The S Girl

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The Big Boss

Fourteen Days Later...

Evening time at the hotel Helluava was always busy. The music was turned up to an almost painful volume and drunk, sweaty people wandered around the passages. Eyes filled with lust and hunger were the regular show for the everyday people here. But tonight was different. It was a night of celebration for the hotel because its owner was turning into 37 tonight.

The music was louder tonight. Neon lights went crazy with the beats. People were dancing wildly, openly exploring each other’s bodies. Some were heading to secluded areas for more privacy. The lobby turned into the playground of drunk losers. Even the receptionist himself was bouncing up and down with the beat of the music. Everyone was carefree except for the guards and the call girls, most alert and awake ones of all.

While everyone was busy enjoying the evening, a woman in a pair of classy red heels stepped into the entrance gate of the building. The short red dress she was wearing hugged her body tightly, very sexy and elegant yet leaving much to the imagination. She flipped her slick, black, waist-length hair while talking to someone on the phone.

“Yeah, I’m in.”

Her smooth-as-velvet voice rang in the air.

“Be safe, okay?” A male voice said.

Her chocolate brown eyes narrowed in amusement.

“If I were you, I’d say have fun.”

“I'm serious, girl.”

Her soft red lips twitched into a smirk before she replied.

“Just keep watching.”

She walked forward, approaching the building entrance. Two strong and bulky men were guarding the door. Two of them were so busy in chatting that they didn’t notice her until she stood in front of them.

Once she was within their eyesight, both of them stood still for a few mere seconds to admire her beauty. The guard on the left, named Robin, according to his name tag, started from her red heels while the other one, Rasel, first noticed her hair.

She was a real sight to see. Her 5′8" body was an art of work. The woman had a well-defined lean figure with finely sculpted arms and toned legs. With the beautiful pair of sparkling chocolate brown eyes, plump lips, and high cheekbones, she looked no less than a goddess. A perfect woman who resembled both feminine sensuality and strength. But that was the problem.

No woman with a body like her would ever fit the call-girl post. Her face department was another story. She looked like she could take down two men at a time, even though she wasn’t that bulky or toned. But she also looked like those pleasure-bunnies who would die to please their master with her assets. Maybe her body was just for a show-off and she was just a naive little woman. Who knew? Besides, their boss wanted a different girl for his birthday night. So, maybe there was a chance she came for him. No, It certainly had to be her.

Both guards exchanged a smug expression. It was as if they knew something she didn’t. Even though their actions amused her, she kept her cool. Once the guards looked back at her with a much professional look, they did the first thing they should do.

“You are the Big Boss’s girl?” Rasel, the bulkier one, asked for confirmation.

She smiled sweetly and replied, “Indeed.”

She brought out a white card from her purse. Her ID card for the entry. Rasel took the card and examined it. The other guard, Robin, looked like he was busy ripping off her clothes with his eyes.

“Wow! What a High-class whore!” Robin said through his mind, still busy imagining her naked.

As soon as he finished his thought, her eyes glanced at him. He suddenly shivered. It was a feeling like when someone felt exposed to others. He wasn’t so sure why he felt that way when she looked at him. It was quite awkward.

“Alright, Ms. Sunny,” The other guard said as he gestured her to go in.

After delivering the final sweet smile and a nod, she entered through the door.

When Sunny entered the lobby it was now more crowded with drunks mumbling nonsense and prostitutes carrying away half of them. She managed to pass through thousands of sweaty bodies and lustful remarks and reached the crazy, drunk receptionist.

“Hello,” She breathed heavily while speaking. Walking through some brainless drunk people wasn’t an easy task after all.

The receptionist hardly acknowledged her presence.

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” Sunny asked louder, adding an annoyed tone.

This time his eyes moved toward her and an open hunger was visible there.

“Hi, darling. How can I please you?” He tried to talk in a husky voice, but it turned out quite slurred.

Sunny huffed, anger was slowly building in her.

“Cool, girl, cool.” She told herself.

“Could you tell me where the Big Boss is?” She talked in a hurried manner, looking around.

“Why, Sugar Baby? I’m here. Why does that big, fat, jumbo need to get your attention?”

She narrowed her eyes.

“Really wanna face this Sugar Baby’s wrath, don’t you?” She asked in dangerously cold voice.

His drunk eyes widen a bit. He shook his head as if he suddenly came back to his senses. He looked lost for a moment like wanting to remember something.

“Ah... Ro-room number t-two, zero, seven, ma’am,” He stuttered while grabbing his forehead.

She smiled with satisfaction.


Sunny was standing in front of the room 207. It was a special suite dedicated to the sole owner of the hotel, Mr. Big Boss. While she stood there, the sickening noise of moaning coming from inside continued to irritate her ears. Despite her frustration, Sunny decided to wait until the sexual yelling stopped. She tapped her foot on the red carpet impatiently, occasionally receiving looks from drunk passerbys. This side of the floor was more deserted than other parts. Loud music still boomed through the floor. After what felt like an eternity, the moaning stopped. She instantly knocked on the door, careful not to show her annoyance.

“C-come in,” A slurry male voice replied.

Sunny twisted the knob and entered the room. It was quite dark and shady, but just enough light entered for her to view the sordid scene inside. The room was medium sized. A girl lay naked on the bed dominating the room, half of her body covered with the blanket. The heart-shaped black couch was covered in bottles of alcoholic drinks along with a half-empty glass of red wine. There were some small cabinets and desks, hugging each side of the wall. The room was overzealously covered in white candles. Then, the final thing standing there as a display was the big boss himself who was currently busy zipping his pants.

“Well, well, finally meeting the Big Boss then.” She thought, slightly amused to see the fat man in front of her.

“May I turn on the lights?” She asked.

“No... It’d be... more fun in the dark,” Big Boss said in his drunken nasty tone.

She shrugged, “If you say so,” Then added, “But then you won’t see my face. Are you going to enjoy that way?” The girl smiled, her seduction mode was full on.

The Big Boss chuckled, nodding with a hiccup in the middle. That made her stifle back laughter. She closed the door. Went to a table near the bed to grab a lighter to light the candles. She lit enough candles to see, but kept a darkness to it. Then she threw away the lighter and went to him. Sunny pushed him playfully, though rough, to throw him on the bed. The fatty Big Boss dropped on the bed, creating bounces on his fat skin.

Sunny chuckled, shaking her head at the groan he gave. It was hard to tell if it was from pain or pleasure, .

“I... Like your style. You are a great entertainer,” The Big Boss said in his ever slurry voice.

“Ah huh? Oh, my dear, have you even looked at my face yet?” She pouted playfully at him.

She went near the center table and poured a drink for him, knowing he wouldn’t resist even though he was completely plastered. Sunny mixed a white powder in it while Big Boss was distracted. Then she went sat on the bed.

“Here,” She gave him the glass.

“I’ve... already drank a lot...”

“Come on, have it. It’s special from me.” Sunny kept the seductive smile on her face.

“As you say, my queen.” He started to drink the glass.

The woman was looking at the glass. Her smile grew wider with each sip. It didn’t take much time. Soon, the glass was empty. With the empty glass, the brain of the Big Boss also became empty, and he fell asleep very quickly. She checked him carefully.

When she was satisfied, Sunny stood up and put the glass back on its table then looked at the bed. That girl got woke up from the bed and started to get dressed. When she was finished, both nodded each other. The other girl left the room, shutting the door in the process. It was only her and the Big Boss now.

“Now, the real thing needs to be done and I need to get the hell out of here.” She took a deep breath.

She walked around the whole room and searched every drawer and table. Sunny searched the entire bed carefully, without touching the sack of fat. Then, she ducked under the bed. It was too dark to see inside so, she stood up and looked for the lighter. She picked up the lighter and returned to the dark side of the bed. She turned on the light and finally things were visible.

There, she found a small, almost invisible button attached to the wall. She crawled and pushed herself to reach it. Sunny ignored the painful roughness of the splinters in the wooden bed until she heard a quiet beep, and she immediately traced the location of the sound.

“How long do you think you can play with me, bitch?” She said with a smirk.

She got out from under the bed. She went to the other side of the room where the room switches were. She brought out a bunch of lockpicks to open the socket. When she finished, she put her hand inside the socket and was surprised to see how big, broad and dark the inside of the socket was.

The socket wasn’t completely empty. She grabbed the folded papers and files haphazardly jammed inside.She took a rusty black file named Operation Blacklists from the pile of files. The file had names of many operations with cross and tick marks. Some of them were marked with star signs. These were probably the critical or important missions for Big Boss. She saw the name of one operation with star mark alongside with a cross mark beside it. There was a particular side note with the name content,

Gulshan Lake Park Attack -30-2-2017, Time: 2:30 AM.

The operation has failed to take out the target.

Reason: An unidentified subject attacked operators. Operators were traumatized by the attacker, and the subject escaped.

“Hmm... Interesting.” She put the file in her bag and started to search the socket again.

On the right side of the socket, she found a tiny drawer that she opened using her fingers. She found another red button there, but this time, it made no sound when she pushed it.

“More buttons, great!” Sunny said with a slightly annoyed voice.

She again pushed the button and scanned the room but saw no difference. Then she pushed again and again. Then she smiled.

“Gotcha, baby!”

She went to the ceiling fan in the middle of the room. The fan was quite a ways above her. The girl jumped hard on that fan and grabbed it tightly. The fan was noticeably heavier than its usual weight. She immediately started to use the screwdriver to open the fan’s attachment screws with one hand. The fan was getting down to gravity as of each screw was taken out.

With that, the girl was also losing her grip, but she continued her work until she brought out the last screw of the fan. She will have to move very fast now. When that big fan was about to fall, she quickly dropped that screwdriver. Then instantly grabbed a ceiling hook beside the fan with one hand to resist herself from the fall and the heavy weighted fan to the contrary, to not let it make a sound. Sunny was slowly losing her grip on both hands. She decided to use her leg this time.

She stretched her leg up to the place where she grabbed the ceiling. There was another small hook hidden beneath the ceiling, besides the first hook. When She pushed the switch on the wall couple of times, a tiny part of ceiling silently slid beside, and the hidden hook in the roof showed up. Sunny used her heel to pull out a hidden anchor in the ceiling.

Sunny carefully rid herself of the heels and dropped them too the carpet. Then, she used her both legs to bring out the eight white packets stashed in the ceiling. She grabbed four packets in each of her toes . Then, she left the ceiling anchor and fell to the ground safely with the packs and the big fan. She put the fan down and fit the packets inside her bag.

“It was fun playing with you, Big Boss.” She gave him a mock salute while leaving with her bag.

She went to the door and had just touched the doorknob when.

“Stop!” The voice threatened from her behind.

Sunny looked back and saw the Big Boss pointing a gun at her head.

“You woke up so soon. I didn’t expect that,” She said calmly as she smiled at him.

“Who are you?” He asked roughly.

“I’m the... Entertainer, remember?” Sunny said mockingly.

“Whoever you are, you are gonna regret it. You’re going to find out the price for playing me.”

Sunny started to chuckle.

“Really? You think I’m going to regret anything? You are really funny. Goodbye!”

She went to open the door again but when she moved the knob this time, she felt a different pressure coming from the other side of the door. Something was definitely not right. Sure enough, heavily armed men burst into the room. Their Boss laughed loudly.

“The game has changed, baby. You are trapped here. This is my place, remember? Now, your corpse will be the only thing leaving.” He pressed the gun to the spot in between her eyes.

Where did he get the gun from? Wait, did he suspect something before? Hmm... Sunny thought with confusion.

Her demeanor was calm and quiet. She looked straight into his eyes without blinking once. Her lips twitched into a smirk.

“Let’s see who wins this game of cat and mouse.”

She was dangerously calm.

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