The S Girl

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Extreme Manipulation

A groan escaped from Sara as her hands touched the soft grass very harshly. She took a second to readjust herself to her standing position. Her eyes went back up to see those sun shades and pipelines she used to get down in the most shortcut ways possible. Before starting all the heavy jumping things, she didn’t forget to position her suitcase bag behind her back. She just jumped down from one of the lower level sun shades. After taking a quick eye-tour of her whole jumping route, she focused on her current target where she needed to reach which was not very far from her current position.

The backside of the hospital was half like a park with those white metal benches scattered here and there, although in an organized alignment could get noticed in them. Medium size trees were present there to give shade during sunny days and help cool breeze to relax people. The staff’ quarter was situated on the far right corner of the main building. The front was the morgue and to its left was the attached autopsy department with the same height of the morgue department. In the far left corner, there was another gate with three alert guards and Sara’s possible exit route.

Sara observed the guard’ movement. They were focusing on their outer side. Two were standing still on both sides of the gate and the other one was walking back and forth. They could be a threat later, but right now there’s no visible obstacle in front of her. So, she walked toward the building. The more she stepped forward, more a weird feeling was increasing. Her mind argued and debated with her brain that what was happening to her had any logical explanation or there’s really something abnormal happening around. The fact that the whole incident being some dramatically supernatural issue causing her annoyance to rise up to the Everest level. But she shook her head and tried to be as calm and collected as possible.

“Just get that file out of there and straight find a hotel to rest your big head, Saravi. You’ve been doing hard things whole day,” Sara said to herself, self-cheering up.

Sara reached the front of the white door and moving the doorknob, she entered the narrow dark corridor. She entered the room and closed the door. Sara stood in the darkness to let her eyes adjust to the darkness and breathe in the cold air of inside. It was the better option than turning on the light of the corridor and let people know she was here.

When she was ready, she walked thirty-five steps forward just to reach another white door in the white corridor. Sara moved the knob and with a clink sound of the door, she pushed it and instantly felt more coldness of the room temperature. There she was, at the place where many white beds rested and motionless bodies resting above them peacefully, the morgue. The coldness of the dark room was literally freezing Sara.

The room was big enough to perfectly fit seventy beds in there. Ten beds aligned in per row. The darkness of the room was somehow greenish due to the light green color of the wall. On the front wall, there were three large ventilators aligned at the top, the main source of the cold environment of the room.

Her eyes wandered to the whole room while making her way through the beds of the dead on her both sides. Searching the black fur with a pair of glittering eyes, but most importantly, looking out for the black file. Suddenly her eyes stopped at a bed on her left. It was hugging the middle side of the wall. But surely the empty bed wasn’t the thing that captured her interest; it was a thin black file that was resting on it.

“Finally!” She thought with a relieved sigh.

Sara rushed her way toward the file. She ran there to get there. She stopped when her hands were touching the old material of the black cover. A smile made its mark on her face. But then it faded away immediately when her spy sense sensed something. Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Where’s the cat?” The question crossed her mind which she let out in a whisper.

Suddenly she felt a pair of eyes glancing at her back. She swiftly looked back to find the source, but what she found made her shock to the core.

“You!” She couldn’t help but yell.

The thing that was watching her was a human figure. Had she witnessed a walking ghost instead of the old, freaky madman she wouldn’t be this shocked. Yes, it was the same madman who Sara met a few days ago. He was in the same clothes and same humanly condition only with no scars or cracked skull to freak people out.

“Hello, Saravi,” He said with a soft blink of his eyes including a soft smile.

“What are you or should I say how did you get here?” Sara ignored the greeting part, she was still excited somehow.

He smiled.

“Just wanted to meet you and made my way,” He replied calmly.

“In a more mannerly way, I think?” Sara pointed his strange calm behavior with her sarcasm.

Sara’s suspicion grew more. It was more stupid for her to think but the fact that this madman being that mysterious cat seemed more logical in this situation. Especially, when he shouldn’t stay alive and smiling at her after that huge car crash and the vanishing incident including a black crow. Wait, that crow was all black, thus did the cat. If the color thing gets matched, then, is there any possibility that this madman is capable of doing...

“Hell, what am I dealing with exactly?” She asked herself exhaustedly while thinking about him.

His smile broadened. His eyes went to the file she was holding.

“Important file and important people, I see?” He asked suddenly.

“Sorry, what?” Sara asked with confusion.

He replied with a sigh, then, randomly looked around the morgue room.

“These people were also important, you know?”

“What are you talking about?” Sara asked, annoyed.

He seemed not to listen to her.

“They had an adventurous life in their way. But then, all came to an end with a dark embrace of death. How undeniable this death is!”

She huffed, “Yeah, right. Now move aside, I need to go. I’m not planning to stay here all night.”

Sara moved forward when the madman immediately stopped her by six simple words.

“You will join them too, soon!” Intensity was evident in his tone.

Sara narrowed her eyes.

“Are you threatening me?” She said with an extreme cold voice.

“Not only will you, he and she will too,” He said playfully, avoiding her question.

“Who’s this he and she? Talk fast!” Impatience was taking over Sara.

“It’s now only a matter of time when your end will arrive and take you to the world of the dead, along with them.”

“Just speak out their names!”

“Your body and mind will no longer be yours and those two, protected and unprotected, will be doomed by the time comes.”

“Don’t make me lose my patience, I’m warning you!” He was still with his poetic remarks that pissed Sara off for good.

“I’ve already said my words, Saravi. Now it’s your choice to move out of this game or move forward to face to undeniable destruction. ”

Sara’s eyes widened in realization of his sudden change of behavior. A moment later she spoke.

“You will hurt someone if I don’t take myself out of everything, right? Okay, so you are here with a deal, I see.”

He smiled.

“It’s not just any someone, it’s some people that you love and care dearly, much more than your life.” He emphasized the last part.

“Could it be mom and dad?” She thought with fear in her mind, though, her outer side maintained the toughness.

“What will you do to them? Kill them? Or torture them until they leave my side? Or manipulate them so they’ll agree to your hypnotic words? Which option is better, huh?” She said with a challenging tone.

In reply, he just smiled and said, “You won’t have to worry anything if you just step back, Saravi.”

Sara looked at him for some motionless moments. First, they’d make her a crucial part of this mystery game, then they’ll throw all the boulders at her from every angle and now, all of a sudden, they’d tell her to step back. What did they think she was? A doll, that was forced to dance according to their wish? Well, even if they forced her, she’d not be the controlled one. She had gone through many ups and downs and worse. What more harm they could cause to her? But her thinking stopped at one point. They’d cause harm to her parents and that thought alone made her worry much.

She’d have to either choose her family or her job. If she would choose her parents over her job, then maybe they’ll be safe but the sufferers who lost their daughter would get injustice. On the other side, she’d have to face the police and the gangs of Big Boss who would make her life a living hell which means there was no real benefit in moving back. All in all, stepping back was surely a worse idea. With a deep breath inhaled, she prepared herself mentally before she spoke out her decision, her one of the most dangerous and consequential decisions that may lead to the endless sufferings of her family.

“I won’t stop until I reach the bottom of all this, no matter what!” She stated calmly, though, the last part of the sentence made her gulp silently.

She just sacrificed her family’s safety for her job.

The madman’s smile widened as if he knew what she’d say.

“So, you can be selfish enough to make trouble for your own people, Saravi? Ah, come on, I thought better of you.”

“Hell, this was an extreme manipulation. But I can’t put back my words, there’s no way to take things up and step back either. I’ve left the starting point far away and I don’t even want to run back there without finishing all the mystery and everything. But what about my parents? Between justice and family, I chose the justice and now if anything happens to mom or dad, I won’t be able to forgive myself, not in this lifetime. Oh, Sara, tell me for real, are you very sure you want to do this?” Sara thought to herself.

Sara closed her eyes and took her time before answering. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

“Yes!” She said boldly, replying to both the man and her mind.

“I know what I’m doing and I don’t care if anything happens to me for getting deeper into the darkness. And about my loved ones, I’ll see if you can, at least, try to harm them. Because, as long as I’m breathing the same air as you, I’ll make sure they are safe from your dirty hands.”

The man smirked, “Oh, sure, you will. Just do watch your back quite often.”

Sara narrowed her eyes and then the next moment, she suddenly smiled,

“You know what? You’ve got a wrong girl to waste your manipulation skill,” She finally spoke out her mind. “You can go and try beyond the human limit to see if you can stop me. Saravi isn’t the girl who will leave things that easily. You should better save the information in your memory system first, then come and try to twist my mind with your words.” She pointed her index finger at him.

“Wait, wait, did you just said try beyond the human limit?” He seemed surprised by her statement.

“Yes, try...beyond...human...limit, if you have to. But nothing can change my mind!” Sara stated even bolder.

And with that, she walked past him with loud steps on the ground echoing throughout the whole morgue room until she opened and slammed the door hard.

The madman didn’t move an inch since from his current position. With each second passed, a smirk made its way on his face, slowly turning into a wide grin and finally, a loud sound of laughter echoed through the whole room. Then, the laughter dimmed down almost immediately and he made a very serious face.

“Well, let’s try... beyond the human limit, then, Sara,” He said with a grungy voice.

The moment he said it, the whole room started to become smoky for no cause. It filled the air of the room until nothing could be seen clearly, not even those white beds. Just as suddenly the smoke appeared, within a minute, it disappeared the same way and also took away that madman with it.

Sara was out of the morgue and was steering toward the exit. The file she was keeping was resting in her backpack. She already planned the blueprint of escaping the hospital area, in her brain. All she needed to do now was to execute it according to the plan. First, she’d have to find a palm-sized random stone from the ground and then throw it toward the gate to get to those guards alert. If the plan goes right, they will come inside to check out and that’s the chance she will need the most. If all three of them come inside it’d be much smooth and easy. If one or two guards stay still at the gate, then either she’d escape crossing the boundary wall or have to participate in an unwanted confront which was absolutely the last thing she’d want to manage. However, it totally depended on the flow of the situation.

But the thinking that was disturbing her all the way was the feeling of concern for her family. When she signed up for the job in that organization, she knew she’d sustain to leave behind all her weaknesses because a spy’s weakness is the biggest weapon for her enemies to hurt her right on the soft spot. And among all her weaknesses, though there’s hardly any left in her because of the grueling training she went through at home and in the organization training center, her parents are the most vulnerable ones that she’d do anything to protect. She even kept off every kind of romantic relationship throughout the years just to avoid adding two more cents to her soft spots. For the past two years, she had been careful enough to not allow her enemies even touch her parents. But now that she’d have to finally face that situation, she just simply fueled the risk of her family’s safety.

Among protected and unprotected person, it was clear who held which position. Sara was relieved in some way that she won’t have to take much stress about the protected one because it was her father if she assumed the right person. He had enough self-defense skill and brain power to protect himself. But what about the other one? The thought of something worse happening to her mother made her literally shiver.

“I can’t let anything happen to her. No way, never! I must warn her, soon.” She clenched her jaw at the thought. Her mom being tortured, manipulated and broken apart flashed before her eyes.

She blinked away the thinking and concentrated on the current issue. She was roaming around a large tree and a bench when she ensured the accurate size of a black stone she was expecting. She picked it up and soon spotted a nearest safe tree shelter to throw the stone. There was a perfect medium sized mango tree standing beside the right wall, rather near the gate.

Sara made her way there and hid behind the tree. She was facing the white painted, metal coated gate where guards kept focusing on the external. Sara used her left hand, which had a tight hold on the stone, to throw in the middle of the gate. The sudden sound of colliding with the metal was loud enough for the guards to be more alert. All three of them looked back and two of them immediately stood up to search inside and determine the source of the sound. They saw a stone beside the gate and suspected it might be the object used to hit the gate.

When they reached the inside, their first possible suspect of sound source was that mango tree on their right. One of them gestured other to search the other parts of the area while the other one came near the tree. When he slowly went backside of the tree, conjuring up his black baton to confront something unwanted. But when he found out nothing like he expected, it made him disappointed and confused because he was quite certain that the stone that hit the gate came from here. Being hopeless when he was starting to turn around a pair of hand snaked both around his neck and nose and twisted it enough to the point of making him silent.

When his motionless body hugged the ground, Sara got a look at the other guard who was busy searching near the bench and tree area. She took the chance and tiptoed to the wall of the gate. She jumped up and took hold of the edge of the wall tightly. Before getting down to the opposite side, she looked at the remaining guard who was barely two feet away from her landing position. The chance of making him alert was super-high and she’d had to proceed as quickly as possible to confront him. The next moment she stretched herself up to sit on the edge of the gate before jumping down the harsh concrete. As the sound certainly made the guard alert enough to look back, she drew herself up to the standing position quickly and delivered a swift knock-out punch to the face that was rotating his head back at her.

“All mess cleaned up without any trouble, great! Now, even if they suspect something, they’d hopefully find nothing about me,” Sara whispered to herself, satisfied with the situation.

The next thing she did was to turn around and walk in the darkness as there was no lamp post on the road. She’d had to pass the two blocks from here to get to her motor-monster. A very long ride was waiting for her.

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