The S Girl

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Next Plan

Ravi was standing near an apartment door, looking at the card he was holding. It was an address. He collected that from Sara’s office yesterday. He went to her office to know about Sara’s case history. But they said, as their permanent head was outside the country and the interim head was busy in some meeting, it would be better to ask for this address for information instead. They told Ravi that the person’s address they gave, took a sudden leave yesterday, so it was also uncertain that Ravi will find him at his home address.

In doubt, for once Ravi thought about finding information in another way. But seeing no ways he finally arrived this morning, hoping to find his target and luckily there was no lock on the door hanging right now. That means the person was inside the apartment. Ravi looked at the address for the last time then went forward to ring the doorbell, waited for few moments to let the door open. When there was no respond came he again rang the bell for a couple of times. This time he heard a rush footstep inside the door, and in the next few seconds the door finally opened, and a young man's head popped up. Ravi gave a single glance at his appearance. A cute face with untidy black hair with a white t-shirt with a brown trouser. Ravi didn’t miss his questioned gesture toward him. He cleared his throat and started,

“Hello, I’m Ravi Hussain, Saravi Hussain’s father. I hope you know her. Am I talking to Mr. Arup Roy?”

Arup smiled in surprise.

“Sara’s father!”

Ravi slightly nodded in reply.

“Then you got the right person, Sir. Please come in.” Arup stepped aside to let him enter.

Ravi came into a room with a complete messy living room. The whole room was messed up with half-eaten apple, a juice box, and clothes on the couch. In one corner all the garbage was stored like a small mountain. Probably a try to make the room a bit tidier.

“Ah...Sorry for the late to open up the door. I was just busy with some stuff.” He noticed Ravi’s strange glance at his whole messy room. “Here please come with me.” He said quickly to distract Ravi’s attention from the place.

They came in Arup’s bedroom and let Ravi sit on his bed. At least, this room was tidier that outside. Arup asked if he’ll bring some beverage for him, but Ravi gently denied the proposal and quickly went to the matter.

“So, Mr. Roy...”

“Please call me Arup. That feels better.” He took a seat beside him.

“Okay, Arup, I heard you are a good friend of Saravi. You are also his coworker. So, I hope you will know about the cases she handles or at least the brief of them, right?”

“Yeah, I know about the mission and cases she handles. Although, your daughter never wants me to help her to solve them. However, I know about her things.”

“Well, can you please tell me what case or mission she’s handling right now?”

Arup sat straight and paid more attention.

“Why, Mr. Hussain? Sara never told you about the serial murder case? But I thought she did. She does let you know every of her case details if I’m not wrong.”

Ravi sighed.

“Yes, she tells me everything, but this time, no she didn’t. She hid things from me, and that’s why I’m here to know exactly which case she’s involved in and how much that’s dangerous...and about the serial murder case you told, is it the case about which everyone is talking? The matter of a mysterious serial killer in the city? Please tell me; I need to confirm.”

Arup nodded.

“Yes, it is the one. Sara’s playing with the fire. She’s stubborn to find the real culprit, and for that, she can do anything. I’ve heard police is also behind her for a murder case.”


“Yes, I don’t know if it’s true or not. But I don’t believe Sara will murder someone for no reason.”

“Tell me everything that happened from the first. I want to know every single detail about this case.”

Arup looked at Ravi’s tensed brown eyes. Those were the full reflection of his friend, as if he was not talking with Sara’s father but Sara herself, just with a bit more gentle version. Arup nodded and said,

“Alright then, listen...”

All the morning, Sara did a bunch of work to prepare herself for the Bhatiary tour. First of all, she switched her suitcase to ‘Easy Portable Mode.’ In this mode, the suitcase transforms itself into a compact bag. The handle disappears, and with that a hidden belt on both sides of it pops up, ready to grab the human body. This mode also provides an ample space inside that black, metallic bag except for the space area of it. A folded silver aluminum plate inside the suitcase does that job of increasing area. Sara got that first suitcase from her boss Mr. Gulapjaam when she joined the organization for the first time. It came in handy in her missions since then. She never forgets to admire her sweet and sour boss’s stuff.

She went out of the hotel to meet Kalu. She will have to hire him for some look after jobs. About being cautious, of course, she had to walk carefully on the road. Police were everywhere on the streets and roads. Some of them were giving duty in the hotel lane. But Sara avoided them using her intelligence, other small alternative paths and sometimes hiding under the parked car or garbage drums on the side of the road. Then, after a successful meeting at his gun shop, she came back to the hotel safe.

She opened up her suitcase ‘bag’ then brought out her hip holster, hip belt, and the matching gloves. She wore the holster, then the gloves and belt, in the last her portable suitcase in the back. She looked at the whole room for once then without wasting any more time she left the room and went down for checking out. While checking out, she noticed the receptionist’s surprised and confused expressions but just like last night; Sara remained quiet to let the girl pump up her imaginations about Sara’s identity and appearance.

After the last signature, she gave her the first and final smile and checked out. Now she was waiting for Kalu’s call, standing in a quiet corner of the lane where police can’t reach her. She took the risk of getting tracked down, but it was necessary at least for now. Soon her phone rang. After looking at her calm surroundings, she picked up the call.

“Started your job yet?” She said almost in a whispering voice.

“I’ve already sent my boys. One group at Lucy Avasti’s place, one at Daniel Roger’s place and the last one is...” Kalu said from the other side.

“Prince Rahman!”

“Yeah! You don’t need to worry. My boys will get you information from time to time.”

“Don’t forget the additional job? Keep a big eye on the organization office. Notice who’s getting in, who’s getting out. Let me know every inside news, alright?”

“Sure, Queen Saravi. Everything will be done perfectly, as you wished.” He used his sarcasm.

“Hope so.”

“By the way, you’d like to check out a speedy motor monster waiting for you outside the lane area. It’ll take you straight to your destination. But, be careful of the hungry policemen.”

“Thanks for the monster and I can take care of them. You do your job well.” She cut the connection and switched off the phone for the unknown time duration.

Then she quickly left the place before the police arrive. They can track her any moment after such long-term chat. To prove her thinking right Chittagong police force came to the area within the next ten minutes, Sub-Inspector Rajiv was also with the team. They searched the whole area including the nearest hotel Golden Rose. Asked the receptionist Rumi, they showed her Sara’s photo, after the identification they searched the room no. 304. There was no other clue in the room except for a broken window grill.

Sara just cleaned the whole room very well before leaving to remove all her tracks. Although, Rumi’s suffering was different. Before checking out, Sara broke the window grill. Now the hotel manager will cut the compensation from her payment for that broken window. She was standing in one corner of the room, sad and silent. Suddenly, while searching the window grill, one police constable found an interesting thing. There were small round cracks in its four corners, seemed like someone burst it.

He showed it to the sub-inspector Rajiv. He inspected that as well but couldn’t figure out why Sara needed to burst the window when she could use the door. Another thought crossed his mind; there might be someone else who can enter or get out of the room with the help of this. Maybe, he was an intruder who wanted to meet Sara secretly or came to kill her.

“If that’s so, then where is he?” Rajiv thought absently.

“Then, she said she want a leave from the office for Chittagong and then headed for that. That’s all happened until now.” Arup stretched his arms upward after finishing.

Ravi thought something a moment. Then he said absently,

“So, this is what happened. That’s why she ignored the card.”

Arup narrowed his eyes.

“What card?”

“A card, I got it from Sara’s room. It was saying something like ‘The game has started.’ Arup, I think, I’m getting the point of that card’s meaning now.”

“What is it, Mr. Hussain?”

“I’m not sure, but I think someone or something has warned her of possible harm. Like an alert message.”

“Who gave her that? Do you know something?”

“No, I don’t, and I can bet Sara doesn’t know about it also.”

Ravi looked at Arup.

“Arup, can you help me figuring out this problem, please?”

“I would be glad to help you. But Sara doesn’t want me to involve in it actively.”

Ravi dropped his weight on the bed, feeling hopeless. Arup felt hesitation for once, but in the next moment, he decided to do what’s right.

“Ah, Mr. Hussain, I don’t know if this will help out or not, but I want to show you something. Just wait a second.”

Arup got up from the bed and went out of the room. When he came back, he brought a laptop with him. He placed the laptop on the bed and done some work with that.

“There you go! Mr. Hussain, take a look at it.”

Ravi looked at the screen and saw a scenery of someone’s home. It was showing the living room, kitchen, a bedroom and corridors of the house.

“What is it?”

“It’s Lucy’s place. Lucy Avasti, I told you before. I put hidden cameras in her house. Before going to Chittagong, Sara met her, and they had a conversation. Check it out here. I think you’ll find it useful.”

Arup did a few clicks, and the screen started to show a video of the living room, where Sara and Lucy were talking. Ravi and Arup began to listen to them attentively with clear audio voice.

In the busy day at Gulshan Police Station, Prince Rahman came to the police station and faced Officer Ronal’s curvy words. He was sitting face to face of Officer Ronal and digesting his rude words about how worthless R.A.G.E Organization and its employees are. Prince felt an unbearable anger toward the police officer but maintained his calm and collected behavior on the outside.

“What a lame to work in such place, isn’t it, Mr. Rahman? Every place that girl goes is a cheap, dirty place. You shouldn’t have joined the organization.” Officer said with sarcasm.

“Well officer, can I meet him now?” Prince ignored him with a rough voice.

“Sure, go and meet that criminal. Who’s stopping you? But you’ll get ten minutes only.”

“I know.”

“Good for you! You know what, I’m just waiting for the day when you’ll come to meet that Saravi, lock inside my cellar.”

Prince stood up instantly and said in cold voice,

“Thanks for the permission, Officer. And I also hope that you dream never get fulfilled.”

With a charming, sarcastic smile, he went away from the Officer’s sight. The officer narrowed his eyes.

“All of you will be dead, Mr. Rahman. You, that bitch and your beloved organization, every one of you will have to suffer for that bitch’s crime.” He clenched his teeth.

Prince was standing inside a particular cellar. He looked at the prisoner and examined him quietly. The prisoner was sitting on his bench, whistling and swinging his legs. It seemed like; he didn’t notice Prince’s presence there. Although, he already gave him an ignored glance. Seemed like ages after, the prisoner talked with his tired yet sarcastic voice,

“So, you are finally here after all these days? Happy to see you,”

“Prince, Prince Rahman, Rustam,” Prince said.

Rustam laughed loudly.

“huh, Prince? Or should I say, Devil Prince?” He threw a provoking glance.

“Well, I know Saravi came to meet you here and,” Prince ignored him.

“You know? Really?” Rustam cut him off and smiled again.

“Yes, I know. It’s not that hard to find out, is it? Anyways, so, Saravi came here and asked you something about Gulshan Park, right? What did you tell her?”

“I told her as much as I should, no more, no less Mister, Prince Charming.” He was again sarcastic.

“I want to know what exactly you told her!”

“Oh! Come on. I already said that I did everything perfect as it should be done. Isn’t that enough for you?”

“No!” Prince hardened his face.

Rustam sighed.

“Well, I’ve told her about that Diamond Merchant and his son. Then told about my missing and dead boys, that’s it.

Prince looked at him for some moment and analyzed his facial expressions to find out if he was lying or not. Then he smiled, and slowly his smile turned into a very sarcastic smile, filled with much satisfaction.

“Good job! Well, as a reward for your work, I’ve got something for you.”

Rustam’s eyes sparkled.

“You bailed me! Oh, I knew it,”

“No, not a bail, but a fascinating thing. You’ll surely like it.”

Prince slowing put his hand on his dark gray suit and brought out a file. Rustam seemed forgot to breathe after seeing the file, that black, shiny file. That black record-book was something he ever loved with his life. At least, he felt that at the moment.

“Operation...Blacklist!” He could say somehow through his heavy breath.

Prince widened his smile.

“Are you happy?”

Rustam instantly stood up from the bench, ignoring his back pain.

“You kidding me? I’m more than happy and pleased,” He said with sparkling eyes.

“Where did you get that file, I was so worried and,” Rustam reached to get the file, but Prince put it back in his suit instantly.

“Now, please me, if you want to retrieve this file.” He said ignoring Rustam softly.

Rustam narrowed his eyes. Then, suddenly choked.

“What do think I’m an idiot? You’ll keep baiting me, and I’ll fall into your trap as I fell into hers? Then, for your kind information, no! I’m not gonna do anything for you again without a proper deal.”

“Seems you don’t like the file, do you?” Prince rubbed his fingernail.

“Look, Prince, that file you have, was my favorite record book but that’ll be no help for me now.”

Prince smirked.

“Really! You think that you can’t do anything with it?” Prince said with his usual softness.

Rustam came near to Prince.

“What can I get then?”

“Come on, Rustam, use your big brain and think, what exactly you can do with this file right now, except for using it as a record-book.” Prince crossed his arms.

Rustam rubbed his head for some moment. Then suddenly his eyes sparkled with excitement. He instantly looked at Prince and found out the same sparkle in those eyes. He was looking way more attractive and handsome with that smirking facial expression.

“Well, then, guess what? We’re having a new entry in the Operation Blacklist.” The Big Boss said with sarcasm.

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