The S Girl

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Messy Rainy Night

Sabrina was sitting in the hospital corridor. Silent and looking down with angry expression. Tia was passing the hall and saw her like that. She went near to her and sat beside her.

“So, Mrs. Hussain, what makes you so upset, hmm?” Tia tried to lighten the mood.

Sabrina took away her face in annoyance.

“Come on, Sabby, tell me. What happened?” Tia touched her shoulder.

“Saravi has left Dhaka and without even letting me know.”

“What? Why?”

“Ravi called me and said that she is going to Chittagong for some work purpose. It was urgent for her, and that’s why she had to go.”

“And, only for this, you are so upset! Come on woman, she has grown up now. She can go anywhere.”

“I know but couldn’t she at least, for once, tell me this by herself.”

“Oh, so that’s why you are upset.”

“Would have I stop her to go? Why does she make me worry so much? I don’t understand.”

“I have a better idea to keep your daughter in your hand,” Tia played with her words.

Sabrina narrowed her eyes.

“What is it?”

“Get her married. Then, she’ll be safe, and you wouldn’t also need to be always worried. Simple solution!” Tia smiled mischievously.

Sabrina looked at her with much surprise and annoyance.

“What! Are you mad? She’s not even that grown up yet, nor I’m dying so soon that she’ll have to marry now.”

Tia laughed out.

“Relax! I was just kidding. I didn’t intend to make you angry, Sabrina. Listen, no need to be upset about these small things. Let her do what she wants. Remember what you did at your time? Marrying an ordinary sculptor against your family support, that wasn’t so easy. You know that. So, if your daughter wants to do something on her own don’t stop her.”

Sabrina looked at her for the moment.

“You know you sound like Ravi right now. Both of you think I want to stop her. But I don’t understand why? I’m not her enemy, am I? Did I ever stop her when she took her life decisions before? I also want to let her do what she wants but,”

“What’s your point then? Insecurity?”

“I can’t make any of you understand how I’m feeling. You guys can take the matter easy but I can’t. I-I can’t lose her.”

“Why do even think you’ll lose her? She’ll be yours forever, right?”

“I-I don’t know why but I always feel the danger is lurking around her. I’m worried about that, and that’s why I want to protect her. I feel like she’s facing some life and death situation all the time and recently, after those serial murders of young girls, I’m scared for her security. Who knows, maybe one day that Beast will get my daughter and then he’ll do something wrong with her and... Oh, I can’t even think!” Sabrina gasped in fear.

“Alright, okay, calm down your nerves, Mrs. Psychiatrist. You’ll develop a psychic condition now if you act like this.”

She lifted up Sabrina’s face toward her.

“Listen to me. Nothing will happen to Saravi. She has great self-defense skills. So, trust her, be positive and think positive. Beast can’t do anything about her. Trust me when I say she can sort out things well, okay? Nothing will happen to her. Besides, she’s an architect. It’s her job to construct things from the destruction. When she meets the beast, she’ll just shake his hands, and then they’ll become friends. All problems solved. Long story short, Sara will be safe, Sabrina. She’ll have to be safe for you guys. Just trust her and don’t get too much stress about these things, okay?” Tia smiled at encouraging her.

Sabrina sighed in hopelessness.

You are not taking things seriously, Tia. I never want my Saravi to face that devil, never!

Sabrina thought.

Tia looked at her watch.

“Almost midnight,” She said to herself.

Then, looked at Sabrina.

“You are late today, Doctor! Mr. Hussain will be very worried about you now I’m sure,” Tia said as she smiled.

“Well, okay, Sabrina, I’ve got to go home. See you later, dear.” She stood up.

Sabrina grabbed Tia’s hand.

“Wait, Tia, I’m coming too.” Sabrina stood up.

Tia smiled at her.

“Alright then, let’s go home together like we used to before.”

Sabrina gave her the faintest smile she could muster.

“Hey Kalu, how are your days?” The woman said.

She was standing with a suitcase and an umbrella, looking at the person sitting in the chair with a gun. Kalu was cleaning up his Beretta 92FS 9 mm Semiautomatic Pistol. He looked at the woman. She had a black, beautiful high tail with a thin side hair strand hanging loosely beside the forehead, wearing a gray tank top, black skin-tight leather pants covering the knees with the matching pair of sports shoes. The face was familiar to him. He showed his surprised expression toward her then got up and went to her.

“The Queen Saravi in this poor man’s hut? What a lucky day!” He mocked her with a welcome smile.

“What stocks you have right now?” Sara said ignoring his mockery.

Kalu crossed his arms.

“What stocks you want? I have huge merchandise of heavy weapons. You’d just love them!”

“Let that be my choice!” She went to the gun shelves.

Those wood made shelves along with other things inside The Kalu’s Gun Shop. Sara knows him for a long time before she got into the spy job. He was a clean hand murderer, and by now seven people were murdered by him. His last victim was a renowned architect who was the CEO of an architecture club Sara was once working. She investigated on her own and found out some proofs against Kalu. But instead of giving them to police hands she used them to manipulate Kalu with an exchange offer. A promise of never using the gun against any innocent people in return for the proofs not to be leaked out.

She knew that this wouldn’t give the perfect justice to the individuals who have suffered for Kalu. But, at least it would stop him to do more damage further. Jail isn’t just enough to stop a criminal mind like Kalu. He could escape the jail any minute and continue his crime. A criminal like him deserves death or a second and last chance.

The second option rarely works for criminals. But Sara took a bet with herself that she’d give Kalu a second chance. She had a hope that he would listen to her in exchange for the proof and in the end, Sara found that he gladly kept his promise and will keep it until Sara burns those evidence someday. Her plan worked out well, and now Kalu had a legal business of guns and he was a real gentleman until someone messes with him of course.

“You got anything suitable for you, Saravi?” Kalu asked from a distance after a few minutes.


Sara came back with a package of 44 Magnum Semi Auto handgun, G17 Glock Gun, Uzi 9mm SMG, and a German MP40, another 9mm submachine gun.

She put them down on the nearest wooden table on the right.

“Wow! A preparation for war I see.” Kalu said with mockery.

“Not a war! But for self-protection, you can say,” She said while taking the Glock Gun and pointing at the at a yellow wall light on the corner.

“What the...” Before he could say anything, the gun talked with its harsh sound of the bullet and broke the light.

“Hmm, now that sounds better!” Sara looked at the smoking gun. Then her eyes stopped at Kalu’s face.

Sara brought out a bunch of money from her suitcase. Then she dropped them on the table and then without saying further words she left the gun shop with her suitcase full of guns and her umbrella.

After coming out from the gun shop, she stopped for once and looked at the sky. It was raining drizzling at midnight. Then she looked at the whole narrow city lane she was standing. It was quite empty and dark. Some building in the path had yellow light coming from the windows. But it didn’t lessen the inner darkness of the wet environment.

Some prostitutes were trading at that midnight time. One of them on her right was bargaining with the client for money. Sara looked at them for once then she covered her face well with the umbrella and held the suitcase in the right hand. Then silently walked through the lane. When crossing the nearest prostitute and his client on her left, she secretly looked at the customer’s face.

Another Big Boss’s man here? Great! She thought while crossing him.

That man gave a glance at her too. Then she took away her eyes and increased her walking speed. Her covered face with the umbrella. Her extremely mysterious attitude and that suitcase made him suspect her. He followed her leaving the prostitute’s attraction. He thought he was going to have a great night with her, but that covered lady was more attracting his attention. They reached the end of the lane after some moment. On the right, there was the main road, and on the left, another path went inside. Sara rolled her eyes and made sure that thug was coming to her. A sarcastic smirk crossed her face. She chose the left path.

The thug got confused at the covered lady’s movement. She seemed to take the highway road and get out, but instead, she chose another lane. His suspect was increasing at the time. Sara walked for another few minutes and then suddenly turned right and entered into another lane. It was narrower and darker one than before. As it was raining, the sound of her footsteps was making melodies with the water sound. That made the thug easier to follow her into the darkness. After a few moments of following, the noise of suspect’s footstep stopped. The thug also stopped instantly. They had a distance of seven steps from each other.

Now only the raindrops were playing the background music role. Nothing happened for the next few minutes. The thug heard no more footsteps, and in the darkness, he couldn’t see things. When he became tired of waiting and hoping for another clue about that woman, he decided to go away. He was about to move his head behind, but something cold, metallic and round shaped touched his forehead.

A face appeared in front of him. Even in the darkness, he could see the facial structure, and after seeing that face, he instantly froze on the spot. It was the woman he was following a few moments ago. Just her umbrella is missing this time. Probably she threw it away to show her face to him. The predator became the prey now with a gun touching his head.

“Sa-Saravi!” He could say the word after a couple of tries.

He was feeling dry and hot even in that cold, chilly environment. He was possibly sweating but his sweat melted and mixed with the water drops.

“So nice to see you tonight,” She said with her usual sarcasm.

Sara pressurized the gun, in more depth of his forehead. With the increasing pressure, the thug feared that at any moment he could be dead with just one deadly close head shot. Even in this situation, he thought how the hell this girl could go back his behind without making a sound in this narrow dark valley. Sara’s pressure turned into the push, and she pushed away his head with her Glock Gun. He stepped back.

Sara kept pointed the gun at gangster’s head and said only one word,

“Go!” Her voice was cold and hard, but she was smiling.

The thug didn’t think for a single second. He quickly passed her aside and started to run hard for his life. Within a few seconds, he disappeared from the lane area.

“Hmm... Good choice. Only don’t make that mistake now.”

Sara said to herself but of course meaning to that thug.

Sara walked toward her suitcase that was lying on her front right. Then she locked it keeping her gun outside. Then she walked out from the narrow lane. Then walked toward the main road lane. When she was near the gun-shop lane, she had a strange feeling of caution. Her sixth sense was alerting her from something.

Suddenly, she dived swiftly to her right and dropped with her suitcase. A sound of bullet reached her ear from a distance, but with her quick movement, she avoided it. The shot missed its target and stuck with the metal wall of the garbage drum. Sara quickly stood up and took her cover position in the nearest building. She prepared her gun for the attack.

You really don't listen, do you? Well, your mistake, you pay.

She smiled in her mind.

Sara carefully looked through the wall to see the possible cover positions of her opponent. Behind the wall, in that area, there were three small garbage drums. At the distance of 15 feet from Sara, two drums together were situated in one row on the right side, and the last one was quite far from them and on the left side. There were two thick pillars on the left to hide.

One was at Sara’s nearest distance, and another one was before those two drums. These were the possible covers of her opponent. She quickly calculated the situation in her mind, if her enemy would shot her from the far then to quickly hide he’ll take the drum on the right and if from the middle distance then it’d be the pillar or behind those drums.

It was sure that it wasn’t a close shot because if it would, the sound of the bullet would be more clear and she wouldn’t have a chance to avoid that. So, the enemy hiding in the front pillar was a useless thought. That means, her enemy was hiding behind the back pillar or the garbage drums. To provoke the enemy she did a blank shot toward the drum side column. The response was immediate. But strangely that reply of return shot came from two different hiding place. One from the pillar and another one from the twin drums. Sara narrowed her eyebrows with an amused smile.

“Well, well, brought a friend with you, huh? I going to get an impressive double treat tonight,” She whispered to herself while turning on the safety case.

Then another sound of the gunshot was heard again. This time it wasn’t delivered from Sara but her enemy group. Thug’s friend, the one that was hiding behind the pillar was the shooter. But he missed the shot because of Sara’s quick movement and before he could hide himself Sara did a reply shot and she blew his head. The thug’s friend was instantly down to death. To replace the friend’s lose the gangster became an aggressive attacker.

He turned his gun on full auto mode, then got up like a brave and kind of brush fired toward Sara’s hideout wall, but no response came back. He stopped for a second to think while still standing in that open hostile place, though he never thought of Sara being so much dangerous for him. He was always fully confident about killing Saravi at first sight. But at that moment, when her gun was touching his head, for the first time thug felt a strange fear from her, a fear of death. Then when his enemy left him unexpectedly and let him go, he ran away and called his nearby friend to kill her together.

After all, he was a devotee of Big Boss, and there’s no way he’ll let his enemy go like that. That surprise shot at first Sara avoided luckily was from him. He came forward leaving his safe cover with slow and cautious steps. He intended to take the front pillar as his cover if he saw Sara firing. He made a cover, but still, nothing happened. He narrowed his eyes.

“Where have you escaped suddenly, Bitch!” He hissed through his teeth.

He became annoyed and stepped forward at Sara’s cover. Then, he quickly pointed the gun where Sara was standing and shooting a few moments ago. But she was missing. The thug became confused. There was no sign of her there in the lane. Even those prostitutes went inside and shut their windows hearing the sound of shooting. He slowly stepped into the path. Then stopped after coming in the middle of the lane. The rainfall was increasing, and the environment became more cold dark and foggy because of torrential rains.

In the sound of heavy rain, he missed that someone was cocking his gun far behind from him. The thug was still trying to figure out Sara’s hiding place. The person with the weapon came toward him in a relaxed mood, creating the footstep sound. The thug heard the sound and instantly looked back and pointed his gun at the person for a quick shot. Then, the soft music of raindrop had an addition of double time firing sound in the next second.

The thug was still holding his gun and looking at the other person. Then, that person put down his weapon slowly. The thug looked at his body. There were two holes in his body. One at the belly and another one were near his heart area. He looked at them for once. Then, collapsed on the ground like a ragdoll. Sara saw him lying down on the ground for two seconds. She went toward the dead body and whispered in a soft voice,

“Grace and forgiveness have their values until you know how to respect them.”

Sara looked at the front. Another man was standing there with the gun. He put his gun back inside his shirt, said with a smile,

“Nice shot, Saravi!”

Sara smile back at him.

“Thanks, Kalu. But, that wasn’t needed.” She pointed a finger at his gun.

She went back to her suitcase and started to unlock it to put her gun back. Kalu chuckled.

“You know, I don’t like mess makers, especially during my business hours.”

Suddenly his smiling face turned cold and expressionless.

“So, goodbye now. I have to clean up this mess you and your friends made before morning. Otherwise, a scandal will break out that I killed those losers. You know better than anyone else that I don’t want to be framed again... not like you at least.” He turned back.

Her eyes snapped back at him with her brows up.

“Like me!”

Kalu turned around and looked at her.

“Even if I stay outside of the country capital, that doesn’t mean news doesn't fly here, Saravi,” He said with an enigmatic smile.

Sara narrowed her eyes. Kalu continued,

“Don’t look at me like that, Queen. I know that you’re unaware of the police drama. Those bastards are behind you like some bloodthirsty sharks. They say you killed someone and they are looking for you.” He stopped at this point and looked at Sara to see her reaction.

It was Sara’s turn to be quiet and expressionless now. Kalu saw her slowly turn back to her suitcase and started doing something with that. To him, Sara was a mysterious lady since the first time they met. She was a woman who could be selflessly kind and mercilessly brutal at the same time.

She could do anything at any time and no one would even know what damage was done, before the right time. Her moves were that much unpredictable. Even now, the thought that was going on her mind was a mystery in itself.

Sara stood up and nodded at Kalu slightly.

“Well, thanks for informing me, Kalu. Good night.” She didn’t smile this time, and without waiting for the reply, she left the place with her suitcase.

Kalu looked at her way for a few seconds. Then looked at the thug’s corpse and went inside to do the arrangement of cleaning up the mess.

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