an attachment to a secret room inside the main bedroom. Sara designed the structure of the system and its implementation. Those beams were harmless in general, and they transformed into white when they get the interaction with a finger. The right way to enter the correct code is to touch them in the right order. If someone fails to match the correct code by any chance, beams become red again, and this time it becomes dangerous that can burn the inside organs of human body, which means the inevitable death of the person, without any warning.

Ravi walked between the rays. Luckily, he knew the right code. He saw Sara sometimes use this when she needed to keep her secrets hidden. She never told about the system to anyone. Not even her parents. Ravi accidentally discovered them. Once, Sara had raised her suspicion toward her to him the day when unexpectedly witnessed those red beams covering her room. Her door wasn’t locked at that time and Ravi sneaked into her room to find her matching the code. After she matched the code, suddenly Ravi saw her body stiffened. Ravi knew she had sensed something. Then he quickly went away from the room and noticed Sara locked the door.

However, Ravi can keep an eye on people through his strange mind-vision. He could see the present happenings around a certain person he wanted to look over. He used his abilities to only find the correct code of the beam, unfortunately. He never had the chance to completely see what she did with those beams.

Ravi entered the code and all the beams disappeared with a beep sound. Ravi heard the beep for three-times, from different locations of the room.

“Now, it’s getting fun!” Ravi whistled in the air.

He again searched the whole room. He was mainly looking at the walls because he guessed that maybe Sara could keep her answers in switches hidden in the solid walls. Soon, he found out those three invisible switches. It was difficult but not impossible. By pressing those switches one by one, Ravi heard a sound of door sliding. He saw a staircase was coming down from the ceiling near the balcony.

“Finally!” Ravi stepped toward the staircase.

He went upward and saw a closed room. It required an electronic digit password to open.

“Really? Password?” Ravi said with an annoyed gesture.

There was no way now except to give up because it was Sara’s password and she was not a fool to keep her password inside her room when she has her working brain with sufficient storage and memories. Being helpless Ravi has only one way left to bypass the obstacle of the password. He would hate the way for thousand times as he hated it while doing it. But the feeling of being helpless is more disgusting. He decided to do that finally. He closed his eyes for some moment. While remaining his eyes closed, he touched the door and slightly pushed it. The door opened immediately.

“It worked? Even after all these years without even any practice? Unexpected!” He said while watching the open door in front of him.

Without any need for the password, he finally entered the room. It was bright with a window light. The room was vast and spacious enough. Though, papers, books, files and other kinds of stuff was covering the most parts of the attic. They were arranged in one row of shelves. Ravi looked at the room and then suddenly chuckled out.

“So, this is the secret room. Well, quite important I see,” He said sarcastically.

He walked into the room and checked the files and papers. Most of them were the unsolved and mysterious case files which Sara worked on for years. Some were containing extraordinary evidence of numerous murder cases which if by chance get leaked once then it can create problems for many people from low to high society people including those who are famous businessmen, politicians, deputy magistrate, and many other prominent personalities. Ravi was looking at them for long times thinking how many dirty secrets these individuals can hide from people. The persons whom the public respects and often dependent on them. He knew Sara used them to manipulate them and solve the cases. She collected them from God knows where and how. He was, somewhat, feeling proud of her daughter to become so responsible and efficient to her works.

“Wish I could tell you about these things, Sabrina. How much passionate our daughter is for her job!” Ravi thought.

Then his eyes caught a thing. It was lying on a pile of papers. A knife and a card beside it. He was finding these things from the first. He thought he can find them here but wasn’t so sure enough. He went there and picked up the knife. He looked at it carefully. It was the similar knife he saw last night. Then he took the card and read it.

“The game has started? What does that mean?” He muttered.

“What are you hiding, Sara?” He narrowed his eyes.

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