The S Girl

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Lies, Confusion, Consequence

“Oh, why on earth this God damn traffic takes so long!” Sara huffed as she beeped the car for the nth time.

She was sitting in her car and driving toward Lucy’s apartment with full speed. She crossed the road area and headed toward the residential area. People outside the car just saw a Ferrari like speedy car passed them with a superwind blow and spreading mud at their clothes. They yelled at her. But Sara had no interest in them. She just wanted to reach her destination anyhow.

Soon Sara saw the desired residential building. She increased her speed and turned a sharp right turn towards the gate then slowed down her speed coming near the ground floor garage and then parked her car in the garage and then went out of the car. While Sara was heading toward the elevator, she noticed the gateman was watching her with wondering eyes. She sweetly smiled at him.

“Name’s Saravi Hussain.”

Then she turned forward.

“Registry, ma’am?” He asked from behind.

“Later,” Sara replied without looking back.

Then she walked forward and went on her way. Sara stepped into the elevator she saw a person in the white coat and white hat crossed her. He was coming out of the elevator. He seemed to hide his face from her. Sara paid little attention to his way. He was another man in the crowd. She went on her work.

“Coming, coming. Gosh! So many calling bells in one morning.” Lucy opened the door.

She saw a girl smiling down at her, unknown.


“I’m Saravi Hussain, from R.A.G.E Organisation. We are investigating Anita’s murder case.”

“Oh yes, please come.” Lucy stepped aside to let her enter.

Sara came inside. Then they both went to the living room and sat down.

“So tell me, what’d you like to take? Coffee or tea?” Lucy asked.

“No thanks. I wanted to talk to you about Anita and your birthday party.” Sara was straightforward.

“Go ahead, Ms. Hussain. I’m talking.” She softly said.

“I heard that Anita got out of the party crying. What happened that night?”

“Ah that night, I saw Anita a bit depressed. I don’t know the exact reason, but I guess it’s for Robert. He was the one supposed to escort her to the party.”

“Who’s Robert?”

“Mr. Roger didn’t tell you?”

“Why? Who was he? Her boyfriend?”

“Nope. Not a boyfriend exactly. Robert Sullivan, he was Anita’s fiancé.”

“Amazing! Another Alzheimer hidden truth. Great!” Sara thought sarcastically.

“Tell me more about him.”

“I don’t know much about him. Anita never said more than his name and his strange life. As long as I am aware, he is also a diamond merchant. Robert does big deals on the Diamond in the market. He lives in the southern part of the country in an ordinary village. Anita never gave me his exact address I don’t know why. He is an orphan and lives a regular village life despite being making millions, that’s all I know about his personal life. I don’t even know how Anita met him. I didn’t meet him much often but less. however, I know him from 6 months from the first meet. Though, even after rarely seeing him in these long time, I can say he’s a nice guy.”

Lucy continued,

“I don’t know why he didn’t come. He’s missing since the day Anita got murdered. No one ever has seen him anymore. Anyways, so that night when she was crying she was talking very rudely with her father. She was telling him that she’d tell the whole world everything. She’d ruin his life because he ruined hers. He betrayed her and played with her emotions and many things like that.”

Impressive! Sara thought.

“Did you hear anything about what thing she was about to tell the whole world?” Sara asked.

“No, I didn’t. In fact, before I could ask she left the party with much anger and frustration. But yes, she mentioned that Mr. Roger would have to pay for what he did. I wonder why?”

“You two were best friends, right? then, didn’t she share anything about her feelings?”

“She was my best friend, yes, but she never liked to talk about her parents or her career. When it came to her mother, she was even more silent.”

“What exactly happened to her mother?” Sara crossed her arms.

“Guess what, Mr. Roger didn’t say anything to you, huh?”

“Just tell me.” Sara calmly said.

“Well, her mother died by drowning in the lake.

“Eaten by the water monsters I guess?” Sara played with her words.

Lucy gave her a surprised look as if Sara had told her a strange thing.

“What! No! Anita’s mother did die because of the lack of oxygen, but that lake has no... monster or any kind of monstrous being, as far as I'm concerned.”

Finally! The last piece of cake has revealed.

Sara smiled at her thought.

“One last thing, you worked as his secretary, right? So, you surely should have known about his habits and other stuff.”

“Yes, I’ve been working for him since 2013. But, I know him from more earlier since Anita was my school friend and to be honest, Mr. Roger’s a nice person. I haven’t seen such a polite and responsible man like him anywhere.”

“I’ve heard he has a problem with memory, something like Alzheimer?”

Lucy looked at her for a couple of minutes and then suddenly chuckled at her. Sara narrowed her eyes to see her reactions.

“My words seem a joke to you, Ms. Avasti?”

“It is a joke, Ms. Hussain. You really know how to make people laugh.” She was still laughing.

“Oh really! How?” She said in a rough edge in her voice.

“I’m so sorry, really. I shouldn’t be laughing like this, but Mr. Roger and Alzheimer? Who told you that? He’s completely fit and fine.”

She said as she smiled.

“I want this discussion to be very confidential Mr. Prince,” said Mr. Morton.

“Sure, Mr. Morton. No one will be informed of the slightest of this discussion. Please be assured.” Mr. Prince smiled.

They both were sitting in James Morton’s office. The door is tightly closed. CCTV Cameras were deactivated for this office room. The whole place was safe and secured for a confidential conversation.

“You may go now, Mr. Prince. I have some works to do,” James said.

Prince nodded and went to the door. But he stopped and looked back.

“Mr. Morton?”

“Yes, Mr. Prince.”

“Can we inform something about this discussion to Ms. Huss…”

“No! No one means no one. Am I clear to you?” He said roughly.

Prince hesitantly nodded and got out of the room. After his leave, Morton was looking at the thing with much attention which he received this morning.

This will help me very much in the investigation. He smiled with satisfaction.

But his smile didn’t last long. Without any formalities, someone opened the office door and rushed inside. James looked at the person and immediately hid the thing under the desk and lifted hands upon the table. He was faster but not enough to hide from those eyes.

“What were you hiding, Mr. Morton?” Saravi asked as she stepped into the office.

“Where are your manners, Ms. Hussain?”

“Right now my question is more important than some stupid formalities. Now tell me what were you hiding under the desk and what is this new drama?”

“You can’t ask your boss like this. First, have some manners then talk to me.”

“Really? Well, I’m sorry, but I have no time for this. Now, will you tell me what is so confidential between you and that Prince Rahman? You talk to him about the case and without me, even after knowing that I’m also actively involved in here, great!”

“You seem jealous.” He smirked.

“Don’t try to change the topic. Answer my questions.”

“I’m not bound to answer you, Ms. Hussain. So, I won’t.”

“Really? Do you really think you aren’t bound to answer? Maybe not to me but you are, Mr. Morton. You are bound to answer the public and the families of the victims. What would you say to them if... someone stops delivering you the progress report on the case?” Sara slightly played with the words.

Mr. Morton narrowed his eyes.

“Blackmailing me?”

Sara laughed humorlessly.

“No, Mr. Smartass. I’m not doing any black or white mailing to you... yet. I’m just saying for your own good. You are an experienced man. You know how to do the job, and so do I.” Sara said crossing her arms.

James leaned back in the chair and listened attentively. Sara continued,

“If you have thought that you can finish the task by passing me aside then let me tell you, you are going to be a big fool here.”

“I know what I’m doing, and I don’t need you.”

“Let me finish!” She raised her hand to stop him.

The nerve of this woman!

Morton was furious at her audacity. If he wanted this girl could be fired by now. But something in his instincts was telling him that this smart-mouth of a woman would come in handy in handling the case. So, he suppressed the urge to yell ‘fired’. He let her continue.

“This case has a very deep root. You think that Mr. Rahman is already servicing you with his life. He maybe is, but he is also a great hideous personality, in my opinion. So, before trusting his plans, please do think at least twice.”

“I appointed him, so I’m the person who should know him better. I don’t need your advice to learn how to solve a murder case like this, and you? You are talking about Mr. Prince! Do you know how much educated and qualified he is?”

Sara looked at him and laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” Mr. Morton asked in disgust.

Sara stopped her laughter and said,

“I’m listening to this joke since yesterday.”

Morton narrowed his eyes, “What's a joke to you?”

“Leave it. Just listen carefully. Do you want to hide things from me? Fine, hide them. But, remember whatever you are doing is at your own risk. You won’t get any single chance to recover from your mistakes after you do your errors.”

Mr. Morton chuckled humorlessly,

“I’m not scared of your boogeyman, Ms. Hussain. Do whatever you like. You can’t stop me.”

“Well then, I won’t even care to stop you as I don’t care about you. But never say that I didn’t warn you. Anyways, I’m here to tell you that I’m leaving for Chittagong. I’ve sent an email to you. Check it and approve quickly... please.” She emphasized the last word in a much official manner as she thought of showing him some of the leftover respect she had for him.

“Why leave so sudden and in the middle of work?”

“To dig out an old grave.” She smirked.

“Good morning, Sir. We’ve received the postmortem reports today,” said the constable.

Officer Ronal was writing something in the paper. He stopped and paid attention to the constable. Constable gave him a blue file.

“Let me see.” He took the file from his hand.

“The report says that the victim didn’t get killed by the murderer at first attack. The killer possibly snatched the knife from him, then tear his body parts. Then finally forcefully cut his throat. ”

“Hm…It says so. Did you figure out who is the victim?”

“His identification is still unknown. But it’s sure that he had a connection with the underworld. Because the knife that was used to stab him belonged to him before the murder, and after analyzing the knife we found that it has a snake symbol on it. These kinds of symbols are used by the most protected and dangerous undercover city gangs in the crime world. But in which group he belonged, we are still finding that out. However, we also got his fingerprints and the murderer’s.”

“Did you match the murderer’s fingerprint?”

The constable seemed hesitated a little.

“Sir... yes, we’ve matched it. But...”

“Very good! Let me see the results.”

Constable handed him another file. Ronal took it and opened. The report results were quite shocking for him.

“What!” He almost screamed in excitement.

The constable knew this was going to happen. He was just preparing himself for the moment.

“I can’t believe it! We’ve got the killer. We’ve found her!”

“Sir, I don’t think she can do the murder. Maybe there’s something wrong. She’s not like that after all.”

“Really? So, the reports are saying wrong, then? And she? She has done hundreds and thousands of murders and murder attempts before.”

“But, Sir, those were for the self-defense. Nothing was intentional.”

“Exactly, self-defense and that’s the excuse she had been using for all the time. Now, I’ll see what excuse she use this time to hide her crime and you, come on, the truth is in front of you, and she’s the murderer, that’s it!”

Constable looked down. Ronal looked at him and calmly said,

“I know it’s hard to accept, but it’s her. Still can’t believe she’s the one from that R.A.G.E Organization, Ms. Saravi Hussain! Well, just be quick; we have to arrest her.” He stood up and took his police cap, putting it on his head.

Then he walked away from the room with hurried footsteps. The constable looked at his way. He sighed out secretly and then followed him.

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