The S Girl

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Chase Begins

“Hello, Dad.”

“Sara, what happened? You are calling so early!”

“I’m leaving for Chittagong.”


“I may need a few days to come back.”

“But why?”

“It’s urgent, Dad. Can't tell more”



“What is this The game has started thing? What are you doing Sara? Tell me!”

The other side remained quiet for some moments. Sara spoke out calmly,

“I’m heading to the train station, Dad. Tell mom about it. Bye now.”

“Saravi listen, Sara…”

The connection was cut off from the other side.

Ravi put down the telephone absently.

“What are you hiding Saravi? What are doing? Please don’t do anything wrong. Don’t push yourself more in danger. I couldn’t handle the consequences of it.”

Ravi sighed out as he picked up the telephone and dialed his wife’s number.

“We want to meet Saravi Hussain,” said Officer Ronal, he was standing at the reception counter.

“But she just left the office,” said the receptionist.

“Where?” He asked.

“I don’t know. You may request Mr. James Morton. He’s the Branch Director here,” the receptionist replied.

“Talk to him, Quick!” Officer Ronal ordered him rudely.

The receptionist seemed tensed for their behavior. He quickly said,

“One second, please.”

The receptionist called James Morton. After a few moments of chat, he told the police officer that they could meet Mr. Morton. Then he told them his office location.

“Come on!” He looked back and said to his police team.

Then he ran fast toward Morton’s office. The rest of the police team followed him. When they entered, they saw James working on his desk. James looked at them in the confused glance. He stood up.

“Where’s Saravi Hussain?” Ronal ignored his look and straight went to the topic.

“Why do you need her, Officer?” James narrowed his eyes.

“Where’s she?” Ronal again ignored him.

“She has taken a leave.”


“To Chittagong.”

“Address in Chittagong?”

“She didn’t tell me. She went there for the investigation purpose.”

“Investigation? Oh Really?”

“Any doubt?” He raised his eyebrows.

Ronal smirked.

“What if I say, she has escaped from here.”

“What!” James got excited.

“Yes, that criminal has fled to Chittagong, and we are going to catch her.”

“What she has done?” Morton crossed his arms.


James choked.

“She does that regularly, though for self-defense. What’s new here?”

“This time, it wouldn’t be a self-defense case and remember, once I’ll catch her, I’ll make sure to give her the punishment of sentencing her to death, and I mean it!” Ronal said in cold voice.

Morton again ignored him.

“Do what you can. Let’s see if you can catch, Ms. Hussain. She’s not an easy fish to catch by the way.” James played with his word.

“Really? Well, then, we’ll see how hard your fish can play.” Ronal said sarcastically.

Then he left the room in a rush just like when he entered with his police force. After they went away, James quickly called Prince.

“Hello, Prince.”

“Yes, Mr. Morton.”

“Come to my room quickly.”

“What happened Mr. Morton? You seem so anxious.”

“It’s urgent!”

“Okay, okay Mr. Morton, I’m coming right now.”

Then James put down the phone and sat down on the chair, waiting impatiently for Prince’s arrival. He looked at the door with eager eyes.

“Here comes the exhausting place. Welcome to the hell of a train station, Ms. Saravi Hussain.” Sara said to herself with sarcasm plastered in her voice.

She was standing inside the crowd station gate with a black suitcase in hand, one of the reliable tool she used when she was on a mission. She took it from the office before leaving. Right now, she was looking at the busy public running fast to catch their train of life, in time. She would also need to rush with them to search the truth. No matter how much she hates crowd.

She was thinking about her father’s words after the phone call. She already in a hurry and tensed about the case. But his father made the situation even more complicated now. He wanted answers, but Saravi couldn’t give him the exact answers. She, herself was still in confusion because of the situations and strange incidents. Now only the past could explain the present. She needed to find the reason for Anita’s rage toward Mr. Roger, Mrs. Suzan’s murder, and that serial killer.

She also knew that she couldn’t stop his father from knowing the truth no matter how much she wanted to hide. It was her father so the same will, the same spirit also worked for him just like Saravi.

Now or then, he would know everything and would want to save her, just like he had been doing since forever. But for now, she'd have to try to get to Chittagong soon and find the answers. She went toward the ticket counter. It was a long row of people in all those limited ticket-counters. She stood in one line and waited for her turn impatiently.

“Sir, we have accurate news that she’s here in the station.” Said sub-inspector Rajiv.

He was new to the job and today is his first raid. Officer Ronal just reached the station with his team. He and his team were wearing a civil dress. He didn’t want to catch Sara’s attention before the raid to be successful. That was why he brought Rajiv with him. Sara knew everyone in the police department but not Rajiv. So, it’d be easy to catch her for instance. Officer Ronal smiled thinking of Sara’s helpless face sitting in his cellar.

“Good. Spread the team to the whole station. I’m sure Saravi hasn’t managed to escape so soon and yes, don’t forget to check the ticket counters too. Go!” Officer Ronal replied.

“Sure sir.” Then he looked at other teammates and signed them to start the search.

Sara was waiting still in the ticket line. Though it was just fifteen minutes she had been standing there, it felt like forever. However, after the next two more minutes, she managed to get in front of the counter finally.

“Excuse me, one ticket for Chittagong city please,” Saravi said.

“Sure, Ma’am. Just wait a moment.” The counterman said with the smile.

Sara looked at her wristwatch. It’s been a whole half an hour since she reached the station.

“Here Ma’am.” The counterman gave the ticket.

“Thanks.” Said Sara, after receiving the train ticket.

She gave him the payment.

“You’re welcome. Come back soon and have a safe journey.” The counterman smiled.

Sara smiled back and apparently it was a fake.

“Coming back here? Again? Not in this life.” She thought while walking toward the platform.

“Take your positions in every corner of the station and keep your eyes open, okay? Don’t miss the target” Rajiv talked through his earphone. He was walking on the platforms and looking over at every woman.

“Yes, sir, we will find her soon.” The other constable replied who was one of the ticket counters.

He checked the female ticket counters but didn’t find her target. She might have left earlier before he could reach. He asked every counterman about giving a particular woman the ticket to Chittagong city, but the reply was hopeless. They gave many Chittagong tickets to many women. An individual woman in that huge crowd will be impossible to recognize. After all, they are there to sell tickets not to notice the faces very often. He came back with a helpless face.

“Found her?” Officer Ronal asked Rajiv through the earphone.

“Not yet, sir. But, we will, soon.”

“Be quick and make sure she can’t leave the station.”

“Sure, sir! We will.” Rajiv cut off the connection.

“Every platform is under check, good!” Rajiv said to himself.

“Now that platform no.12 is left. Let’s see where you can hide Hussain and for how long?” He rushed to the platform no.12.

“God! Why the train is doing so late? Will it take the whole day?” Sara said in annoyance.

Sara was standing on the platform no. 12 and waiting for the train. She was looking at the train impatiently. But glad she didn’t need to wait for long. Sara heard the train whistle by far. She looked at the upcoming long, big monster and smiled in satisfaction, “Finally!”

When Rajiv reached the platform, he faced a huge crowd in front of him, rushing toward the train. Everyone was rushing to catch the train like a mad. Some were crossing each other by hitting with their luggage accidentally. All of them wanted the train and the seat except for Rajiv.

He was passing the crowd and trying to come forward. In that crowd, it was unclear to see everything clearly beyond thousands of heads rushing on the platform. Saravi was trying to get on the train too. But the massive crowd made her stop for a couple of times. While trying to get at once, she got a hit in the front head by someone’s luggage.

“I damn hate this crowd!” She thought as she rubbed the spot on her head. Hot sweat was trickling down her neck.

Rajiv soon spotted her in the crowd. His most desired target was trying to get on the train. She was not very far from him. Just a few steps distance. Rajiv increased his rushing footsteps to come forward. He crushed a running persons’ foot under his when crossing the people. But he didn’t care about anyone.

Sara heard the loud groan of that person who got hurt by Rajiv and looked back. She saw someone coming toward her in a hurry footsteps. Sara felt cautious about that person. Her eyes noticed the burning fire in his eyes exclusively for her and he was deadly close to her.

Sara decided what she'd do next. She quickly looked forward. Before, following through her plan, she tried her last attempt at taking in a deep breath. Just a few seconds more and Rajiv would catch her. Rajiv almost even reached his target. He was very close. He was about to grab her hand. The moment his fingers were going to touch her, when there was a few inches distance between them, then that thing happened. The most unwanted incident.

Sara took a swift turn to her left and started running. Rajiv was hot on her tail. They rushed through the heavy crowd following the length of the train closely. They pushed people, crushed some more on their way.

Sara used all of her strength on her legs, so did Rajiv. But Rajiv being a man had his upper hand. He was soon within the reach of her arms. By the time he got any closer, the train was already on the run. Sara sped up to the fullest. At this point, she was using the speed for her special ability and that was the only reason why Rajiv still couldn’t pull her hair.

Doors after doors rushed past them. The crowd was lighter than before and they were soon reaching the end of the platform not to mention the speed of the train is growing with each passing second. So, Sara had to jump now or else she’d miss the train and most probably her little freedom.

She let the train grow speed for the next couple of seconds. By the time she targeted the closest door, she was barely hanging in there. Rajiv was still full on his speed and Sara had not much strength left to keep him away either. So, after one hard push forward, Sara managed to grab the handle of the door and didn’t waste a second to pull herself up.

Rajiv was beyond furious to see Sara make that bold move. So, he decided to catch her on the train. But before Rajiv could follow her trail, the train’s speed limit grew beyond his control and he stumbled upon a rock. His knees scraped as he lay there watching the train leaving the station, taking his prey with it.

Rajiv let out a menacing growl. Defeat, anger, and anguish blinded his senses as he breathed dust on the platform floor.

It was his very first task in his job and he failed it. His major failure of the very first primary task in his career, failure of missing the target from the distance of few inches drove Rajiv mad. He stood up abruptly and stomped the ground and cursed his bad luck for a couple of times. He thought of his boss. What he would say to him? He failed to catch the nearest target! A vulnerable girl who is lucky enough to get past a close ranged police. What a shame for him! What a shame for his department!

“This is unbearable!” He hissed through him breathe.

He turned back and went away with aggression. But he didn’t notice that someone was watching him silently. Far away from the crowd, a man who saw all the rat-cat race smirked, his mysterious pair of black eyes were shining with mirth. He saw the new officer’s retreating back before taking a step forward toward the rail lines. His train was coming next.

“Idiots! Total idiots, I work with and you, Rajiv? You? I had so many expectations from you but, you? You just buried my reputation!” Officer Ronal punched the desk with brutal force.

Other police officers were looking down, silent. Rajiv was so ashamed, he wanted to bury himself in the ground. After he had told Officer Ronal what happened in the station, he was looked down for that abashed feeling, and Rajiv thought it’d be much better if he could go underneath the ground because he couldn’t handle the wrath of his boss, mostly because of the shame to himself. Ronal scolded him right for his work, and he closed his eyes in embarrassment and in the shame of failure.

“Can’t handle one defenseless girl and call yourself a policeman? Shame on all of you!” Ronal’s anger was increasing as time passed.

His anger was more on Mr. Morton than Saravi. That one ordinary organization leader just insulted him with the challenge, and he lost it, only thinking about that hit hard in his man heart.

“I want that girl at any cost. Search every inch of Chittagong. Every hotel, every lane, every place and every single dust of that city. I. Want. Her! Now go and don’t show me your fucking face until you find that bitch!” He almost screamed, forgetting his professional manners.

Officer Ronal sent his police-like dogs in search of Sara. He was breathing fast with his temptation. His eyes were red with anger. He grabbed the desk chair to control his trembling body.

“I won’t spare you Saravi. I. Will. Not!” He thought in his aggressive mentality.

“I believe we should take some steps now, Mr. Morton,” said Prince who was sitting in James office.

“You are right. We need to hurry. You went to the train station, right? What happened?”

“I saw Sara getting into the train. Those policemen couldn’t even touch her.”

“Great! I was so anxious about her.” James said absently.

Prince raised his brows in surprise. James noticed that and said,

“Not... exactly her, but about the case she is handling. If she gets into police trouble, it’ll affect our organization’s reputation and lessen the progress of the serial murder case.”

“Mr. Morton, have you thought anything about that thing?”

James paid attention to the topic.

“You will meet him tomorrow and ask him everything,” James said.

“What if he does not want to answer?”

“Then the money will talk. I’ve heard he loves the money game. We’ll play it with him somewhat if any situations like that come up,” James said as he smiled sarcastically.

Prince joined the smile game with James.

Arup walked silently toward his office room. Before entering he checked if someone is noticing him or not. When he got satisfied, Arup entered the room and closed the door tightly along with the attached windows of the room and made sure if nobody can speak through them. Then without making any noise, he walked to his computer desk and turned on the computer.

Arup sat on the desk chair and waited for the system to be fully activated. Then, he brought out a small pen drive from his shirt and connected it to the computer. After a few clicks, he ran a software and looked at the process with satisfaction.

“Good! Now, this will do.” A smile broadened in his face.

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