The S Girl

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The Intruder

In that time of midnight, when it was raining, in one dark bedroom Sonia was lying on her bed. She covered herself completely with the blanket. She was feeling cold. But more than cold it was fear that threw her in this condition. She had never been like that until that thing happened on that cursed night. She’d curse herself forever for making such a foolish move toward the beast. She should have called her team for that. She remembered Sara’s last words.

"Be cautious when working here. You don’t know what can crawl back in the darkness... I’m not suggesting, I’m warning." She recalled every single word.

Sara warned her but she didn’t care, and now she was paying for her mistake. A harsh punishment.

“I should have listened to you, Saravi. I should have been more cautious. I should have...” She touched her forehead in self-hatred.

A telephone rang suddenly on the bedside table. Sonia timid and looked at the phone.

“You called again? What’s now? Do you want to take my life? Please tell me to kill myself.” She thought in her mind while picking up the phone with trembling hands.

“He-Hello,” Sonia said with trembling voice. Trying hard to keep her nerves as calm as possible.

“You have done a great job, Ms. Ahsan. I can’t thank you enough,” A melodious male voice said.

“What you want?” Sonia said roughly.

“Relax! Nothing so severe, just wishing you good luck. Thanks for stealing in Sara’s office. That file was essential for the murder case. But you know one thing, I have a serious thought that Saravi is suspecting, some inside person has done that great thief job. What you say, should I add this to my blackmail reasons, Ms. Ahsan? That’ll be fun, to be honest,” He stated in a calm but cold voice.

Sonia remained silent for a couple of moments.

“Saravi. She knows everything? How come...” She thought.

“No, she doesn’t know anything yet. But she’s desperate to find her thief. If you say, I might help her.” He played with his words as if he knew what she was thinking.

“Do what you want. I don’t care!” She shouted through the telephone.

Another side only laughed in reply. Maybe a try to make Sonia feel helpless and remind her that she was the one who was forced to do anything he wanted and she had no control over it.

“Alright, you must have forgotten the worker’s murder, Sonia,” No respectful call this time. “The one you did that night at the park,” His voice was colder than ever.

“Wh-what murder? Listen, you can’t blackmail me with what I haven’t done ever, you understand?” Sonia was still loud.

“Oh really! Then why did you escape that morning before anyone could ever find you? You did the murder sweetheart and don’t let me remind you now how you killed him. I have those amazing pictures of yours with your bloody clothes.”

“I... Did... Not... Killed... Him? You got that?” Sonia screamed as hard and as oud as possible.

“Now let’s get back to work topic.” He again ignored her. “Check your mailbox. Work details are there, and this time I want perfect work. Otherwise, you know those pictures will be leaked, sweetheart, and then...” He started to laugh.

Then the line was cut off. But Sonia was still hearing his cruel words in her mind. His cold voice and devilish smile were ringing in her ear. But she couldn’t resist for long. She stood up from the bed and walked to the mailbox like a robot. As if, all her senses were gone. She had no control over her body, and her mind was just like a remote-controlled toy that was getting controlled by that man. She walked out of the room, slow and calm.

Rumi, the one and only receptionist of the hotel Golden Rose was sitting in her seat idly and reading one of her favorite novels on romance. Her duty lasts just half an hour more. Then she’ll leave the workplace. No one would want to come to this third class hotel at this time of rainy night. But to prove that thought entirely wrong, a person just entered through the entrance.

Rumi closed the book and paid attention to the newcomer. The person was a young woman with a black suitcase, wet all over, looked near to Rumi’s age. Rumi stood up, and with a professional smile, she welcomed her. That girl came to her and dropped the suitcase on the reception table.

“One single room,” She said with a rough voice.

“Sure, ma’am,” Rumi said while forwarding her the registry book and got busy with bringing out the room key.

Rumi saw the girl with the corner of her eyes as she signed the log book silently. After the registration, Rumi gave the key to her.

“Room number 304,” Rumi said with a smile.

The girl nodded and gave her the payment. Without saying anything, she went upward with her suitcase. Out of her curiosity, Rumi checked the name of the recent customer.

“Rupali Khanam. Such a name!” She uttered the name. “Suits her better with such a beautiful face.”

She looked upstairs at the way of the newcomer.

“But she also looks strange a bit,” Rumi said pointing her cold behavior.

After coming into the room. Sara closed the unpolished wooden door. Then turned on the lights and gave a glance at the whole room. The room was quite neat except for the lower leveled room design. One old wooden bed in one corner with a small closed window beside, two green couch in the middle with one wooden center table, one small metallic dressing cabinet on the right side of the room and attached bathroom. That was the whole room arrangement.

For a brief moment, Sara thought about how she could use the same types of furniture to rearrange the room in its much more better version. Her inner architect itched to do so. But then she had to restrain. She remembered Melina’s bedroom for once. The way that low-income family lived was much worse than any third-class room service and this room was far better than that.

However, She didn’t take much time to view the room and closed the door. She came inside and put down the suitcase on the center table. Then started to take off her wet clothes and then spread them on both couches after she was done with the wringing process in the bathroom. She turned on the ceiling fan to dry them. Then opened up the dressing cabinet and brought out a red towel.

She went toward the suitcase and brought out her gun. Then she went into the bathroom. Keeping the gun close to her, she turned on the shower. There was no geyser in that bathroom. So, it was up to the cold water to do the cleaning job. However, the water running through her body gave her a refreshing feeling after the whole day journey.

She started to think about everything happened from the first. From Roger’s lies to the worker’s death at Gulshan Lake Park. Sara was quite sure that the murderer was a female and not the beast if her dream guided toward the truth. She was probably one of the organization employees. The betrayer, who might have also steal her file from the office.

So, some insiders were helping out the enemies then. For what? Money? Or to hide their crimes? Things were pretty much messed up. Then, Prince’s strange attraction toward her was also very puzzling. Despite his obvious attraction toward Sara, he barely acted desperately. As if, he was in full control of the situation and waiting patiently for Sara to fall into some trap.

Prince’s approach to the serial murder case also created several questions. He was told to be well qualified and renowned, but she knew almost nothing about his case history. He just came from nowhere and added his pride in the whole thing. He had something wrong with him, and that was crystal clear. It seemed he was not just here to solve the case, he had some dark intentions. Then finally, this police chase. The reason was, she had killed someone brutally. But Sara couldn’t find anyone she had recently murdered like that. Nothing major happened these days except that accidental suicide of Niraj Kumar.

That man was another mystery. By the time, it was certain that the member of Black Venom didn’t come to kill her that day for personal reasons. Maybe he struck her for a different purpose or even if murdering was his real intention, then after his face was revealed, why did he commit suicide? He could have continued to attack her like before. He even laughed when killing himself. Maybe his suicide attempt was a dangerous trap for her. The most revolting part was he knew he was breathing his last breath that day yet he agreed to do it.

What was he thinking he would have gotten if he killed her? Maybe someone used him as bait. Maybe it was his or her second, dangerous and useful option of baiting the name Niraj to catch her in the trouble or get her killed. But the question was why? Who would want to stop her? Was it Daniel Roger? He wanted to punish Sara, but for what? For finding out his daughter’s death or something else?

Also, there was a doubt about the man who chased after her at the train station. But now there was a possibility that he could be one of the policemen. They perhaps used new police to catch her since she knew every one of them very well. That was their new trick, but they surely failed in their plan. Although, she had just enraged them more with this failure and now they’d be much more furious at her. But she couldn’t care less about those policemen. She had much bigger problems to solve while saving her skin from them. Sara was thinking all this and almost forgot how long she was in the bathroom. She had her eyes closed.

Suddenly, Sara heard a sound coming from her room. She opened her eyes and got alert. The lights in the bathroom turned off suddenly. She quickly got out of her shower. Then wrapped herself in the towel and took the gun. She stepped out of the bathroom and looked at the whole room. The room was dark, probably because of the load-shedding.

She came to the middle of her room and searched for the thing which caused the sound, but didn’t find anything unusual in the darkness. She narrowed her eyes. Something was not feeling good. The environment became heavier for some reason. Though it was still raining outside and the window is open. It was spreading some light in the room, thanks to the frequent thunderbolts, although it miserably failed to lighten the darker corners.

“The window!” She instantly looked back at the window.

Sara saw it closed before, but now it was open. Someone had opened it. The window had metallic grids. Though grids were old enough, none of them seemed cracked or broken. So there was no chance for any intruder to come or go.

“Then?” She thought in her mind.

But she didn’t need to wait long for her answers. She felt someone’s presence in one darker corner on the right. She quickly turned and pointed the gun. But before she could pull the trigger someone or something pushed her hard to the floor. Sara dropped down with her gun, near the center table. But she quickly stood up to make a counter-attack. She was striking in the shadow so she couldn’t see her enemy’s face. Sara used her gun to hit his head in prediction. The attacker was quicker to avoid her hit but couldn’t get the trick.

He tried to escape but his arms got caught in Sara’s strong hand. Almost instantly, she pressed the gun against his head. He was entirely trapped. Sara pushed him toward the wall, and as if on cue, there was a loud thunderbolt. For the first time, she could see him. A sharp face outline could be noticed from the backside, short dark hair with long strands on the front that was damped, covering most of his forehead. Water dripping rapidly from each strand of his hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt and baggy jeans which was also soaked with water as his whole being.

“May I have your introduction, please?” Her velvety smooth voice used the usual sarcasm while holding him firmly, he had tough muscles she could feel.

The man smirked. He moved his head very cautiously to the left, rolled his eyes toward her. He could see her wet hair on the forehead that was dripping water on her face, sliding down rapidly through the edges; some sweat blended with them. Her hardened but the undoubtedly beautiful face which contained a piercing pair of chocolate brown eyes those were looking at him with much aggression. Possibly thinking to blow his head with the gun if he tried moving a single bit more. Sara pressurized the gun at his head seeing him looking at her. He again smirked even after the increased gun pressure. What a nerve!

“You’ll know me, soon. But not now,” He murmured in a deep voice.

For a moment, Sara thought she heard Prince. But that wasn’t possible. He was completely a different man. Even in the dark environment, she could say he was not even among the ones she knew. He had strange black eyes, dark as midnight. It was as if to hypnotize people with that mesmerizing pair of black holes. Then, drag them down into the pit of darkness with his illusional gaze. And, finally, trap them for eternity.

But Sara wasn’t the one to fall for them. If she didn’t fall for the Prince Charming then who was he? Only her intruder, her attacker but nothing else. Although, there was a possibility that Prince might have sent him to look for her. She could never trust that handsomeness.

“Who sent you here and why?” Sara asked roughly, for assurance.

The reply came in again softness but mixed with sarcasm.

“It’s you and for you.”

Sara narrowed her eyes. She was about to say something more. But he interrupted suddenly,

“You know, this window is a total wreck shit! Those useless grids can’t give you any protection now.”

Then suddenly the window grid got burst and dropped off the floor. With that, the intruder pushed Sara back with his arms and set himself free from the trap. Sara was stunned enough by the sudden incident that she momentarily forgot to stop him. But when she regained her senses, the intruder already made his way toward the window. Sara followed him and tried to stop him but he was really quick.

He grabbed the window frame and before jumping, he quickly threw a folded paper on the floor from his pocket, then got invisible through the window, within a moment. Sara went to the window frame and saw him running through the narrow lane. She sighed and picked up the rain-soaked paper and carefully unfolded it. There was a map of some hospital drawn on the top of the paper. Below the paper, there was a message.

Bhatiary wilds are waiting for you, Ms. Hussain. Come soon - Someone Unknown.

Sara looked at the paper for a moment. A smile widened on her face.

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