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Make A Move

In the luxurious yet traditionally modern Bengali dining room, The White-Suit was having his morning breakfast with rice and mashed potato. He was eating with undivided attention and a smile of satisfaction on the face, just like he usually did when delicious foods were served to him. A servant was standing beside him, waiting for commands to fulfill. His name was Monti. He was a dark-skinned, quite tall and muscular in physical appearance, wearing an ordinary sky blue shirt and white pants.

At first glance, no one would tell that he works as a servant. Mostly, he looked like a gymnast if his cloth quality gets ignored. The only flaw in his strict manly appearance was a thick line of bruise under his left eye. Probably a knife cut. He claimed to be the most loyal servant of his master. He was indeed. He could die for his master and even kill, without any hesitation.

Suddenly, a telephone rang from the living room. White-Suit gave an eye signal to the servant. Monti left immediately and came back after a few moments.

“Master, someone left a message for you.”

Monti’s master didn’t reply until he finished his breakfast. He was also standing there and waiting like an obedient servant. After ‘The White Suit’ finished off his meal and wiped his mouth with a tissue, Monti bowed his head and said,

“He didn’t tell his name, but he stated that he completed the first phase of the task successfully. Now he’s moving toward his next move.”

“Did he say anything else?” ’The White Suit leaned back in the chair, relaxed.

The servant shook his head,

“No, Master. He didn’t say anything more.”

A grin of satisfaction touched the Man in White’s face.

“It’s good to hear everything is happening according to plan. By the way, good food Monti, the traditional combination of rice and mashed potato matches with no best quality ethnic cuisine. You have magic in your cooking hands.”

Monti, the servant, blushed in red like girls to hear such admiration from his master. He wanted to thank him in return but couldn’t dare to say anything in front of him when the master is talking.

“Everything needs a perfect timing and perfect combination to get the perfection. For that patience is a must!” He said with an absent smile.


Prince and James were sitting face to face. Operation Blacklist was resting on the table between them. Both of them were looking at the file, seriously.

“How could she do this!” James said shocked and surprised.

Prince cleared his throat.

“The situation is getting out of hand, Mr. Morton. We’ll have to take actions immediately.”

“I still can’t believe that Ms. Hussain will use this file to blackmail that Rustam. How could she be that fool? She can’t risk this organization reputation like this!” James hit the table with force.

“I was also shocked like this at first when I heard such statement from Rustam. He said that Ms. Hussain had been blackmailing him to shut his mouth off about the kidnap incident at Gulshan Lake Park. Otherwise, she’d expose the file and tell everyone that the serial killer was no one but the Rustam himself. This file was her power against that criminal. Rustam remained silent for this until I’ve shown him the file and pressurized him to open his mouth.”

“And now he’ll open up his mouth in front of police and that evil Ronal will jump at her with even more brutal force. He’ll take her as the serial killer suspect. They’ll surely think something like that, I’m sure of it.” James again hit the table. “Jesus, that girl is only playing with fire, and that fire will burn our organization too,” James said with frustration.

“What do you suggest now, Mr. Morton?” Prince put his hand on the table.

James looked at him cold eyes.

“Tell her to terminate the operation, immediately!”

Prince took a deep breath and exhaled it in the next second.

“Mr. Morton... We can’t command her officially.”

James narrowed his eyes.

“Why? I’m her boss, and I can command her to terminate the operation anytime I want!”

“Yes, you can. But not when Ms. Hussain’s on leave. While on leave, she can do whatever she wants. Even if she continues her investigation, we can’t stop her officially. It’s beyond the right of the authority.”

James left his weight on his seat, touching his forehead with one hand, tired and tensed.

“She’s much cleverer than I thought, Mr. Prince. She knew that she’d face the termination anytime thus she took the leave early so that I won’t be able to do anything. But I can’t just sit here like this and raise my blood pressure. Mr. Prince, if we can’t take action legally, then we’ll have to take the other way.”

“What are you thinking, Mr. Morton?”

“You’ll go and find her. Then, stop her from doing further investigation, bring her back safe right in the office, got it?”

“Okay, Mr. Morton. I’ll do whatever you say. Don’t take much stress. Leave things to me. I’ll take care of them. But first of all, I need something from you.”

“What you want?”

Prince broadened his smile.

“I want to resign.”

“What!” James jumped out of his seat. “Are you crazy! Saravi took leave, then that technical head Arup Roy took the leave and now you are straight resigning? The office is getting empty Mr. Rahman. Do you understand the situation?” James had let his rage out by hitting the table again.

Prince was afraid the table would collapse any time if he continued hitting one more time. He had to say something quickly to calm his boss down.

“I have a plan to fix all these problems. That’s why I need to resign. Don’t worry I’ll come back. After all, it’s my organization too. I do care for it. So, whatever I’ll do, it is for the best, please be assured of that.”

Mr. Morton seemed to calm down a bit. But his narrow gaze was still lurking around Prince.

“You sure you won’t cause any trouble for me? Look, Mr. Prince, I trust your ability. I’ve taken the bet to prove your worth now if you drown me, I’ll have to take some serious actions against you which won’t be very pleasant, Mr. Rahman, mind it.”

Prince gave his charming smile in reply.

“Chop off my head if I betray you. Trust me, what I’m doing is for the sake of this organization. I won’t let you down.”

James let out the breath he was holding for long.

“Then go. Remember, this is your only chance. Don’t get failed.”

“I’ll do my best, Boss.” Prince nodded his head.


“I want to meet the officer. Where is he?” Ravi said to a constable.

Ravi came to the police station for acquiring information about corrupt murder case police claimed his daughter. Arup also came with him.

“Sir is busy with an interrogation. Wait here for the moment,” The constable replied.

“How long it’ll take?” Arup asked roughly.

“It depends on the interrogation process,” Constable replied in ignorance while taking a file from the table and went away from the room.

In the next moment, a police officer entered the room. It was the Officer Ronal himself. He looked at his visitors with a strange look by narrowing his eyes. His eyes were mainly following the young man standing beside the mature one.

“Another employee of the R.A.G.E Organization, here?” He thought while approaching them.

Ronal met Ravi’s immediate eyes just after his thought. Though, Ravi looked down within the next second.

“Hello gentlemen, please have a seat.” Ronal showed them a pair of chairs to his right.

Ravi and Arup looked at each other for the moment. Then took their seats.

“Now tell me what’s your problem?” Officer crossed his hands, leaning back in the chair.

Arup started first,

“We are here for the false accusation of murder that you brought on Saravi Hussain. We want to know why you claimed her as a murderer.”

Ronal sat straight, attentive along with playful eyes.

“Ah, so you guys are for the information. Why don’t you say that straight, Mr. Arup? By the way, I forgot to ask about this old man.” Ronal pointed fingers on Ravi.

Ravi was noticing him silently. Ronal didn’t seem a man of help to Ravi.

“I’m Ravi Hussain, Saravi Hussain’s father.” He said with a clear, confident voice.

“Okay, so, Mr. Saravi’s Father, what you want to know about the murder? Should I tell you the details, show you the fingerprint result or inform you about the blackmail your daughter was doing with a criminal to hide her crime? From where do I start, tell me please?”

With a silent breath of exhaustion, Ravi replied calmly,

“First of all, tell me about the victim. Who is he and why he was there at the park early morning?”

Ronal smiled mischievously in reply.

“Excellent question, Mr. Hussain. Much appreciated. Well, we’re having a high hope that the victim was from the underworld criminal group. From the recent investigation, we found out that he was involved in several murders, rapes, assassination and much more crimes like that. His real name is still a mystery, but he had a code name. It was X Black. His motivation and reason for appearing with Saravi at the park are still unknown. I guess maybe Saravi hired him for some dirty job. It can be possible, right?”

“Are you sure she hired him? I don’t think so. Saravi isn’t a girl of that kind.” Ravi protested with his previous calmness.

“Then, tell me why she’s escaping from us. Only criminals escape, Mr. Hussain, and your dear daughter is a born criminal, accept it!” Ronal raised his voice.

“Enough Officer!” Ravi raised his voice louder than Ronal. His eyes turned red in anger. It was hard for him to hold back more as this time the officer crossed the boundary of all formalities.

“Lower down that voice, Mr. Hussain. Remember, this is a police station, and you are talking to a police officer,” Ronal said with a smirk.

Ravi looked at him with narrowed eyes. He wished if he could punch in the officer’s smirking face. Officer Ronal enjoyed seeing Ravi get hyped like that. Both of them were mentally preparing themselves for any unexpected thing to happen. Environment started to get thick and tensed. Only Ravi knew how much burning that smirk was for him. Even then, he chose to be calm instead of getting angrier. Ravi controlled himself with several inhaled breath. He used his relaxed voice again.

“Officer, you can’t accuse someone as a murderer just because she was present there. Things can be different than it seems. It can be the complete opposite situation. Maybe he came as an attacker and Saravi had a fight with him then...”

“Then, Saravi lost control and attacked him twice. The first attack on the stomach, the second one, on his neck to confirm his death. That’s the report says, Mr. Hussain. That’s the truth. We have proofs against your daughter. She’s a criminal, and as a police officer, we can’t let her go like this. Oh, and speaking of crimes, we can’t also ignore the newly discovered crime of her. Another crime is involved in this case. It’s about a drug dealer, who was caught by your little girl a few days ago.”

“Big Boss, Rustam Kamal, I know.”

“Wow! You’re aware of more things than I thought.” Ronal was again with his insulting attitude. “Well, did your daughter tell you that she came here to meet him two or three days ago? Do you want to hear what she did? She blackmailed him for keeping his mouth shut because Rustam knew that Saravi had something to deal with that X Black and the Gulshan Lake Park killing matter. We are suspecting that she hired an underworld killer to do all these murders,” Ronal stopped to enjoy the frustrated faces for the moment. Then, he continued,

“To spread the rumor that those murders were caused because of some beast attack, she took the gap of one month and then planned to kill only females with the age difference of five. Must say, she has a brain to kill, Mr. Hussain.” Ronal burst into laughter. “Anyways, in the end, that killer may have demanded something, and your daughter refused to give that. That’s why she killed him like a rat. So, the conclusion is, she hired him for those serial murders and she is the mastermind of everything.”

Ravi looked at Ronal with an expressionless face. Then a smile touched his face,

“So, you think Saravi hired and killed him, right? She left his body just like that in an open place to be discovered by people and investigated by the police department so that you can catch her quickly. Do you really think she’s that kind of fool to do such mistake, Officer? You need to dig furthermore deep to find out the truth. Stop doing imaginations and work as a real police.”

“That’s what we are doing, Mr. Hussain. We are going to catch a criminal who has raised our suspicion by escaping like that.”

“She didn’t escape,” Arup cut in. “She went on the investigation for the serial murder case. Besides, even if I count on your words then tell me, what was the reason for Saravi to hire that man?”

“That’s my question either. Well, I’ve decided to call a press conference tomorrow. There I’ll announce your daughter, Ms. Saravi Hussain, as the serial killer suspect. After all, I’ll have to fulfill my duty of warning the public about a walking beast. We can’t take the risk anymore.”

“You seriously gotta be kidding me, Officer!” Arup spoke loudly.

“No, I’m not.” Officer Ronal stood up with a prideful smile while picking up his yellowish police cap.

“Why would I spare a chance to catch that bitch, Mr. Hussain? Be prepared to see Saravi living in my jail custody.” He smirked at his thought.

While passing the visitors, Ronal’s eyes accidentally met again with Ravi’s eyes. He saw only raging anger in Ravi’s eyes and maybe a challenge with that. Suddenly, Ronal felt a cold chill ran down his spine. There was something in those brown eyes that made Ronal shiver. He quickly turned his eyes to the other side and left the place.


Ravi and Arup were riding at Arup’s favorite Red VW CC.

“This man is so mad at Sara as if he’d kill her once he gets her back,” Arup said with the disgusted voice.

He was turning car’s steering wheel to the right.

“Why are we here then, Arup?” Ravi created a half smile on his face while sitting beside Arup, looking out the window.

Arup narrowed his eyes to hear him.

“What do you intend to do, Mr. Hussain?”

“Nothing, just thinking to let the police do what they want. Then we’ll do our work,” Ravi said calmly

“What! Mr. Hussain, can you imagine if the police tell the public that Saravi is involved in the serial killer matter then what will be the public reaction? And, Mrs. Hussain...”

“Let me take the responsibilities of the consequences, Arup.” Ravi looked at Arup. “Besides, we can’t fight against the country’s law enforcement system. We’ll have to tackle things differently.”

“And for that, we’ll have to tolerate this kind of false blame on Sara! Her reputation will sink down, people will question her character. Are you telling me to approve this, Mr. Hussain?” Arup raised his voice.

Ravi leaned back in the seat, relaxed. Then he said calmly,

“There’s no time to think about the personal issues, Arup. If Saravi can continue her investigation even in this situation, then we also have to overcome those future disasters. But for that, I need your technical brain to work out, are you with me?” Ravi extended his hand.

Arup let out a deep sigh. Then he smiled and nodded.

“Just as I was with your spy daughter, Mr. Hussain.” Arup grabbed Ravi’s hand, tightly.


Daniel Roger was standing in front of his secretary Lucy, face to face. They were standing inside Daniel’s office room. His eyes were expressionless yet cold. Lucy, looking at the floor and breathing very slow, was waiting for an explosion to happen.

“Why you told Saravi about my secrets?” said Roger, in an unexpected cold voice.

Seemed like a calm weather before the storm comes. Lucy replied,

“Sir, she asked me about your daughter. I couldn’t lie to her. Then she suddenly brought up your topic there. I had no choice but to...”

“But to spill out the words of truth that I don’t want to come out.”

“Trust me, Sir. I kept things hidden as much as possible. She won’t be able to go further with such little information.”

“That information is going to be dangerous you stupid girl! She’ll simply need a second to find my truth, and that will happen only because of you, Lucy!”

After so much of that, Lucy did not dare to say anything else. Lucy just decided to keep her eyes on the floor silently.

“Now look at me carefully. Run away from here as soon as possible.”

Lucy looked up at the Roger instantly.

“But, why?”

“Don’t say anything!” Roger cut in. “Meet me at the Gulshan Lake Park tonight at 2:00 AM. I’ll tell you what to do next, okay?”

Lucy’s face turned pale.

“Gulshan Lake Park?” She mumbled absently.

“There’s no other safe place in the city for the private deal. Don’t get late, Lucy.”

Lucy nodded slightly. Fear on her face was still visible clearly.

“Now go!” Roger ordered.

Lucy left the room silently.

After Lucy had gone away from the room, Daniel Roger picked up his phone from the office table. He called in a service line.

“Hello, Bangladesh Airlines. I’d like to book a flight for tonight.”

“Yes, Sir, What is your destination?” A reply came from the Bangladesh Airline service center.

“I’m traveling to Bangkok,” Roger said with a grin.

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