The S Girl

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Hospital Hunt

1:00 AM, midnight. Saravi was looking at the building. The name of the building was sparkling with the dark blue light. It was looking more beautiful at the time of midnight.

“Bhatiary Memorial Hospital.” Sara uttered the name in a whispering voice.

Her eyes followed the guards who were near the building entrance. Three people were defending the area. Eliminating them wouldn’t be a problem, but a straightforward fight can draw attention to the incident and Sara doesn’t want to catch any eyes.

The building had only one entrance. On the back side of the building, there’s a staff quarter, a morgue and an attached place for the autopsy. Sara learned that the guards do duty on the front side, the entrance gate in general along with the backside of the building. Three guards for each side also, there’s a particular security camera system everywhere in the hospital area. Sara intends to find the death reports of Suzan Roger and figure out the real reason behind it. It would be pretty tough to acquire information but not impossible.

Sara was taking cover behind a car that was parked almost fifteen feet away from the gate. There was a big tree mango tree on the left side, about nine feet away from the car. She started to walk on the left aspect of the car, careful about footstep sound. When she reached the edge of the car, she carefully looked at the guards again. One was yawning, seemed sleepy. He was sitting on the chair. Another one was standing near the gate idly, appeared to be harmless, but still, need to be careful. The last one was walking around the gate; his eyes were looking at every single corner of the area, the most aware one. Sara’s primary target was the walking one to pass the gateway.

Sara took some time to notice the walking guard’s footsteps. He was following a particular steps number. Ten steps front, ten steps back. Sara let him give three rounds to complete the steps. Then, when the guard turned his back to complete his next ten steps, Sara immediately took the chance, a risky step. Before anyone could ever notice, she did a dive-jump toward the mango tree. Then with quick rolling, Sara balanced herself standing on the ground and ran behind the tree to blend with the shadows. Those sound of her sports shoe was enough to aware the two awake guards about Sara’s presence.

The one who was standing exchanged his narrowed eyebrows with the walking one. The walking guard has stopped walking for now.

“Did you hear that, Minaj?” The walking one said.

“Rana, I think someone has just passed from there.” Minaj pointed his finger at the car area. “We should go and check.”

Rana nodded. They both were ready to take a step toward the suspicious spot, but their sleepy friend suddenly stopped them. The sleepy one woke up with a yawn once he heard the chat with his two young friends.

“Relax! It must be a dog or cat ran away like that. Don’t get too serious about this.” He said while rubbing his eyes.

Other two guards turned toward him. Minaj said,

“Come on, Man! Wake up. You’ve taken enough rest.”

“Yeah, Qutub Ali. Open your eyes and go check out there. I’m quite sure someone or something has just passed from there.” Rana said.

Even if he didn’t want to get up, Qutub Ali stood up and stepped forward to the car with severe disgust on his face. That part of the area was more shadowy in the night because of the big mango tree. When reaching near the tree, Qutub Ali again rubbed his eyes to bear the darkness. He found nothing unusual there, though, there was a small glittering yellow eye that was looking at him. It was a little black cat sitting beside the tree. It was licking a rotten mango. Qutub Ali rushed to the cat and waved his hand, pretending to hit it. The cat left the mango there and quickly ran away from there. There was nothing specialty in getting a rotten, overripe mango under a mango tree but, if that rotten mango had a smiley drawn on its skin, then the matter becomes interesting. Yes, someone had drawn a smiley on that mango with something sharp. Qutub Ali smiled spinning that mango.

“Kids these days!” Qutub Ali thought in innocence.

“Did you find anything?” Minaj shouted from the gate.

Qutub Ali looked at his friend then looked at the smiley mango and threw that away. He shouted back,

“All clear here! No problem.”

“What about the sound?” Rana asked.

“A kitty-cat is all I can say. It was eating mango here.” Qutub Ali gently avoided the smiley matter, taking it as unnecessary.

Minaj looked at Rana and said,

“Guessed tonight will be somewhat interesting but too bad it has turned out usual.”

Rana nodded his head in acceptance.

“Hmm, well, let’s get back to work shall we?” Rana smiled at his friend.

Minaj returned the smile and called Qutub Ali to join them.

Sara was hiding behind a bush near the gate wall. She passed those guards safely by riding the gate wall when they were talking to Qutub Ali. Sara was now inside the hospital area. She examined the entire sector. It was a large, round land, where many trees and bushes were scattered around near the wall-side, could be an ideal place to hide. There was also a wide, circled brick road, which started from the gate, then ended in front of the hospital building. There was a big red rose bush in the middle of that brick road that was spreading sweet aroma in the air. On that brick way, two ambulances were standing alongside, naturally deserted. It was a great opportunity for Sara to get inside the building without any problem.

“Good!” She thought with a satisfied smile.

Although the entrance seemed safe; The security cameras in it could be hidden here and there, which could capture Sara quickly. So she decided to enter the building more carefully. At first, while hiding behind the bushes, Sara silently moved forward to the edge of the building. Then when she met the right corner of the building, Sara noticed the first camera. On the left of the building, from her side, just about seven or eight feet above the wall, a camera kept set on the wall. It looks like the camera wasn’t automated. Because, it was fitted only to check the front of it, not moving around. It was a plus point for the Sara.

Sara stood up quietly from the bushes. Then carefully, ignoring the camera’s look, Sara proceeded towards the front wall, trying not to make a single noise of footsteps. When she reached the wall, Sara stood beside it. Then, slowly, Sara kept going to the left, grabbing the wall tightly to her skin. As she went through, Sara stopped and stood before the camera. Sara saw that if she passes the camera, then goes a bit further; there was another edge, that indicated a short gap between the left and right wall of the building. However, after that, with few more steps ahead, the entrance could be seen from there. Sara crossed the camera safe and silently. She went near the edge and peeked through the gap.

Sara saw a long, transparent window with a lady nurse sitting in a chair and writing something on a notepad on her lap, resolute, prideful and very attentively. Sara examined the woman. She was a middle-aged old lady wearing a white nurse outfit with a golden round glasses on her eyes. Maybe, someone senior leveled in the nurse group. At least her prideful body language and age made Sara assume that.

Sara didn’t take much time sneaking at the nurse lady. Finding her less concerned about the world outside the window, Sara was pleased. She took a few steps back and then crossed the gap with a speed run, making some dead leaves crunch beneath her foot. The nurse lady looked up at the window to find out about the noise. But she didn’t give much attention to the sound fact. She had other jobs to handle. So, she went back to her writing.

After crossing the gap, Sara walked grabbing the building wall to her right, looking over every inch of the wall. Everything seemed clear on her route. While hooked to the wall, she saw the closed entrance door. That door wasn’t so far from her. Sara looked to her left where she saw the gate and the guards. They didn’t notice her since they were busy with their duty at outside.

Sara reached near the entrance door area. The entrance area was shady at that time because of two front pillars. Those pillars were five feet ahead of the door and supporting the roof above the entrance. More significantly, there were two guard cameras fitted there on both sides of the door to watch over the entrants. Quite impossible to enter avoiding their eyes.

“If the straight ways don’t want to play, curvy roads are always there, darling!” Sara smiled sarcastically.

Sara looked behind at the guards again and satisfied to find them attentive at their work only on the outside. Then she looked to her front pillar, then the right wall, then a bit more upward to the engraved hospital name and then to an open window above the title letters which was letting out a whitish light from the inside. Sara’s smile broadened seeing that window.

“Time to play the jump.” Sara rubbed her both hands, warming them up.

Sara measured the height of the entrance roof from the ground. It’d be around nine to ten feet high. The white engraved pillars with thick, wavy curved lines were supportive enough to grab with full hands. Sara took the column to her left for starting the ride. She grabbed one of those curved lines with both hands and placed her right leg on one of the lower curved lines. She began riding up the pillar. It didn’t take much longer to reach the top of the roof. She grabbed the last curved line with one hand and the roof concrete with the contrary. Then releasing the leg pressure, she immediately pulled herself up the roof. She sat on the ceiling for one second to notice the guards. They pleased her once again. Then her eyes followed the next step of riding, on the right side of the building, the big, blue name.

The name letters were almost eight feet in height from the roof. Sara walked near those letters and touched the metallic body of ‘e’ of the word ‘Memorial.’ She looked up at the curvy top of ‘e’ for the moment, where she intended to reach. It was the high time she took advantage of her 5 8" height. Without wasting any more time, she bent her knee to perform a high jump to grab the lower edge of the letter with both hands. Sara pushed herself up a bit and to keep balance she placed her both legs on the letter-body.

She lowered her body with firm hands and feet grip to prepare herself for another high jump to grab the middle-edge. She forced the metal surface to fly up and then grab it. While Sara was swinging on the middle-edgy ‘e.’ she pushed herself up with swift leg balance and extended her left hand up to hold the curvy top strongly. With the help of contrary, she finally managed to reach the top of the letter ‘e.’ Despite the narrow place, thankfully, Sara got enough space to put her legs together on the top. Now, all she’d had to do was crossing the other letters and then jump up to the open window above the ‘H’ letter.

Sara stepped to her left carefully, keeping an eye on the curvy surface and the guard with another one. Reaching the end of the balanceable curve of ‘e,’ Sara hoped to the letter ‘m’ effortlessly. The ‘m’ was easy to pass through. ‘o’ was a bit tricky since it was a circle and much curvier than letter ‘e.’ Sara was going to slip off for once while trying to stand on ‘o’ but she did her best to stay still, and she succeeded, at last. Then the rest of the journey on ‘r,’ ‘i,’ ‘a’ and ‘l’ were a bitter-sweet experience to pass through by slipping, hopping, grabbing and balancing. But none of them created much impact. At that moment, Sara was standing on the first cubic top of ‘H’ letter. The window was just six feet above from the ‘H’ top. She, by stretching on her leg, extending her hands upwards, she felt the presence of the concrete-like window edge.

Before entering through the window, Sara carefully sneaked inside the room. The light source of the room was a wall lamp on the front wall. With that whitish light, she saw a lonesome office room that had one white office desk in the middle-right corner. The desk had two visitor’s seat along with a comfy black leather chair for the authority. On the back side of the comfy seat, there were three aligned photo frames on the wall. Though, instead of pictures, those photo frames contained some certificates to showcase. The left corner had a door, the middle-left side had a couch with a glass table. That’s all the room contained.

Clean entrance!” Sara thought.

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